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Who Can Be Liable For A Defective Product?

By The Perazzo Law Firm


We are in the middle of the season of giving. Gifts are exchanged between family members, friends and co-workers. Some of the most popular presents for the holidays are technological gadgets meant to entertain us in our homes. Modern electronics consist of sophisticated parts manufactured by any number of companies. A defective electrical device can cause a fire and a serious personal injury. However, improper use or faulty installation can also play a part in the cause of the property damage or personal injury.

In cases of damage from a defective product several parties may share liability. Primarily, the liability may lie with the manufacturer of the product that malfunctioned. The theory of recovery in these cases would point to defective manufacturing process or defective design.

Additionally, liability may also be found with the seller of the product that caused damage or personal injury. Any entity selling a product, or providing warranty for the product, may share liability for any damages caused by that product.

Sometimes, a part or equipment that was perfectly designed and manufactured may still fail and result in damage to property or personal injury. Typically, in these situation improper installation may be the cause. If the company responsible for installation performs a subpar service, then liability may rest with that company. Moreover, the individual performing repairs or installation may also share liability for the damages caused.

When a party seeks compensation for injury or damage from the manufacturer of the product that was the cause, the manufacturer will often use improper use was the cause. In other words, the manufacturer will attempt to shift the liability for the damage on the injured party. The insurance company defending the manufacturer will use any evidence to suggest the owner of the product causing the injury used it for other than the intended purpose, which resulted in damage.

The litigation process can be lengthy as the insurance company will use any defense to their advantage. It is important to understand your rights.

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