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Accidents at Gas Stations or Service Areas

gas-station-accidents-300x225In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm serves accident victims that suffer injuries or losses at Gas Stations and Service Areas

  • Slip and Fall on a slippery substance left untended to at a gas station?
  • Experienced injury due to negligence of a gas station operator?
  • Victim of criminal activity at a service station?

If so, you may be liable for compensation through a personal injury insurance claim.

Accidents at gas stations are quite common given the assortment of slippery substances that may be left unattended to by gas station or service station operators and employees. Gas stations are required to uphold maximum levels of safety to prevent that customers suffer injuries or losses. On the contrary, if someone is hurt at a gas station, the accident victim may file a legal complaint by way of a personal injury lawyer. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm knows exactly what sorts of measures gas stations, as well as almost all businesses, need to take to guarantee a safe environment for customers.

Common Gas Station Accidents

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Criminal Activity and Situations of Violence



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