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Florida Senate sets sights on getting rid of PIP auto insurance


TALLAHASSEE —Florida Senators are full steam ahead with yet another proposal to get rid of the no-fault insurance system, otherwise known as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) for Florida motorists. If successful, this would radically change the way insurance providers, policy holders, and personal injury accident attorneys handle insurance claims for compensation following motor vehicle accidents.

The proposed bill (SB 54) aims to eliminate no-fault insurance and have it replaced by bodily injury coverage (see Insurance Policies for Florida Motorists). However, it must first must be passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and face a probable lawsuit on behalf of personal injury attorneys that oppose the change.


In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm’s car accident attorneys share insight regarding teenagers behind the wheel of automobiles.

car-crash-1451244-300x225Responsible parents and guardians should have a serious conversation with their teenagers drivers and discuss the dangers that exist when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.According to information available by the Florida Highway Patrol, some 3200-motor vehicle related fatalities were reported in just over 2900 accidents. These figures place Florida at the top when it comes to traffic accident-related deaths. It is estimated that close to 70,000 teens are involved in car accidents every year in Florida, with a disturbing number of these accidents resulting in fatalities to drivers and passengers. These figures require immediate action by parents, guardians, and even the authorities to help save lives and prevent injury to teenage drivers, passengers, and other innocent third parties, because when teenagers get behind the wheel of motor vehicles, the chances of being involved in a deadly car crash are extremely high. But why? Firstly, because teenagers and cellphones literally go hand and hand, with cellphones seemingly glued to the palm of almost every teenager. Unfortunately, when teenagers are behind the wheel, their cellphones are too, with the euphoria of driving worthy of a selfie, a text message, and even a social media post. There are a number of things that responsible adults can do to highlight the dangers and foster safe driving habits for teenagers.

hotel-1223612-300x225¿Se lesionó en un hotel? En Miami, los abogados de lesiones personales y accidents del Perazzo Law Firm comparten sus conocimientos sobre cómo lidiar con accidentes en hoteles.

Después de sufrir una lesión en un hotel, la víctima o huésped del accidente debe comunicarse de inmediato con el gerente del hotel e informar el accidente y cualquier lesión. En caso de lesiones; que puede ir desde fracturas en un accidente de resbalón y caída, hasta quemaduras o inhalación de humo de un incendio en un hotel. Cualquiera que sea el accidente, las empresas que ofrecen alojamiento y servicios a los visitantes deben cumplir con las leyes de responsabilidad de las instalaciones para protegerse contra accidentes que pueden resultar en lesiones, daños o pérdidas. Un bufete de abogados con experiencia en lesiones personales que coloca los mejores intereses de su cliente al frente del caso de accidente de hotel de su cliente, aplicará todos los recursos posibles para garantizar una representación legal altamente dedicada que se esfuerce por la satisfacción total del cliente al presentar un reclamo de seguro. Póngase en contacto con el bufete de abogados Perazzo en línea ahora para una consulta inicial GRATUITA.

Qué hacer después de un accidente en un hotel.

uhaul-accident-miami-lawyer-300x271En Miami, Jonathan Perazzo y staff de abogados de accidentes, recomiendan a los conductores, pasajeros y todas las víctimas de accidentes de U-Haul que traten el accidente de camión de U-Haul como cualquier otro accidente de tráfico (consulte Qué hacer después de un accidente de tráfico). Sin embargo, no todos los accidentes de camiones de U-Haul ocurren mientras se conduce un camión de U-Haul.

La mayoría de la gente asocia los accidentes de camiones de U-Haul con colisiones de tráfico. Sin embargo, muchos accidentes que involucran camiones U-Haul ocurren mientras se carga un camión U-Haul o cuando se engancha un remolque. Mudarse con un camión U-Haul es muy conveniente y no hay duda de eso. Sin embargo, saber cómo cargar y asegurar la carga puede requerir una instrucción adecuada para evitar accidentes y lesiones.

En este artículo, el bufete de abogados Perazzo comparte información sobre cómo lidiar con accidentes que resultan en lesiones personales y pérdidas por incidentes de alquiler de camiones U-Haul, algunos de los cuales no necesariamente implican conducir.


Orlando, Daytona Beach: One man resulted injured after a shooting broke-out at the Florida Mall in Orange County this past Saturday night. According to a store mall manager, an employee alerted 911 after spotting a man with a gun inside the mall just by the main entrance.  According to reports, the man made his way into the Florida Mall after having been shot in the parking lot by someone inside a vehicle. Shoppers were alerted of the shooting incident upon stumbling onto flashing police lights and yellow crime-scene taped zigzagged around a large section of the Florida Mall parking lot. The man is in stable condition as deputies search for the Florida Mall parking lot shooter. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm’s staff of personal injury accident attorneys handle situations that lead to injury or losses to shopping mall visitors when business operators are found liable for negligence (see Shopping Mall Accident in Miami).


injured-in-miami-294x300Striving to be the best personal injury lawyer in Miami, Jonathan Perazzo of the Perazzo Law Firm, guarantees highly dedicated legal representation to clients seeking compensation to cover injuries, damages, or losses following an accident in Miami-Dade and Broward. the Perazzo Law Firm staff and its personal injury attorneys in Miami, put forth all possible resources to deliver the best legal services to obtain 100% client satisfaction when handling their claims.

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Elon Musk and South Florida government leaders have commenced talks for the possible construction of a series of underground tunnels running through Miami and Fort Lauderdale with hopes of providing better quality transit services to commuters, ease the traffic strain on motorists, and lower car accidents.

Earlier this week, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez met with Steve Davis, the president of Musk’s transit group, The Boring Co., to discuss the possible construction of tunnels under Miami-Dade and Broward County.


MIAMI-SCHOOL-LAWYER-195x300While the spread of COVID-19 among Floridians, especially those in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, the Broward school district is obliging teachers and students back into the classrooms. However, the Broward Teacher’s Union says, No Way, Jose!

The Broward Teacher’s Union, which represents some 18,000 teachers, social workers, mental health professionals, counselors, and other staff. is suing the Broward Public School District on the grounds that it is unconstitutional for the district to order teachers and staff back into the classrooms while COVID-19 continues to kill people in Florida. In the meantime, there is an arbitrational lockdown between the Broward Teachers Union (BTU) and the Broward Public School System.


As Super Bowl Sunday nibbles at the feet of football fans around the world, so does the coronavirus. That is why, the Perazzo Law Firm and its staff of personal injury lawyers, want to share some useful information to help you stay safe when partaking of this unprecedented Super Bowl Sunday in Miami.

On February 7, 2021, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Super Bowl LV will be played before the set limit of 22,000 spectators, who will watch the home team, the Tampa Buccaneers, take on the Kansas City Chiefs. But what does that mean to bar, restaurant, and other business operators ready to cater to hardcore football fans amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the whopping daily number of cases throughout Miami-Dade?



This past Thursday, four men attacked tourists in Miami Beach, leaving one of the attack victims severely injured with multiple head trauma. Ironically, the assault of the tourists took place across the street from Miami Beach Police Headquarters and near the 11th Street Diner. Police investigators were able to identify the assailants thanks to video surveillance cameras in the vicinity. Three of the four attackers were located  at a Collins Avenue hotel and taken into custody by robbery detectives. The three men, one from Connecticut and two from New York, are facing felony charges and trying to figure out how to put up their bond. The fourth suspect, also identified, is on the run and is expected to be in custody soon. According to statements by the men arrested, the incident broke-out after they purchased bad cannibis chewable candies from the assault victim.


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