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The Miami car accident lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo of the Perazzo Law Firm, shares insight regarding teenagers behind the wheel of automobiles.

car-crash-1451244-300x225The Miami car accident lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm recommends that responsible parents and guardians have a serious conversation with their teenagers drivers to discuss the dangers that exist when getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Miami. According to information available by the Florida Highway Patrol, some 3200-motor vehicle related fatalities were reported in just over 2900 accidents. These figures place Florida at the top when it comes to traffic accident-related deaths. It is estimated that close to 70,000 teens are involved in car accidents every year in Florida, with a disturbing number of these accidents resulting in fatalities to drivers and passengers in car accidents. These figures require immediate action by parents, guardians, and even the authorities to help save lives and prevent injury to teenage drivers, passengers, and other innocent third parties, because when teenagers get behind the wheel of motor vehicles, the chances of being involved in a deadly car crash are extremely high. But why? Firstly, because teenagers and cellphones literally go hand and hand, with cellphones seemingly glued to the palm of almost every teenager. Unfortunately, when teenagers are behind the wheel, their cellphones are too, with the euphoria of driving worthy of a selfie, a text message, and even a social media post. There are a number of things that responsible adults can do to highlight the dangers and foster safe driving habits for teenagers.

    Some simple safety tips for teenage drivers Seat-Belt-300x300

                  • Avoid using the cellphone with the vehicle in motion
                  • Wear seatbelts
                  • Never drive drunk or intoxicated
                  • Respect speed limits and traffic laws
                  • Use rear and side view mirrors
                  • Stay alert to traffic ahead and behind
                  • Keep safe braking distance
                  • Make sure the vehicle is safe to drive
                  • Avoid dangerous or unfamiliar areas

How can accidents involving teenage drivers be prevented?


Jonathan Perazzo, Miami car accident lawyer, knows that negligent cellphone use while driving is soon to become the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents in Florida, which averages close to half a million accidents per year. Drunk driving and the negligent use of cellphones behind the wheel are quite similar when considering that a drunk driver has trouble seeing the road and teenagers using their cellphones don’t have their eyes on the road. Both motorists in this case, are distracted, one by the effect of alcohol and the other by the effect of an unread text message. As the number of accidents on Florida avenues, roadways, and streets increases each year, so do the number of fatal crashes involving teenagers, especially when teenagers drive in the company other teenage passengers, which doubles the chances of an accident.

Parents and guardians need to talk to teen drivers about the responsible use of their cellphones while driving. Writing and reading text messages is perhaps the number one reason why teenagers, as well as other motorists crash. At the Perazzo Law Firm, our attorneys are constantly handling rear-end collision accidents, which are a direct result of not observing stopped or slowed traffic ahead. Why? Because motorists are either writing or reading a text message. This said, teenagers need to understand that when they write or read a text message off their cellphone, that may be the last text message they ever send or read. Rear-end collisions usually end in severe spinal cord injuries, some of which can lead to long-term physical impairment. Talk to teenage drivers about the importance of not letting their cellphones place them in dangerous situations, such as operating a moving vehicle while typing a text message. Explain to them that many messages can wait or that they can pull over to the side of the road to send or read a message. Furthermore, posting on social media while driving is an utterly negligent thing to do. If they feel the urge to post something on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform, they should wait until the vehicle is stopped or parked. Not only should they pay attention to traffic ahead, but also to traffic behind them. Not only are teenagers busy on their phones, but adults are too.

Secondly, the consumption of alcohol must always be prohibited by parents or legal guardians. Alcohol consumption and cellphone use behind the wheel are a deadly combination for teenagers, given their driving inexperience and their reduced tolerance to alcohol. Teenagers should never drink, drive, and use their cell phones while behind the wheel. It is basically a suicidal tendency which can be prevented.

If you suspect that your teenager is acting negligently while driving, do not give them the keys to your car or allow them to get in any motor vehicle that has an irresponsible teenager behind the wheel.

Other reasons why teenagers crash:

rain-drops-on-car-glass-1555448-300x225It takes time to learn how to drive well and how to handle a vehicle under certain roadway conditions. Driving involves much more than starting the car and shifting into drive. Knowing how to understand the flow of traffic around you and what to do in certain situations requires time behind the wheel. Today’s cars, though engineered with safety in mind, are much more powerful and offer a very smooth ride, much to the point that the driver may lose notion of how fast they are actually travelling, especially on highways. Proper braking distances by teenagers may be a factor that is generally overlooked, just like changing lanes in the event of an accident ahead. Lane changing accidents are quite common causes of most car accidents, especially on roadways with complicated exits and on ramps. Reckless driving is another common reason why teenagers, as well as adults, get into accidents. Speed behind the wheel of a fast car can be an adrenaline rush for most teenagers. Sadly, they tend to lose control, especially when applying the brakes or taking a curve. When teenagers drive recklessly, the chances of an accident that results in wrongful death are very high. Driving under poor weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, or even string winds, can make inexperienced teenage drivers nervous and cause them to panic. When this happens, sudden maneuvers can result in an accident. Parents and guardians should refrain from allowing their teenagers to drive under poor roadway conditions. If it’s too late and their teenage drivers are already on the road, they should be instructed to pull into a gas station or park somewhere safe until the driving conditions improve.

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