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Florida Roadways Among the Nation’s most Dangerous

Miami Attorneys Serving Florida Roadway Fatalities: A semi-truck, an SUV, and three passenger vehicles were part of a crash that led to the death of two motorists on Interstate 75 near Sheridan Street this past Saturday. The Interstate suffered heavy congestion which lasted hours before the roadway was cleared. Saturday was a hectic day for Florida highway motorists as further delays and tragedy struck when another semi-truck and motorcycle crashed, with the motorcycle rider losing his life in the accident. According to recent stats by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 388,032 roadway accidents last year, with close to 2,900 ending in fatality. The total figure of accidents includes not only motor-vehicles accidents, but also pedestrians and bicycle riders suffering personal injury from vehicle related incidents. According to recent reports, motor-vehicle accidents  are expected to rise as a result of the increase in Florida’s population. Bad weather, distracted motorists, teenagers behind the wheel of fast cars, and intoxication are among the main reasons for motor-vehicle accidents.      

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Fatal Turnpike Accident Wreaks Havoc on Motorists

Miami Turnpike – A tractor trailer toppled to one side and not only put traffic on a seven-hour standstill, but also took the life of the 53-year old truck driver from Miami.  Nearby witnesses reported a thundering crash as the 18-wheeler flipped over and went sliding into the guardrail, wreaking havoc on both the northbound and southbound lanes. According to reports, the driver erroneously handled the turnpike curve, causing him to lose control as the trailers weight caused it to go belly-up. Miami-Dade firefighters were quick to respond to the trucking accident scene near 27th Avenue, but were unable to rescue the Miami man, who had died before being removed from the mangled truck cab.  According to recent reports, approximately 500,000 crashes involving large trucks in the US are reported each year, with approximately 4,000 of them being fatal and close to 105,000 resulting in serious personal injury. Though most truck accidents are often the result of human error such as excessive speed, there are a number of reasons for trucking accidents, some of which may include: poor vehicle condition, excessive cargo, or even roadway conditions and bad weather. Even at slow speeds, the impact from a large motored-vehicle can cause serious personal injuries such as: Brain InjurySpinal Cord Injury, bone fractures or other injuries requiring permanent medical treatment. The operation of these vehicles requires greater care and diligence since big-rigs, tractor-trailers, and semi-trucks can weigh up to thirty times more than an average car. 

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Hazard Light Rainbows and Florida Law.

In Miami, hazard lights seem to herald the forthcoming of the rainy season. Thus, the next several months may force motorists to confront mother nature’s menacing downpours in many ways. But the biggest threat doesn’t come from pouring rains or flooded streets, but from the colorful spectrum of lights from panicky motorists caught driving in stormy weather. While the misconception that hitting your hazard lights provides a dose of 360 degree safety, it in fact adds to the dangers of you being struck by another vehicle, as hazard lights reduce visibility and mean that a car is pulled over. As if braving poor visibility and slippery streets weren’t enough, the State of Florida has a Hazard Light Law, and motorists better beware of the $129 fine. In Florida, as in many states, it is illegal for drivers to turn on their hazards lights while in motion, especially in the rain. Despite the need for laws having to be enforced to compensate for lack of common sense, hazard lights are intended to be used in the event of a road emergency. Thus, applying hazard lights while driving, especially at slow speeds, could be easily misinterpreted or distracting to another driver. Unless used in the event of an accident, driving in the rain doesn’t constitute as a road emergency. In layman’s terms, just because a motorist is in a state of panic or in need of a sense of added safety to prevent an accident, he or she may get a ticket for hitting their hazards lights while driving in the rain.

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Are Miami Motorists ready to drive on the left?

Car accidents in Miami may rise on one of the city’s most congested highways as motorists will be forced to adjust to driving on the wrong side of the road. Head-on collision at slow speeds are dangerous, at high speeds they can be deadly; but that’s not stopping the city’s planning officials to move forward with the radical changes to the already sketchy State Road 836, which will have motorists driving on the left. Is this London? Despite videos that show fast-paced traffic moving hassle-free along the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), the truth is that collisions are imminent. The new DDI, which aims to alter the direction of the the on-and-off ramps, has raised concerns by drivers, with many of them taking their disapproval to social media channels.  The change is set to take place towards the end of the August, and is part of the $800 million project to improve the Dolphin Expressway, which connects the western suburbs of Miami-Dade County with the I-95 highway. Despite officials stating that the change is not confusing at all and basically depends on motorists ability to follow the array of traffic signals and markings that are designed to help guide them through the maze of intersections.

