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Personal injury accidents that require legal assistance and representation go beyond knowing the law (Tort Law), especially when dealing with insurance companies for compensation from personal injury accidents that lead to medical attention and economic losses. Personal injury accidents stemming from vehicle collisions, slip and fall incidents, dog attacks, premises liability claims, defective products or services, and wrongful death, will most often cast victims and loved-ones into a whirlwind of complications that stem beyond their concerns for physical, mental, and economic recovery. Many times, insurance companies will place obstacles down the road to recovery and resort to the common practice of offering accident victims unfair compensation settlements. Basically, and in layman’s terms, insurance companies like to make money not spend it, especially if the accident victim and/or family requires a large sum of money to compensate for losses incurred. However, it’s not all about money when a dedicated personal injury lawyer is involved. Though Jonathan Perazzo focuses on maximizing the accident victim’s recovery, he and his entire legal staff strive jointly to achieve their client’s 100% satisfaction. How? – By attending to every aspect of their claim throughout the entire legal process and until their case is resolved. When a client is 100% satisfied, Perazzo Law is too!


Expiration dates on goods such as foods, medications and cosmetics are many times overlooked by consumers. When this happens, the chances of someone falling ill or being injured appear. Facial products for example, can lead to temporary and sometimes permanent damage to a person’s skin. Such was the recent recall of a popular facial glow-glow boosting mask called Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask.

The FDA, the governing body that regulates and controls consumer goods, has recently posted a recall of Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask after the apparent irritating reaction it had on some children’s faces. There are social media reports of adults suffering skin irritation after using the facial cosmetic. A spokesman for the fruity sparkly paper mask has requested that consumers return the item for a full refund.

MOPED-300x200The Perazzo Law Firm shares insight on accidents involving mopeds and scooters in Miami.

Big cities are known for cars and trucks languishingly creeping along avenues, highways, and streets.  Despite its colorful cement setting and ocean backdrop, Miami is no different, as moving about the city and its surrounding suburbs can be frustrating and costly. But what about getting around on a Moped? A New York-based company called Revel, believes that many Miami locals, visitors, and tourists will hop on a moped instead of hopping in an Uber or Lyft to get from A to B. Through an agreement with the Miami Parking Authority, Revel unveiled its rentable moped plan in late December with 750 units and expects to compete aggressively against ride share service providers and vehicle rental agencies.

Through an app, users will be able to rent a moped in all Miami neighborhoods for the price of $0.29 per minute and a $1 fee, which makes it a highly affordable means of transportation. However, those looking for two-wheeled transportation options can choose from a vast variety of transportation options such as scooters, which can cost anywhere from $60-$85 per day. In fact, there is a wide range of commuting options to choose from at present, which include scooters, Segways, Lime electric scooters, electric cars, and the ever-humble bicycle.


IMG_0852-e1578173094871-225x300Los carriles para bicicletas no siempre son bienvenidos con los brazos abiertos en las comunidades del condado de Miami-Dade; y Coral Gables es solo uno de ellos. Desde 2004, la comisión de la ciudad ha rechazado todas las propuestas para construir carriles para bicicletas; principalmente de quejas en nombre de los vecinos y propietarios de viviendas que desaprueban. En 2014, se presentó un plan para construir 27 millas de nuevos carriles para bicicletas, aceras y cruces peatonales, pero eso nunca se desarrolló. En 2018, los residentes expresaron su oposición en una reunión de la comisión para agregar carriles para bicicletas a lo largo de Riviera Drive. Según Robert Ruano, presidente de la organización sin fines de lucro Bike Walk Coral Gables; “En este momento, hay muy poca infraestructura para bicicletas realmente segura en la ciudad que realmente aumente a las personas que usan la carretera para andar en bicicleta de manera segura”. Para 2020, una nueva propuesta tiene como objetivo crear carriles para bicicletas y ampliar las aceras a lo largo de Alhambra Circle desde Coral Way hasta la Universidad de Miami. Este tramo de 2.3 millas podría provocar la pérdida de árboles, según los residentes preocupados; por lo tanto, el plan para más carriles bici puede ser desechado una vez más. Sin embargo, Silvia Pinera-Vázquez, una abogada que reside en Alhambra Circle, está presionando para obtener carriles para bicicletas a través de una carta abierta fechada el 6 de diciembre a los funcionarios de la ciudad, escribió Pinera-Vázquez; “Es evidente que existe una agenda concertada por parte de ciertos miembros del personal de la ciudad y grupos de bicicletas de interés especial para avanzar con carriles para bicicletas en toda la ciudad a pesar de la posición de nuestros residentes y nuestros funcionarios electos”.

