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Personal injury accidents that require legal assistance and representation go beyond knowing the law (Tort Law), especially when dealing with insurance companies for compensation from personal injury accidents that lead to medical attention and economic losses. Personal injury accidents stemming from vehicle collisions, slip and fall incidents, dog attacks, premises liability claims, defective products or services, and wrongful death, will most often cast victims and loved-ones into a whirlwind of complications that stem beyond their concerns for physical, mental, and economic recovery. Many times, insurance companies will place obstacles down the road to recovery and resort to the common practice of offering accident victims unfair compensation settlements. Basically, and in layman’s terms, insurance companies like to make money not spend it, especially if the accident victim and/or family requires a large sum of money to compensate for losses incurred. However, it’s not all about money when a dedicated personal injury lawyer is involved. Though Jonathan Perazzo focuses on maximizing the accident victim’s recovery, he and his entire legal staff strive jointly to achieve their client’s 100% satisfaction. How? – By attending to every aspect of their claim throughout the entire legal process and until their case is resolved. When a client is 100% satisfied, Perazzo Law is too!

MIAMI-INSURANCE-CLAIM-LAWYER-2-300x199Lawmakers in Florida are once again getting ready to repeal the highly criticized state’s no-fault auto insurance, which many allege is plagued by fraud, elevated costs and outrageous civil litigation.

Senate Bill 378, which has been presented by State Sen. Tom Lee (R-Thonotosassa), would repeal provisions of the personal injury protection (PIP) statute and move to a more tort-based system. This change however, is one that not all seem to agree upon.

By way of an email to Florida Record, Logan McFaddin, assistant vice president of state government relations for the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) stated; “In its current form, SB 378 does not have any bad-faith fixes and has a mandatory medical pay offer, which would result in significant costs to Florida consumers and no real fraud-fighting protections.”

car-crash-in-miami-lawyer-300x242En la Florida, los conductores de automóviles y vehículos motorizados están exigidos por ley a contratar PIP (Personal Injury Protection) y PD (Property Damage) para cubrir lesiones y daños en caso de un accidente de tránsito. Sin embargo, estos dos seguros muy a menudo no alcanzan para cubrir la totalidad de los gastos médicos o daños a la propiedad de aquellos que son victimas de accidentes. Cuando un automovilista es encontrado culpable por lesiones o daños, es el seguro PIP y PD que se hará cargo por hasta $10,000 pesos. Sin embargo, los accidentes pueden superara este monto muy fácilmente, teniendo en cuenta que una lesión como un brazo roto, puede llegar a costar $20,000 en gastos médicos. Por esta razón, la Firma de Abogados Perazzo Law le informa a los conductores de la comunidad Hispana, sobre los seguro de automotores que existen en la Florida, y como pueden ayudar a cubrir los costos involucrados o como consecuencia de un accidente de transito de lo cual pueden o no estar culpables.


  1. Seguro de motorista sin seguro / con seguro insuficiente (UNINSURED AND UNDER-INSURED)


bike-accidents-in-miami-perazzo-law-300x300In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm knows that bike riding accidents happen all the time, and they are usually the result of negligent motorists that either do not see bike riders or don’t give them the riding respect they deserve. Sadly, Florida ranks atop most U.S. states when it comes to the risk of being injured or killed while riding a bicycle. But why is Florida, and Miami in particular, so dangerous for bike riders, and what can cyclist do to stay safe? Also, what should bike riders that fall victim to a negligent motorist do, especially if they suffer injuries, damages or losses as a result of a bike accident? The Perazzo Law Firm strives to provide the best possible answers to bicycle accident victims and their loved ones following an incident that involves a motor vehicle in Miami or in any of the cities where our professional staff of attorneys provides clients with profession representation and just compensation for injuries and losses from bicycle accidents. Injured in a bike accident? Contact the Perazzo Law Firm for a FREE initial consultation and ZERO COSTS to our personal injury clients.


trucking-accident-lawyer-miami-perazzo-law-300x265Tras un accidente que tiene como protagonista un camión, contar con un abogado profesional y con amplia experiencia es clave para un resultado favorable. Pero Porque?

