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The wind, unnoticed or heard unless it blows strong, can cause things fall, and when that happens, there is a chance someone may get hurt. When objects take to the air, they will fall somewhere. Strong winds are a major cause of accidents and injuries, and the staff at the Perazzo Law Firm, would like to shed light on some of the ways that strong winds can lead to accidents and injuries to Florida residents regardless of being inside or outdoors.

There are times when objects, especially those that hang or are bound to a fixture on a ceiling or wall, will become unfastened and find their way to the ground. In one such example, a large painting with a wooden frame was hanging on a wall fit with only a string hooked to a nail. When a storm approached and strong winds made their way through an open window, the painting became unfastened and fell to the ground, but not before falling on the head of a person having a cup of coffee. The wind accident victim in this case, suffered cuts and bruises and had to be treated at a hospital. The owner of the business was found liable for the injuries in a premises liability accident claim. According to the accident victim’s personal injury lawyer, the business operator should have taken the necessary safety precautions by making sure the painting was firmly bound to the wall and that a strong wind would not be enough for it to fall.

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer shares information on quick COVID-19 tests and OTC tests.

In a time where everything is now and as quickly as possible, knowing whether or not you have COVID takes the cake. Based on paranoia and on a push to have everyone in the world vaccinated, the US government and big pharma have come up with ways for people to get tested at home and at multiple sites. This is because with a more new cases and more new strains, comes more money for the federal government and their pharmaceutical cohorts.  Afterall, it’s the taxpayers who are paying for the “free” shots.

Much in the same way you can order a Big Mac at a McDonald’s drive-thru, you can get a COVID test and shot. It’s as simple as that.

POOR-LIGHTING-1-225x300Poor Lighting and Walking Surfaces

When walking surfaces are unsafe, it is a matter of time before someone trips, slips, or falls. When the lighting is poor, dim, or non-conventional as in the use of neon lights, the chances of suffering a trip, slip, or fall accident increase. Though retail outlets such as Publix, Walmart, etc., are well lit, with walking surfaces kept in proper condition and hazard-free, bars and nightclubs present certain hidden dangers to customers and guests. Poor lighting is one of the three main reasons why people trip, slip, or fall. When poor lighting and uneven walking surfaces combine, the chances of a trip and fall are overwhelming, especially to the intoxicated and elderly, who can suffer sever personal injury.



Almost a dozen senior citizens suffered injuries after tripping and falling while walking down a local seaside street. Why? Because the sidewalk was improperly designed; with ramps and steps that were difficult to detect under poor lighting and signaling. When a sidewalk is uneven and there are no bannisters for sloped walkways, senior citizens may have difficulty detecting where it is safe to step. City engineers and public inspection services are bound by law to make sure that walking surfaces are safe for pedestrians, as well as bike riders and all those that use sidewalks. According to reports from some of the pedestrians injured and witnesses, about half way up the street, the sidewalk divided into steps and a ramp. Sadly, there was no bannister, no warning, or markings of any kind that warned of a potential safety hazard for the pedestrians making their way towards the fork in the road. Witnesses say that they could see some elderly women slipping toppling over as they took their first couple of steps onto the divide. There is no footage available, but several ambulances and rideshare services were used to transport the injured pedestrians to local hospitals and clinics. The pedestrian accident victims suffered diverse injuries.

Some of the fall accident victim’s injuries included:



  • My child was injured because of a defective toy.

halloween-300x200The Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, shares insight for keeping safe on Halloween.

With an array of Halloween activities and events on tap for this Halloween weekend in Miami, a personal injury lawyers perspective of what awaits for those taking part will always include staying safe and what to do in the event of an accident. Prevention during Halloween goes beyond making sure the sweets your child receives are safe to eat or that they watch out when they cross the street.

There are a number of possible pitfalls that kids and adults face during Halloween.

The Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, founder at the Perazzo Law Firm shares insight for dealing with accidents and injuries caused by hot liquids.

  • Did an employee spill hot coffee on you and cause injuries?
  • Were you burned by hot tea or coffee at a take-out store?


Yes, a client can sue their personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers have a reputation for being scrupulous when it comes to cashing in on their clients injuries. Though this is a common misconception, there are cases when personal injury lawyers do not place their client’s best interest at the forefront of personal injury insurance claims.

Such was the case of a Florida resident that filed a lawsuit against the personal injury law firm that represented him. In the claim, the former client of a prestigious Florida law firm alleged that the attorney handling his case, convinced him to undergo spinal cord surgery which ultimately left him paralyzed from the neck down. The Florida man, who had suffered lumbar disc injury in a car accident, claims that he was recommended spinal cord surgery by his personal injury lawyer and his doctors, the former stating that surgery would help to increase the compensation settlement offered by the insurance provider. It’s a common practice for personal injury lawyers to suggest surgical intervention if it helps to increase the amount of economic recovery, which ultimately enhances the personal injury lawyer’s fees. The plaintiff is also suing the surgeon, the rehabilitation center where he recovered, and the manufacturer of the surgical instrument that caused his spinal cord injury during surgery. With nearly $3 million in medical fees since his surgical ordeals began in 2015 following the car accident that resulted in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar injury, the Florida man is seeking compensation to cover his debts and provide funds with which to cover future expenses. According to the lawsuit against the personal injury law firm that handled his case, the Florida man was advised to proceed to trial rather than settle with the insurance providers, which had offered a settlement in the millions of dollars. The firm is also accused of hiring expert witnesses that only served to ruin his chances of winning the case.

miami personal injury lawyerStriving to be the best personal injury lawyer in Miami, Jonathan Perazzo of the Perazzo Law Firm, guarantees highly dedicated legal representation to clients seeking compensation to cover injuries, damages, or losses following an accident in Miami-Dade and Broward. the Perazzo Law Firm staff and its personal injury attorneys in Miami, put forth all possible resources to deliver the best legal services to obtain 100% client satisfaction when handling their claims.


The Perazzo Law Firm wants to inform Miami-Dade and Broward residents that Personal Injury Law applies to personal injury accidents suffered as a result of negligent or wrongful acts by others. A personal injury accident claim that is filed by a personal injury lawyer on behalf of his/her client, will seek compensation from an insurance provider, usually belonging to the party at fault or from the victims on insurance provider should the personal injury accident victim carry the insurance needed to justify an accident claim. This can apply to car accidents, property damage to assets such as a vehicles or homes, or any accident in which someone is hurt and seeks compensation for medical expenses or other losses.

Miami-Insurance-Claim-Lawyer-300x201In Miami, Jonathan Perazzo, founder and personal injury lawyer at the Perazzo Law Firm shares insight on the most Common Accidents that can lead to a Personal Injury Claim.

CAR ACCIDENTS rank at the top in terms of the most common type of accident with approximately 650 car accidents per day throughout the State of Florida. Figures for Miami and Orlando, the cities with the most car accidents per year according to statistics by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department. The cause of most car accidents is a result of motorist negligence, where a motorist fails to drive in a careful and prudent manner, with disregard for the width, grade, curves, corners, traffic, and all other attendant circumstances, so as not to endanger the life, limb, or property of the car accident lawyer’s client. According to Jonathan Perazzo and the thousands of car accident cases handled, Texting and Driving is the number one cause of almost all car accident. Many times, car accidents in cities like Miami and Orlando involve other types of vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles.

When dealing with Car Accidents, a lawyer in Miami like Jonathan Perazzo affirms that one of the most difficult tasks for a Miami car accident lawyer is obtaining the compensation that the car accident victim deserves to cover medical expenses and any other losses stemming from the car accident. See What is an Insurance Claim?

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