bike-no-helmet-300x199El 10 de diciembre, el abogado local habló antes la Comisión de la Ciudad y unos cincuenta residentes y propietarios de viviendas opuestos. Si bien faltan meses para una decisión final, el vicealcalde Vince Lago declaró que la decisión de la comisión de abandonar el proyecto Riviera Drive “sentó un precedente” que hará que sea difícil no ponerse del lado de los propietarios de viviendas opuestos una vez más. En 2015, se otorgó una subvención de $ 597,000 a Coral Gables en nombre del Departamento de Transporte de Florida para llevar a cabo el proyecto Alhambra Circle, lo que condujo a una conexión importante que incluía vecindarios residenciales, el área del centro de la ciudad, UM y Underline, que incluía un tramo de 10 millas para peatones, corredores y ciclistas debajo de las vías elevadas de Metrorail. Sin embargo, cuando se trata de construir carriles para bicicletas Alhambra Circle, aumenta la preocupación por el daño a casi 200 árboles y los posibles cambios en su calidad de vida. El tráfico de vehículos motorizados y los posibles accidentes también son motivo de preocupación, ya que la construcción de carriles para bicicletas conduce a carriles de conducción más estrechos. Por lo tanto, aumenta el potencial de accidentes automovilísticos que involucran a peatones y ciclistas por igual. Mientras tanto, los residentes de Coral Gable tendrán que esperar hasta más tarde en 2020, cuando se espera que el proyecto se vote.



Bicycle lanes are not always welcomed with open arms in Miami-Dade County communities; and Coral Gables is just one of them. Since 2004, the city commission has rejected every proposal to build bike lanes; mainly from complaints on behalf of the disapproving neighbors and home owners. In 2014, a plan was presented to build 27 miles of new bike lanes, sidewalks and crosswalks, but that never developed. In 2018, residents voiced their opposition at a commission meeting to add bicycle lanes along Riviera Drive. According to Robert Ruano, the chair of the Bike Walk Coral Gables nonprofit; “There’s very little really safe bike infrastructure in the city right now to actually increase people using the road for biking safely.” For 2020, a new proposal aims to create bike lanes & broaden sidewalks along Alhambra Circle from Coral Way to the University of Miami. This 2.3-mile stretch could result in the loss of trees, according to concerned residents; thus, the plan for more bike lanes may be scrapped once again. However, Silvia Pinera-Vazquez, an attorney residing on Alhambra Circle, is pushing for bike lanes through an open letter to dated December 6th to city officials, Pinera-Vazquez wrote; “It is evident that there is a concerted agenda by certain city staff members and special interest bicycle groups to forge ahead with bicycle lanes throughout the city despite the position of our residents and our elected officials.” On December 10th, the local attorney spoke before the City Commission and some fifty opposing residents and homeowners. Though a final decision is months away, Vice Mayor Vince Lago stated that the commission’s ruling to ditch the Riviera Drive project “set a precedent” that will make it difficult to not side with opposing homeowners once again. In 2015, a $597,000 grant was given to Coral Gables on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation to carry out the Alhambra Circle project, which led to an important connection that included residential neighborhoods, the downtown area, UM, and the Underline, which included a 10-mile-stretch for pedestrians, joggers, and bikers below the elevated Metrorail tracks. However, when it comes to building Alhambra Circle bike lanes raises concern over of damage to almost 200 trees and potential changes to their quality of life. Motor vehicle traffic and potential accidents are also a concern as the construction of bike lanes lead to narrower driving lanes. Thus, increasing the potential for motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and bikers alike. In the meantime, Coral Gable residents will have to wait till later in 2020 when the project is expected to come up for a vote.


Year-End Festivities and Staying Safe

New Year’s Eve and the celebrations that accompany it span the entire globe and just like almost every major city; Miami residents and visitors will be bidding farewell to another year while welcoming the start of another.  Unfortunately, New Year’s Eve festivities can sometimes get out of hand and celebration can turn to tragedy when negligence takes hold of a situation. The Perazzo Law Firm understands that one such act of negligence and perhaps the most common is driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Driving drunk or while intoxicated can lead to reckless driving, which in turn has the potential for tragedy behind the wheel. In order to stay safe and avoid an accident behind the wheel, the Perazzo Law Firm recommends that motorists opt for ride share services like Uber or Lyft. However, it is important to make sure that the Uber or Lyft driver is sober, and he/she is in fact the driver that appears on the rideshare app. The Perazzo Law Firm recommends that pedestrians take extra precautions when crossing at intersections or even when waiting to cross at a street corner. With regards to bicycle riders, the Perazzo Law Firm suggests they avoid riding in poorly lit areas and if possible, wear reflective or bright colored clothing. Riding in dark areas and wearing dark clothing makes it hard for drunk drivers to see them and this increases the chances of falling victim to reckless driving and negligence. When it comes to premises liability, bars, nightclubs and other public or private establishment owners and operators also need to take certain precautions to avoid New Year’s Eve ending in tragedy. Bar owners or operators need to take measures to make sure their patrons exit their establishments safely. For instance, a bartender should know when to stop serving a customer drinks that contain alcohol if that person is already in a state of drunkenness. Negligence on behalf of an establishment that serves alcohol can include allowing a customer to get behind the wheel of motor vehicle. In this case, measures should be taken to hire a rideshare service to safely take the intoxicated patron to where they need to go. In all, the Perazzo Law Firm suggests that individuals proceed into the new year with care and avoid acts of negligence that can end in an undesirable manner.


