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Can A Car Cause An Injury Without A Collision?

By The Perazzo Law Firm
Typically injuries stemming from car accidents involve multiple vehicles and drivers. However,
a very narrow subset of injuries caused by car vehicles do not involve a collision at all. Modern vehicles are equipped with a variety of technological features that may not be properly tested before being integrated as common features across vehicle model lines. Some flaws with those features may not become apparent for years after becoming common in many different models. Moreover, vehicle manufacturers are reluctant to act on known defects for some time until adverse publicity and the sheer number of victims forces them to act to improve the safety of their vehicles. Unfortunately, by the time a vehicle manufacturer issues a recall, many people will have suffered gruesome injuries or worse.
Ironically, the vehicle features designed for comfort or improved safety may cause the most harm. A parking break can fail, roll forward and crush a person as has happened in the past. An airbag may under inflate, exacerbating an injury in a car accident, or it may fail to inflate altogether. A more recent feature that is becoming more common involved the vehicle operating itself without any input from the human driver. Vehicles with self driving features operate by detecting their surrounding through a variety of sensors placed all around the car. However, if a sensor malfunctions, the vehicle may fail to detect a changing traffic light or an oncoming vehicle resulting in a collision leading to a serious injury.
Recently, the self starting engine feature has become more and more common. This feature enables the vehicle’s engine to be ignited without the use of a physical key. Typically, with this feature enabled, an engine can be started remotely using the key fob or by pressing a button. It may be convenient to start the engine remotely without the use of a key, however, what happens when its time to shut the engine off? There does not appear to be a universal standard across vehicles models that notify the operator of the engine still being turned on. Fumes generating from engine combustion are known to be harmful and even deadly to those exposed to them. Given how convenient it is to park your car in a garage and simply walk away, it may be easy to forget the engine is still running resulting the dangerous fumes emanating from the vehicle may built inside the home and result in serious injuries to the home’s occupants.
A vehicle feature that fails or malfunctions would likely fall under product liability category of law. If you and our family have suffered an injury due to a malfunction in the vehicle’s mechanics and features, it is important to consult an attorney with experience in personal injury.

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