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The Miami Personal Lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, founder and personal injury attorney at the Perazzo Law Firm, shares insight for understanding Joint Effusion after an accident.

What is Joint Effusion?

Joint effusion concerns a condition that involves an excess fluid which accumulates in or around a certain joint. Joint effusion commonly occurs in the knees, elbows, and shoulders. When joint effusion occurs in the knee, it involves water or fluid on the knee.

Products Liability – What to know about defective products or poor services that lead to injury and losses

christmas-present-1443609-640x480-1-300x225-Can I sue a company after a product causes personal injury?

-Can a service provider be liable for injuries?


Typically, car accidents are caused by negligent drivers who fail to observe rules of the road, failing to pay attention to other vehicles, distance between other cars, maintain their vehicles, exceeding the speed limit, etc. However, a driver’s ability to pay attention to the conditions of the road and the flow of the traffic can be affected by the carelessness of a trusted doctor or pharmacist.

We trust licensed and trained professionals without question. Whether its a doctor or a pharmacist or a mechanic, we assume the professional we hire to perform a service or prescribe medicine is trustworthy and holds our interest as a priority. However, at times these professionals make unintended mistakes or place their own interest and profit above the safety of their customers and patients. When it comes to prescribing medicine, it is easy to misdiagnose a disease. If a doctor fails to perform sufficient tests or fails to properly review findings, then an illness may be misdiagnosed, and the wrong medicine and treatment may be prescribed.


Vehicles can experience a number of mechanical failures which can lead to drivers suffering a car accident. One such mechanical failure, and perhaps one of the most dangerous, especially when driving at high speeds, is a tire blowout. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are some 75,000 tire blowouts per year on US avenues, highways, and roads, with some 400 motorists suffering fatal personal injuries. Furthermore, studies show that tire-related accidents account for almost 10% of car accidents in the U.S.A.

In this article, Jonathan Perazzo of the Perazzo Law Firm in Miami-Dade explains:


Many times, motorists have to pull over to the side of the highway and wait for a road service vehicle. While this may seem safe, it is in fact a potentially dangerous moment given the speeds at which other motorists are driving. When combined with poor weather conditions or poor visibility, the chances of an accident always increase. Though some motorists may be able to change a flat tire, many cannot, and very few drivers will be able to repair a busted radiator or replace a dead battery on the highway. When the vehicle is beyond repair by the driver, the only option is to request a road service and wait. However, the wait can be deadly if special precautions are not taken by the driver and its occupants. In Miami, the personal injury staff of car accident lawyers, understand accidents that occur while waiting for a tow truck or mechanic to help them get their vehicle off the highway. In most cases, other drivers will not notice vehicles stopped on the shoulder of a highway or side of a road, and when this happens, rear-end collisions are very common. It’s a known fact that drivers are very often operating vehicles while using their cellphones to read or write text messages. In fact, texting and driving is now the second most common cause of car accidents, with the first cause of car accidents being drinking and driving. Sometimes, drunk driving together with texting and driving make for a deadly combination. The Perazzo Law Firm has handled numerous cases in which drivers are crashed into while waiting for road service because they are simply not detected in time by distracted or drunk drivers.

What to do to avoid falling victim to a car accident while waiting for road service


The Miami car accident lawyer at the Perazzo Law Firm, Jonathan Perazzo, shares insight into car accidents that involve parking and the common accidents that occur while looking for or pulling out of a parking spot.

Every motorist must eventually detain their vehicle and get out. This action is called parking. Every driver knows this. But what many drivers don’t realize is how many accidents occur during the whole parking procedure, and how common parking accidents are in cities like Miami, Orlando, and Kissimmee. Parking your car or truck, be it at a Publix parking lot; between two other cars on a city street, or in the driveway of your home, requires attentiveness that go beyond basic driving skills. Just like turning left at an intersection requires the use of your turn signal, so should parking your car to avoid and accident require the use of proper signaling, as well as ample reaction time. Many drivers in Miami, for example, spend seemingly precious moments of their time looking for a parking space on congested city avenues or streets. When they spot a parking spot, they may maneuver their vehicle very abruptly by either making a sudden stop or lane change. Sudden stops and abrupt lane changes are a main cause of car accidents in Miami and other major cities in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Orange County.

When do most Parking accidents occur?


car-accident-lawyer-miami-289x300A Miami car accident lawyer knows that following a car accident, most drivers know that they may receive compensation for injuries or damages when they believe the car accident was not their fault. Though this is usually true, the alleged motorist at fault will probably have an insurance provider that will have a car accident lawyer and insurance adjuster looking to avoid paying the accident victim what he or she may deserve as compensation for their injuries and losses. This is one of the main reasons car accident victims should hire a car accident lawyer to help them file an insurance claim, which will be a formal legal means to obtain financial compensation to help cover medical expenses for treating personal injuries sustained after a car or truck accident.

What can happen if you don’t hire a car accident lawyer after an accident that results in personal injuries? 

halloween-300x200The Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, shares insight for keeping safe on Halloween.

With an array of Halloween activities and events on tap for this Halloween weekend in Miami, a personal injury lawyers perspective of what awaits for those taking part will always include staying safe and what to do in the event of an accident. Prevention during Halloween goes beyond making sure the sweets your child receives are safe to eat or that they watch out when they cross the street.

There are a number of possible pitfalls that kids and adults face during Halloween.

The Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, founder at the Perazzo Law Firm shares insight for dealing with accidents and injuries caused by hot liquids.

  • Did an employee spill hot coffee on you and cause injuries?
  • Were you burned by hot tea or coffee at a take-out store?
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