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In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm staff of personal injury lawyers understands and explains some of the most common parking lot accidents and what to do if you, a friend, or relative has been suffered personal injury, damages, or losses inside a parking lot in Miami-Dade or Broward County, Florida.


City officials and business owners in-and-around Miami Beach are preparing to welcome thousands of visitors eager for a dose of unforgettable fun under the Florida sun. With the Christmas Festivities hours away, Miami Beach is putting the finishing touches on its scheduled events, many of which overshadowed by COVID-19. During the Christmas weekend, accidents should be prevented by staying alert and knowing what kinds of accident situations exist other than car accidents. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm knows that accidents in shops, bars, and other public places can happen at any time. Read below for advice on what to do to avoid slip and fall accidents and what to do if you, a friend, or relative falls victim to negligence on behalf of business operators in Miami.


The Most Common Accidents while on Vacation in Miami

miami-city-1218429-300x225Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury lawyer and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, explains some of the most common personal injury accidents suffered by vacationers in Miami.

Were you, a friend, or relative injured in an accident while on vacation in Miami? If so, you are not alone as every year, an average of 20 million tourists from the U.S. and around the world visit Miami for business or pleasure, with many fallen victim to negligence which leads to accidents and injuries. While tourism provides a leading source of income for the travel industry and hospitality sectors, it also lends itself to insurance, legal, and medical matters when tourists are involved in accidents. When vacationers are injured in Miami, most often they are involved in accidents that takes place at hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, city streets, or inside vehicles. Whatever the case, an accident while on vacation in Miami can occur at any time given the hustle and bustle of this busy South Florida city. But what are some of the most common accidents in which vacationers in Miami are involved?


GIN-300x199Spring break crowds & tourists may be in for a surprise when going for a drink after two a.m. throughout March. A 2 a.m. last call is what the Miami Beach Mayor is pushing for during spring break at popular places in & around Miami Beach. These areas would include hot spots like Ocean Drive & Collins Avenue among others. At present, last call for alcohol at Miami Beach pubs and bars stands at just before sunrise at 5 a.m. The 2 a.m. last call law will be voted upon this Wednesday and if passed, go into effect March 6th and last until March 23rd and apply to the sale of alcohol to be consumed at restaurants, outdoor cafes, bars, and clubs. The last call measures aim to lower the risk of incidents which may lead to aggressive or negligent behavior by the spring break festivity partakers. The proposed law is highly favored by Miami beach residents, who sometimes fall victim to the negligent behavior stemming from the irresponsible sale of alcohol to spring breakers. However, the 2 a.m. last call measure is somewhat frowned upon by Miami Beach businesses like hotels, bars, restaurants, and entertainment events. Operators and owners claim it hurts business and discourages tourism. At present, those wanting to purchase beer or wine at supermarkets and convenience shops can do so until 8 p.m. throughout the Miami Beach entertainment district. Many times it’s not bars and restaurants where rowdiness happens but rather at the beach when Spring Breakers take six packs and kegs to the sands by the breaking waves of Florida coast.


veterans-stadium-1231877-e1580602450426-209x300SUPER BOWL 54 AND STADIUM SAFETY

Super Bowl 54 is expected to host over 60 thousand fans, with thousands of service providers working behind stage to make sure one of the greatest sporting events of the year makes for a memorable moment. But how important is it to remember to stay safe? Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens will be the site of Super Bowl 54 and its facilities and service providers must meet strict safety standards guided by the  Florida Department of Agriculture, which has given the stadium the green light for service food and beverage provision during the event. However, the same law does not apply to food trucks & restaurants, which are inspected by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Public business operators that provide access to their public premises owe a duty through premises liability to provide safe environments & security in & around the establishment. This includes safe walking surfaces, installations & food service providers. In this case, Hard Rock Stadium owes a duty to attendees and workers alike by making sure parking lots, ramps, stairs and exits pose not risk of injury, damages or losses during events such as Super Bowl 54 in Miami-Gardens. Hard Rock Stadium and Super Bowl 54 is just one mere example of the magnitude of safety precautions visitors and fans must take when attending a sports venue or stadiums used for other forms of entertainment. Stadium accidents are quite common; stemming from areas such as slip and fall, food poisoning, or injuries from a structural collapse for example. Ramps, steps and aisle space are common places for stadium accidents as those that have consumed an over excessive amount of beer may find it hard to keep their balance. Intoxication from beverages sold at stadium concession stands can be justifiably questions if the staff member negligently served an obviously intoxicated fans more alcohol. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm understands slip and falls in stadiums and entertainment venues. Slippery steps can lead to accidents that result in injuries that can be the result of negligence. Food poisoning from eating contaminated substances can lead to serious illness and injury in a stadium; especially while on sloped and narrow steps or ramps. Falling while intoxicated can lead to fractures and other injuries. Food and beverage business operators are obliged to meet strict controls to guarantee the foods they sell is safe to consume. Failure to meet health safety standards that cause injury or losses may justify an accident claim for compensation. The Perazzo Law Firm staff and attorney strive to provide the best possible legal advice to help sport stadium visitors stay safe and know what to do if hurt or injured in a stadium. In Miami, stadium accidents can result from many factors. Some may include:

