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Bicycle lanes are not always welcomed with open arms in Miami-Dade County communities; and Coral Gables is just one of them. Since 2004, the city commission has rejected every proposal to build bike lanes; mainly from complaints on behalf of the disapproving neighbors and home owners. In 2014, a plan was presented to build 27 miles of new bike lanes, sidewalks and crosswalks, but that never developed. In 2018, residents voiced their opposition at a commission meeting to add bicycle lanes along Riviera Drive. According to Robert Ruano, the chair of the Bike Walk Coral Gables nonprofit; “There’s very little really safe bike infrastructure in the city right now to actually increase people using the road for biking safely.” For 2020, a new proposal aims to create bike lanes & broaden sidewalks along Alhambra Circle from Coral Way to the University of Miami. This 2.3-mile stretch could result in the loss of trees, according to concerned residents; thus, the plan for more bike lanes may be scrapped once again. However, Silvia Pinera-Vazquez, an attorney residing on Alhambra Circle, is pushing for bike lanes through an open letter to dated December 6th to city officials, Pinera-Vazquez wrote; “It is evident that there is a concerted agenda by certain city staff members and special interest bicycle groups to forge ahead with bicycle lanes throughout the city despite the position of our residents and our elected officials.” On December 10th, the local attorney spoke before the City Commission and some fifty opposing residents and homeowners. Though a final decision is months away, Vice Mayor Vince Lago stated that the commission’s ruling to ditch the Riviera Drive project “set a precedent” that will make it difficult to not side with opposing homeowners once again. In 2015, a $597,000 grant was given to Coral Gables on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation to carry out the Alhambra Circle project, which led to an important connection that included residential neighborhoods, the downtown area, UM, and the Underline, which included a 10-mile-stretch for pedestrians, joggers, and bikers below the elevated Metrorail tracks. However, when it comes to building Alhambra Circle bike lanes raises concern over of damage to almost 200 trees and potential changes to their quality of life. Motor vehicle traffic and potential accidents are also a concern as the construction of bike lanes lead to narrower driving lanes. Thus, increasing the potential for motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and bikers alike. In the meantime, Coral Gable residents will have to wait till later in 2020 when the project is expected to come up for a vote.



bike-accidents-in-miami-perazzo-law-300x300In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm knows that bike riding accidents happen all the time, and they are usually the result of negligent motorists that either do not see bike riders or don’t give them the riding respect they deserve. Sadly, Florida ranks atop most U.S. states when it comes to the risk of being injured or killed while riding a bicycle. But why is Florida, and Miami in particular, so dangerous for bike riders, and what can cyclist do to stay safe? Also, what should bike riders that fall victim to a negligent motorist do, especially if they suffer injuries, damages or losses as a result of a bike accident? The Perazzo Law Firm strives to provide the best possible answers to bicycle accident victims and their loved ones following an incident that involves a motor vehicle in Miami or in any of the cities where our professional staff of attorneys provides clients with profession representation and just compensation for injuries and losses from bicycle accidents. Injured in a bike accident? Contact the Perazzo Law Firm for a FREE initial consultation and ZERO COSTS to our personal injury clients.



Just because law enforcement agencies in Florida aren’t pulling drivers over for it, texting while driving is actually illegal. But why exactly don’t they pull you over? Because the House has yet to decide whether or not to turn it into a law. This Thursday, the Florida Senate passed the bill that will give police officers the green light to stop and fine motorists caught texting while driving in Florida. Though not yet a full-blown law, it might soon be if the House approves turning the bill into law. According to the bill sponsor, the House will most likely accept the Senate’s proposal to allow police officers to stop drivers who are caught red-handed with their fingers tapping away at their smartphone screens. Though the bill doesn’t include reading off a cell-phone or using other devices while driving, it does prohibit drivers from actual texting. If passed by the House, motorists would have time to adjust to the new law by only citing a warning to motorists caught texting. Sadly, as of December 31st, 2019, drivers would be stopped and ticketed. According to the would-be law, drivers would get three points on their record, a $30 fine, plus fees to the costs of the court. Fortunately, loopholes exits. If a driver buys a Bluetooth hands-free phone, he/she can take a course on driver safety. Furthermore, the first offence would go unscathed. When passed, those in favor of the law expect accidents related to texting and driving to go down significantly. At present, a great number of pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle accidents are the direct result of texting and driving. The bill, which last year only made it as far as the House, was denied due to concerns that police officers would have the legal right to invade the cell-phone owners privacy and raise concerns over racism or general prejudice with regards who police choose to pull over for allegedly texting while driving.


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Broward County: A Sunday morning bicycle ride ends in tragedy when a distracted motorist ran into a group of fourteen cyclist pedaling eastbound on State Road 84 near Southwest 148th Avenue. The 33-year female motorist claims to have been distracted by the morning sunlight when her Honda Fit crashed into the group of riders, who were riding in two columns along the right lane of the road. As a result, a 53-year old rider from Weston died from the injuries sustained while another rider, a 62-year old man, is reported in critical condition following the bicycle accident.  Several other bicycle riders were injured but all are reported to be in stable condition. The police are investigating the bicycle accident by analyzing the driver’s cell phone records to determine if negligent use of cell phone was the determining factor that led to the bicycle accident. According to the Davie police officer at the scene of the accident, the female motorists showed no signs of having consumed alcohol or narcotics prior to the crash. The Davie officer also stated the driver had mentioned being distracted and blinded by the early morning sun, which caused her to not see the pack of fourteen bike riders pedaling along Road 84. With only one prior moving violation for speeding, the incident is undergoing further investigation.

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