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Car Accident News in Miami


train-crash-300x167Miami police are on the lookout for a man and a woman who were involved in an armed robbery and a subsequent car crash in the Allapattah neighborhood. The incident was captured on cellphone video on Saturday and showed huge flames at Northwest 32nd Avenue and 14th Street. According to authorities, the car that the suspects were driving had been used in the robbery earlier that day. The woman driving the car crashed into an innocent person’s vehicle after driving recklessly, but fortunately, no one was seriously injured. However, the suspects fled the scene, and police say the man is armed with a firearm. If you have any information regarding the incident or the whereabouts of the suspects, you are urged to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers anonymously, and you may be eligible for a reward of up to $5,000.

What happens if my car is stolen and involved in an accident?

If your car or truck is stolen, the Perazzo Law Firm suggests contacting your insurance provider, but no before you talk to a personal injury lawyer. Click HERE to find out about what happens after your vehicle causes an accident or crashes into another vehicle.

  • What happens if your vehicle is stolen and the culprit crashes into another vehicle, an object, or runs over a pedestrian?
  • Who covers the damages to your vehicle if it is stolen and crashed.
  • Will my insurance policy cover damages or injuries to others?
  • What kind of insurance coverage protects me if my car is stolen and damaged?
  • When is my vehicle not covered if it is stolen?

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm’s staff of car accident and insurance claims lawyers understand these to be common questions and concerns when a vehicle is stolen and accidents that lead to damages occur. So, in order to help stolen car vehicle owners understand what happens in the above mentioned car robbery situations, and how they are covered, or not, Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury attorney and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, sheds light on this matter.


Screenshot-2023-02-07-190257-254x300In Lauderdale Lakes, a woman was saved after her vehicle crashed into a canal on Sunday morning. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue units rushed to the scene of the incident at Northwest 36th Street and 45th Avenue. According to investigators, the woman crashed through a gate in the neighborhood and ended up in the canal. Video footage showed the victim’s vehicle fully submerged in the water, but rescue divers were able to retrieve the driver from the canal. The cause of the crash is currently being investigated.

(News source: 7 News Miami)

Submerged Vehicle Damages

When a car is submerged underwater, it can cause significant damages and result in high costs for the owner. These damages can vary depending on the extent of the submersion and the time that the car spent underwater.

One of the most common damages resulting from a car being submerged in water is engine damage. When a car is submerged, water can enter the engine and cause it to hydrolock, which means the engine won’t be able to turn over. Additionally, water can damage the electrical system, including the battery and starter, which can lead to costly repairs.

Furthermore, the water can cause significant damage to the car’s interior, including the seats, carpets, and electrical components. If the water is not removed from the car’s interior immediately, it can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can cause health hazards to the driver and passengers.

Costs resulting from a vehicle being submerged in water can also include towing and salvage expenses, as the car will need to be towed out of the water and may require further repairs or disposal.

To prevent damages and costs from a submerged car, it is crucial to take immediate action after the incident. Contacting a professional tow service and an auto mechanic can help to assess the damages and provide the necessary repairs to restore the car.

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