  • Intoxication

DRY PALM TREE BRANCH CRUSHES TOURIST 46-year old woman from Argentina was crushed by a dry palm tree branch that came swooshing down from atop a 100 ft palm tree overlooking the pool of a quaint and quiet family hotel. The hotel pool accident victim was resting on a lounge chair when a 15-foot-long dried-out branch broke-off from an overhead palm tree. According to the accident victim’s family, the woman, a mother of three, screamed as the branch came thundering down and landed on top of her. “I was in the pool when I heard a loud swooshing sound. At first, I thought it was a wild animal like an alligator or lizard in the bushes, but then I noticed something huge falling from the tree,” recalls the victim’s husband. Hotel staffed quickly assisted the woman by tending to the multiple cuts, scrapes, and bruises extending throughout her entire body. She was later taken to a local hospital for further treatment to wounds and evaluation. Her husband in the meantime, has contacted the service of a trusted personal injury lawyer in Miami to help with a possible premise’s liability claim for compensation. According to the hotel accident victim’s husband, a 52-year-old schoolteacher, the pool has at least three very tall palm trees, many of them full of dry branches just waiting to fall. “I’m no lawyer but I know that hotels and motels need to make sure trees don’t fall on their guest’s heads while they’re sitting by the pool. My wife is lucky to be alive, but she’ll never sit by a pool the same way again!” stated the victim’s angry husband.


Miami-construction-site-accident-lawyer-300x223Little Havana Strip Mall Renovation Leads to Injury

LITTLE HAVANA: A wooden overhang collapsed and struck a pedestrian on the head this past Tuesday in Little Havana. In what can be considered a construction site accident with hints of premises liability, the incident led to an innocent bystander being rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment. The construction-site accident took place at 1150 SW First St. and led to Southwest 12th Avenue being closed-off from First to Second streets. The renovation project of the Little Havana strip mall and the cause of structure collapse will be investigated by city building officials.

Perazzo Law Shares Construction Site Accident Basicshard-hat-area-1455626-300x215

shopping-handbag-1514074Burlington Incorporated Pays Injured Shopper $677,000 For Injuries

MIAMI – When a table display came crashing down upon a Palm Beach woman shopping at a Burlington store, a personal injury claim followed, which led to a federal judge ruling in her favor for $677,000 in compensation for the injuries she suffered. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida ruled in her favor in the case which dates back to July 2016, after the victim was struck by several tables that resulted in extensive medical attention, spinal cord surgery, a probable future surgical intervention to repair damage to he knees, which prevents her from taking part in the recreational activities she was able to do prior to the accident. According to the court ruling, there was a breach of duty by not taking precautionary measures to prevent the injuries she suffered when the entire table display fell on her. The  victim requested just over $215,000 in damages to cover medical expenses and loss of wages as well as $750,000 dollars for past, present, and future pain and suffering. In the end, the U.S district judge ordered Burlington Inc. to compensate the Premises Liability accident victim a total of $677,745 for her injuries and losses.



old-hands-1559233-300x225KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY FOOD!

MIAMI-DADE. A recent string of inspections led by the Department of Agriculture found that a total of 15 food outlets, distributors, and warehouses across Miami-Dade were in direct violation of health safety standards and proper hygiene implementation. The health inspectors reported violations that range from no hot water in bathroom sinks, to a potpourri of animal feces sprinkled over packed consumer goods. In most of the cases, the major risk to consumers comes from the lack of personal hygiene by workers handling food, since the inspectors found that many food handlers failed to wash their hands properly, either from personal negligence or lack of resources such as hot water, soap, or paper towels. Reports also state that kitchen staff could be seen rubbing their noses and touching their faces while handling food. Spoiled or rotten goods were also reported to have been found as well as meat slicers bearing remnants of leftover food particles along the blades, trays, and other parts. In accordance with proper health safety measures, meat slicers must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly to prevent disease through bacteria build-up. When it comes to washing dishes and utensils used in food preparation, the absence of hot water can many times result in poorly sanitized foodware. Thus was the case in several popular Miami-Dade food establishments according to the official inspection reports.


Miami and North Miami Beach Personal Injury Law Firm serving employees that have suffered personal injuries and the families of those that have fallen victim to wrongful death while on the job.   

Miami: Construction workers spend a lot of time in the presence of danger and face an array of hazards despite the many safety precautions taken to prevent personal injury at construction or industrial worksites. Miami accidents involving heavy machinery most often lead to personal injury and many times are the result of negligence by either the employer or the employee. Nonetheless, there are laws that insure compensation regardless of fault, mainly because the severity of the injuries that involve negligent use of heavy machinery may sometimes involve life-altering consequences or may even result in wrongful death. One such incident occurred this past Saturday when a worker at an industrial worksite in West Miami-Dade, fell into an asphalt machine and experienced an agonizing death. The authorities are investigating what caused the worker to fall into the machine which took his life. In another recent tragedy involving heavy machinery and asphalt, an elderly paving machine operator with 30 years-on-the-job experience was crushed after he fell off the machine while paving the parking lot of medical facility construction site in Miami-Dade. These are just a couple of the many tragedies and accident incidents that take place all the time at construction sites in and around Miami. There are reasons why warning signs are posted all about, as well as hard hat areas, barriers, etc.  Nevertheless, dangers such as risk of electrocution, falling from high altitudes, contact with endangered substances, and other long-term injury from being exposed to toxic elements for extended periods of time all lurk at construction sites.


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