1. Tienen años de experiencia

Cuando se trata de un abogado especializado en accidentes de camiones, está obteniendo a alguien que tiene mucha experiencia. Si alguien tiene reputación de trabajar en este campo, es probable que pueda decirle cuánto tiempo lo ha estado haciendo. Tendrán una lista de los antiguos asentamientos y casos que han ganado.

Miami-Car-Accident-Lawyer-1-300x200¿Sabía que alrededor de 6 millones de estadounidenses están involucrados en un accidente automovilístico cada año? Esto no solo resulta en muchas lesiones y muertes, sino que también conduce a costosas reclamaciones de seguros y batallas legales.

No saber qué hacer después de un accidente puede aumentar sus niveles de estrés incluso más que el incidente en sí. También significa que podría perderse los pasos que lo ayudarán con su reclamo de seguro o cualquier acuerdo legal posterior.

Afortunadamente, puede prepararse para mantenerlo a usted y a sus pasajeros seguros, contactar a las partes necesarias y obtener evidencia de importancia necesaria para su reclamo. Siga leyendo para aprender siete pasos para manejar un accidente automovilístico.

Trucking Company and Truck Driver Safety

Taking to the wheel of a semi, tractor trailer, or 18-wheeler requires much more than driver awareness; it also requires proper safety measures on behalf of the trucking company and all those in charge of vehicle maintenance and loading or unloading the freight to be transported. Trucks carrying heavy cargo or hazardous materials that can jeopardize the health or wellbeing of other motorists or society, must abide by strict measures and ensure proper loading and unloading procedures. Cargo must meet the required weight limits by not exceeding their load capacity. Furthermore, cargo must be securely fastened, and precautionary steps should be taken in the event of an accident or an unexpected or aggressive maneuver that ends in a rollover or cargo spillage. Hazardous materials such as chemical substances, fuels, or other liquids, must be properly loaded and transported in containers that are prepared to withstand the impact from an accident or controlled if spilled onto roadways. Though driver negligence is top of mind when it comes to a trucking accident, they are not always at fault. Third-party negligence plays a huge part in many trucking accidents on Florida roadways. Poor weather conditions may also place truck drivers at high risk of suffering an accident. Large rigs that are hauling heavy cargo are very difficult to maneuver under heavy rains or poor road conditions in which they must make aggressive maneuvers such as sudden stops or diversions. In this article we will look at some of the causes behind trucking accidents and how they can be adverted.

Before looking at some of the reasons behind trucking accidents, it’s important to note that some 500,000 trucking accidents take place every year in the U.S.A. Sadly, close to 10% of those in tragically and with some 800 truck drivers killed yearly from truck related accidents. This is because when a truck slams into a passenger vehicle or motorcycle, the chances of suffering a fatality are very high, especially when accidents occur at high speeds and on highways or in rural areas; which account for close to 65% of all fatal trucking accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, passenger vehicles represent 98% of all truck accident victims. Nevertheless, truck drivers and trucking companies are not always at fault. Let’s look:


Uber-accident-Lawyer-in-Miami-Perazzo-Law-200x300Cuando necesite compartir el viaje, lo último que esta pensando es la posibilidad sufrir un accidente dentro de un Uber. Leer abajo para entender qué hacer si eres el pasajero.

Con el creciente número de estadounidenses usando aplicaciones para compartir viajes, saber cómo mantenerse a salvo durante un viaje en Uber o Lyft es muy importante. Si usted es uno de los 36% de los adultos de EE. UU. Que usan un servicio de transporte compartido, probablemente se haya preguntado qué sucedería si tuviera un accidente mientras estaba en un Uber o Lyft. Después de todo, es una pregunta racional con muchas implicaciones potenciales.

