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Who Can Be At Fault For Damages To Your Home

By The Perazzo Law Firm

Our homes tend to be our most valuable asset as a place to live as well as an investment for retirement. It is natural to want to insure your valuable asset. However, when a home suffers damage, most homeowners fail to report the loss to their insurance companies simply because they do not believe a loss may be covered. Some make a claim but fail to go any further when the insurance company rejects the claim. When your home suffers damage, it is important to consult a professional to find out your rights under the policy.

A large portion of homeowners dealing with damage fail to report it because they do not believed the loss is large enough or do not know it may be covered by the policy. Some homeowners attempt to make repairs themselves or hire a professional to make the repairs. When renewing your policy, the insurance company may want to inspect your property and may be less likely to renew the policy or may do so at a higher rate when previously unreported damage is discovered.

A professional you hire to make repairs to your property may be careless or inexperienced to make proper repairs. The insurance company may deny your claim if the repairs are made improperly. However, you may pursue the professional responsible for making improper repairs. Typically, repair professionals may be insured and bonded which allows the homeowners to recover compensation for faulty repairs. If the person making the repairs is not insured then you may be able to pursue compensation from that individual.

Additionally, the materials used in making repairs can cause damage or exacerbate existing damage. Defective dry wall made from toxic materials may cause health issues. In these cases, you may pursue the seller of the materials, the company making the installations or repairs and the manufacturer under the products liability theory of law.

Even if all the repairs and installations are made property and the loss to your home should be covered by the policy, the insurance company may still deny or underpay on your claim. An insurance policy is a fairly lengthy and complicated document, which is meant to be confusing and difficult to interpret. Moreover, the policy is filled with exclusions and exemptions from coverage for any number of reasons including failing to properly fill out insurance claim documentation. In situations like these, it may be important to consider filing a lawsuit for a breach of contract for failure of the insurance company to honor your claim.

The litigation process can be lengthy as the insurance company will use any defense to their advantage. It is important to understand your policy and your rights.

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