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Boating accidents is a broad category of accidents involving a vessel regardless if any individual suffered injuries. However, typically boating accident involve personal injuries, death or missing persons. Even an incident where an individual suffered a fear of drowning with long-term mental anguish may be actionable.

Boating accidents tend to be very complex and challenging. Liability for a boating accident may involve the operator of the vessel, the employer, the owner of the vessel and the manufacturers of the vessel or its equipment and parts if it caused or contributed to the boating accident. A boating accident may be caused by operator error, which could make the operator, the employer and the owner liable.

How To Evaluate Motor Vehicle Collision Damages

By the Perazzo Law Firm

Every time we take to the road, we face the risk of a motor vehicle collision. Car accidents can occur through no fault of your own. You may take every precaution and still suffer a serious injury from a careless driver. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, it is important to know how much compensation you may be entitled too. The categories of damage are economic damages, non-economic damages and punitive damages.

What To Do After A Hurricane Damages Your Home

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When your property suffers damage, you hope to rely on your insurance company to help restore your family home. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy as making a phone call to your insurance company.

What to Do After Your Home is Damaged by a Hurricane

By The Perazzo Law Firm

Losing a home can be devastating to any family. During this hyperactive hurricane season, knowing your rights is very important. However, suffering any damage to ones home can be difficult when your insurance claim is denied even though it should otherwise be a covered loss. The best solution is always preparation. In anticipation of any damage to your home, we recommend planning ahead by setting aside your policy, contact information for your insurance company and adjuster, a qualified repair specialist for any type of damage that may occur (i.e. plumber, roofer).