Cuando la muerte injusta sucede dentro de una ambulancia

AMUBLANCE-ACCIDENT-LAWYER-2-PERAZZO-LAW-225x300Si bien no solemos asociar a nuestros socorristas con hechos de muerte injusta, ¿qué sucede cuando ocurre una negligencia dentro de una ambulancia?

Cuando escuchas el término “muerte injusta” o lees un artículo periodístico sobre negligencia médica, es probable que te imagines a un cirujano. Quizás él o ella ha dejado un instrumento dentro de la cavidad corporal del paciente durante la cirugía. O tal vez piense en un anestesiólogo que ha realizado un error de cálculo y, por lo tanto, le da al paciente una dosis letal de anestesia.

Miami-Car-Accident-Lawyer-300x200Cuando un carro se estrella contra objetos como árboles o postes de luz, experimentará algún tipo de daño; ya sea un faro roto, el parabrisas rajado, el airbag desplegado o incluso la destrucción total. El seguro de colisión ayuda a cubrir los costos de reparación del propietario del vehículo.


Un automovilista que conduce por una carretera a alta velocidad a veces puede perder el control de su vehículo y sufrir un accidente por vuelco. En condiciones climáticas adversas o condiciones de la carretera, un vehículo fuera de control puede terminar chocando con un divisor de cemento o deslizándose a lo largo de barandas de acero. Si ocurre alguna de estas situaciones, el seguro de colisión ayudará a pagar los daños a su vehículo. Esto hace que el seguro de colisión sea altamente recomendable para aquellos que manejan autos caros o aquellos que disfrutan de la adrenalina que proviene de conducir a altas velocidades a lo largo de las carreteras y calles de Miami. Sin embargo, algunos propietarios de vehículos no tienen otra opción, ya que los automóviles o camiones arrendados o financiados a menudo pueden verse obligados a llevar un seguro de colisión hasta que su vehículo se pague por completo. En caso de accidente, su vehículo estará cubierto independientemente de la falla. Si tiene la culpa, no existe otra política, que no sea la cobertura general, que cubra los daños de su vehículo. Desafortunadamente, el seguro de colisión no cubre contra accidentes de golpe y huida; daños a otros vehículos, robo o daños por desastres naturales como huracanes; que puede derribar postes de luz o causar inundaciones que causen daños a la propiedad. Además, el seguro de colisión no paga las facturas médicas para tratar lesiones corporales.


TRUCK-ACCIDENT-PERAZZO-LAW-4-274x300A truck accident in Miami, or any other Miami-Dade city or suburb, can result in damages and injuries that will require legal representation by a professional truck accident attorney. Why? Because over half a million trucking accidents occur yearly across the U.S., with roughly 10% of those truck accidents ending in fatality. Furthermore, filing an insurance claim for compensation against an insurance company is no walk in the park, as insurance providers are in the business of making money not spending it. Thus, insurance companies will most often offer accident victims a settlement which is lower than their real claim value. Only a dedicated and experienced truck accident lawyer will be able to maximize an insurance claim and make sure just compensation is granted to the accident victim.

In Miami, a truck accident on a congested street can affect, not only other motorists, but also bikers, joggers, pedestrians, and anyone making their way amid traffic. This is because city streets are now designed for trucks, and neither is today’s modern society; which spends more time looking down at their phones rather than where their going. In other words, cell phones are distracting people when they are walking, driving, eating, and partaking in any activity in which their hands has access to their phones. Texting and driving among passenger cars, for example, is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in Miami. A truck driver negligently using a cellphone to text & drive, or that is distracted by a GPS service, can easily be involved in an accident. At present, private and commercial vehicles are relying heavily on GPS service such as Google Maps and Waze to help them reach their destination more quickly. This has led to a rise in traffic along suburban streets and a cause for concern among rural communities as well.