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DUI possible cause of tragic highway accident

July 25th – A vehicle heading north on a southbound lane of the South Federal Highway crashed head-on into a car driving in the proper direction. The impact was devastating and landed the accident victim in the hospital, where he remained for seven days until he passed away from his fatal injuries. Apparently, The driver of the wrong-way vehicle, a Chrysler Town & Country van, got on highway at Griffin Road, and sent the victims car slamming into the guardrail. Both victim and his passenger were taken to Broward Health Medical Center. The passenger was released but the driver unfortunately could not recover from his fatal injuries. Investigators are still looking into the incident to determine what exactly caused the driver of the van to drive in the inappropriate direction on the highway.   

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Korean Cars Involved in Collision

The female driver of a Kia Soul is suing the female driver of a Hyundai Elantra for the serious permanent injuries she claims to have suffered because of the collision. The accident occurred at a Tarpon Springs intersection when the driver of the Kia Soul was crashed into by the Elantra, which apparently was being operated both negligently and recklessly by the Hyundai driver. The Kia driver is seeking over $15,000 in compensation to cover her personal injuries, property damage, and other expenses. According to Florida State law, all registered vehicles must carry PIP insurance to cover damages or injuries resulting from a car accident.

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Miami Law Firm Representing Uber and Lyft Accident Victims

Just like all registered motor-vehicles in Florida, Uber and Lyft carry insurance policies that serve to compensate accident victims for their legitimate claims. Furthermore, Uber and Lyft insurance policies can cover up to $1 million in compensation for personal injury, damage or losses. Thus, we consider it vital for Uber or Lyft passengers or third-party victims to remember that they are legally protected and covered in the event of an accident that involves one of these ride-share companies. Uber and Lyft drivers are usually cautious and take their rides seriously. However, many drivers spend long hours behind the wheel and many times have to take riders into uncharted neighborhoods. When these two factors combine, it’s just a matter of time before an accident occurs. When this happens, injured parties and all those on the receiving end of the accident should seek skilled legal representation to guarantee fair compensation for their losses and ordeals. Any individual that has been involved in an accident during an Uber or Lyft ride, or was hurt due to being crashed into or run over by an Uber or Lyft driver, may be legally eligible to receive compensation to cover medical expenses, car repairs, or any other losses as a result of the incident.

If you, a family member or loved-one has suffered personal injury, property loss or damage due to the negligence of an Uber or Lyft driver, either as a passenger, driver of another vehicle, bicycle rider, or pedestrian, the Perazzo Law Firm strongly urges you to Contact us online or Call (786) LAWS 411 for your FREE initial consultation.

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In most car accident cases, it is fairly easy to determine who the responsible parties or parties are. A car accident case may become more complicated when more than one driver is responsible. Moreover, some car accident cases involve contributing factors that may be outside the control of the drivers involved in the accident. Those factors can include defective safety features in one of the vehicles, unsafe road conditions created by negligent construction or maintenance. Sometimes, a driver who causes a car accident may be under the influence of medication that was falsely prescribed by a doctors or incorrectly filled by the pharmacist.

A subcategory of personal injury caused by a vehicle is known as hit-and-run. In these cases a driver, passenger, or even a pedestrian is injured by a negligent driver who leaves the scene. In these cases the difficulty in collecting damages arises from the inability to identify the  driver who caused the injuries and escaped.

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Owning and driving a vehicle is one of the most favorite American past times. The United States has a very high personal automobile ownership rate compared to the rest of the world. Most car accidents primarily involve injuries to drivers. In these cases the degree of fault is appointed based on the drivers’ careless conduct in observing road safety rules. That is, the driver that causes the accident can be pursued for damages. If more than one driver is at fault then the liability of the driver most at fault is reduced by the percentage of fault of the driver who is less at fault.

In recent years there has been a growing availability of personal transportation services. These services are becoming more wide spread and increasingly as easy to use as tapping your phone screen a few times. These professional drivers who offer their own automobiles to provide transportation to willing customers are not immune to car accidents which may lead to serious injuries. In these situation, the distribution of liability may become somewhat more complicated.

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Typically injuries stemming from car accidents involve multiple vehicles and drivers. However,
a very narrow subset of injuries caused by car vehicles do not involve a collision at all. Modern vehicles are equipped with a variety of technological features that may not be properly tested before being integrated as common features across vehicle model lines. Some flaws with those features may not become apparent for years after becoming common in many different models. Moreover, vehicle manufacturers are reluctant to act on known defects for some time until adverse publicity and the sheer number of victims forces them to act to improve the safety of their vehicles. Unfortunately, by the time a vehicle manufacturer issues a recall, many people will have suffered gruesome injuries or worse.