DRY PALM TREE BRANCH CRUSHES TOURIST 46-year old woman from Argentina was crushed by a dry palm tree branch that came swooshing down from atop a 100 ft palm tree overlooking the pool of a quaint and quiet family hotel. The hotel pool accident victim was resting on a lounge chair when a 15-foot-long dried-out branch broke-off from an overhead palm tree. According to the accident victim’s family, the woman, a mother of three, screamed as the branch came thundering down and landed on top of her. “I was in the pool when I heard a loud swooshing sound. At first, I thought it was a wild animal like an alligator or lizard in the bushes, but then I noticed something huge falling from the tree,” recalls the victim’s husband. Hotel staffed quickly assisted the woman by tending to the multiple cuts, scrapes, and bruises extending throughout her entire body. She was later taken to a local hospital for further treatment to wounds and evaluation. Her husband in the meantime, has contacted the service of a trusted personal injury lawyer in Miami to help with a possible premise’s liability claim for compensation. According to the hotel accident victim’s husband, a 52-year-old schoolteacher, the pool has at least three very tall palm trees, many of them full of dry branches just waiting to fall. “I’m no lawyer but I know that hotels and motels need to make sure trees don’t fall on their guest’s heads while they’re sitting by the pool. My wife is lucky to be alive, but she’ll never sit by a pool the same way again!” stated the victim’s angry husband.



Perazzo-Law-Texting-and-Driving-Accidents-in-Miami-300x199La mayoría de los pasajeros que suben a un Uber, Lyft o cualquier otro servicio de viajes compartidos en Miami, ignoran la cantidad de estafas que existen y las posibles pérdidas que acechan; tanto financiera como física. Ya sea que pidan a un Uber desde el aeropuerto o a un Lyft desde un bar, los usuarios de la aplicación de viaje compartido deben actualizarse sobre las muchas situaciones posibles que pueden convertir un viaje en una pesadilla.

En este artículo, aprenderá sobre algunas de las estafas más comunes que rodean a Uber, Lyft y otros servicios de transporte compartido, y qué hacer si usted, un amigo o familiar es víctima de negligencia o se lesiona en un accidente que involucra a Uber o Lyft en Miami.


Uber-accident-Lawyer-in-Miami-Perazzo-Law-200x300Most passengers (riders) that get into an Uber, Lyft, or any other ride-share service in Miami, are oblivious to the number of scams that exist and the potential losses that lurk; both financial and physical. Whether calling an Uber from the airport or a Lyft from a bar, ride-share app users need to be updated on the many possible situations that can turn a ride into a nightmare.

In this article, you will learn about some of the most common scams surrounding Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share services, and what to do if you, a friend or relative falls victim to negligence or are injured in an accident involving Uber or Lyft in Miami.

MIAMI-INSURANCE-CLAIM-LAWYER-2-300x199Lawmakers in Florida are once again getting ready to repeal the highly criticized state’s no-fault auto insurance, which many allege is plagued by fraud, elevated costs and outrageous civil litigation.

Senate Bill 378, which has been presented by State Sen. Tom Lee (R-Thonotosassa), would repeal provisions of the personal injury protection (PIP) statute and move to a more tort-based system. This change however, is one that not all seem to agree upon.

By way of an email to Florida Record, Logan McFaddin, assistant vice president of state government relations for the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) stated; “In its current form, SB 378 does not have any bad-faith fixes and has a mandatory medical pay offer, which would result in significant costs to Florida consumers and no real fraud-fighting protections.”

car-crash-in-miami-lawyer-300x242En la Florida, los conductores de automóviles y vehículos motorizados están exigidos por ley a contratar PIP (Personal Injury Protection) y PD (Property Damage) para cubrir lesiones y daños en caso de un accidente de tránsito. Sin embargo, estos dos seguros muy a menudo no alcanzan para cubrir la totalidad de los gastos médicos o daños a la propiedad de aquellos que son victimas de accidentes. Cuando un automovilista es encontrado culpable por lesiones o daños, es el seguro PIP y PD que se hará cargo por hasta $10,000 pesos. Sin embargo, los accidentes pueden superara este monto muy fácilmente, teniendo en cuenta que una lesión como un brazo roto, puede llegar a costar $20,000 en gastos médicos. Por esta razón, la Firma de Abogados Perazzo Law le informa a los conductores de la comunidad Hispana, sobre los seguro de automotores que existen en la Florida, y como pueden ayudar a cubrir los costos involucrados o como consecuencia de un accidente de transito de lo cual pueden o no estar culpables.


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