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  • My child was injured because of a defective toy.

Sizzling finale to Sticky Frying pan Class-Action Lawsuit.

gavel-1238036-300x201TAMPA, Fla. A woman that had purchased a non-stick frying pan off an “As-Seen-On-TV” ad, settled independently rather than through a class action suit. In what began in New York as a lawsuit based on the grounds that the non-stick frying pan was in fact too sticky, ended in a Florida federal court. The case and its settlement were made public on August 28 with the specific terms unspecified publicly.

Apparently, the $20 Blue Diamond Enhanced Ceramic Non-Stick Pan, wasn’t up to par with what was advertised on TV, and every time the buyer, a Florida resident, used the pan to prepared a fried meal, the food got stuck to the non-stick pan’s surface. In return, the Cookware Manufacturer responded to customers that were dissatisfied with the non-stick pan by offering their money back or replacing the pan through a warranty. However, the Florida plaintiff chose to dispose of the non-stick pan and file suit. Unfortunately for the plaintiff, the judge handling the cases dismissed her claim due to:


In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm informs about the growing trend in the consumption and distribution of tainted foods that are leading to massive recalls nationwide by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC).

Personal Injury from consuming tainted goods, especially those leading Salmonella poisoning, can lead to hospitalization, medical expenses, lost wages, and even wrongful death among the elderly, very young, the physically frail, or those whose immune systems are poor.

Toxic hand sanitizer leads to blindness and death

COVID-19-Miami-Lawyer-300x300According to the CDC, a toxic hand sanitizer led to the wrongful death and personal injury to several consumers. Apparently, the toxic hand sanitizer was ingested and caused 15 people to be admitted for methanol contamination. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had alerted potential consumers that certain hand sanitizers contained the poisonous chemical, which can be fatal upon human consumption. Since May, over a dozen people have been treated, with four of those that somehow ingested the hand sanitizer suffering wrongful death. In Miami, this is not the first time that consumers become ill and die from consuming tainted products. Of the 11 infected victims, three where left with almost full loss of sight, with half a dozen product liability negligence victims suffering seizures while being treated in the hospital. Sixty-two more case have been reported thus far with some of those allegedly children that may have swallowed the methanol tainted hand sanitizer accidentally. Sadly, sometimes people struggling with alcohol or substance abuse may intentional consumer hand sanitizers for the alcohol content. Unfortunately, in this case, they got a dose of methanol too if that is the case. However, with the booming use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a result of COVID-19, more and more people are depending on hand sanitizer to keep them coronavirus-free. As a result, it may be common for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer user to accidentally ingest the product, either through direct contact with the hands or facial covering. For this reason, the hand sanitizer in question and its manufacturer may be held legally liable for any personal injury or wrongful death caused by the methanol tainted hand sanitizer.  The CDC warns of nausea, abdominal discomfort, disorientation or dizzy spells, or seizures. More severe symptoms may result in loss of sight and even death. The FDA warns consumers to never ingest hand sanitizers and avoid imported goods containing methanol.

Product Liability and Wrongful Death


injured-in-miami-294x300While Purina recalls six types of foods for pets due to high levels of calcium, concerns elevate in 32 states where the products are commercialized. The FDA, the governing body responsible for making sure goods are safe to consume by humans and animals, has ordered the recall of foods that may endanger the lives of pets and domestic wildlife. The effects of unsafe consumer goods manufactured by companies raises concerns as humans rely heavily on the FDA by trusting that the foods they eat and products they use pose no threat of illness, injury, or death. The Perazzo Law Firm sadly informs consumers that food manufacturers may sometimes inadvertently produce goods that may become contaminated due to reasons stemming from negligence to intentional tainting.



Expiration dates on goods such as foods, medications and cosmetics are many times overlooked by consumers. When this happens, the chances of someone falling ill or being injured appear. Facial products for example, can lead to temporary and sometimes permanent damage to a person’s skin. Such was the recent recall of a popular facial glow-glow boosting mask called Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask.

The FDA, the governing body that regulates and controls consumer goods, has recently posted a recall of Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask after the apparent irritating reaction it had on some children’s faces. There are social media reports of adults suffering skin irritation after using the facial cosmetic. A spokesman for the fruity sparkly paper mask has requested that consumers return the item for a full refund.


 The Perazzo Law Firm in Miami

Miami Car Accident Lawyer Serves Car Accident Victims & Products Liability Claims for Compensation

Car Manufacturers pump-out hundreds of thousands of vehicles every year and are constantly rolling out new designs aimed at enhancing style, comfort, and safety, all of which require advanced technological complexity. It’s this complexity that makes car manufactures more prone to design and manufacturing defects, which in turn can lead to personal injury from car accidents. Because when motorists operate defective vehicles, there is a potential threat of suffering personal injury from a crash. That’s when car companies recall the vehicles they consider are dangerous to drivers, pedestrians, and anyone on the road. But what happens when a vehicle owner or driver is involved in an accident that stems from a defective car part, faulty software, or self-deploying airbag? That’s when accident victims, friends or family need to consult the professional advice of the Perazzo Law Firm in Miami.


Davie, Florida: A 2016 Tesla S swerved out of control at approximately 90 mph and crashed into a tree, before catching fire and killing its driver, according to preliminary police and eyewitness reports. Though the incident is pending an official and thorough investigation, bystanders that tried to rescue the South Florida man from within the burning car, claimed that they were unable to open its doors and that the airbags had not deployed upon impact. This eyewitness testimony will be key in determining whether or not the man’s life could have been saved had the airbags deployed. The S owner’s manual states that the deployment of the airbag upon impact activates the retractable door handles which allow the car doors to be opened. If the investigation reveals that the airbags did not deploy and that the man died as a result, Tesla may be faced with yet another lawsuit and suffer a devastating economic blow. Even though the man was reported to be doing somewhere between 75 and 90 mph in a 55mph zone, the investigation will also center around what caused the car to lose control, ride over the medium, cut across lanes and slam into a palm tree. The Miami Perazzo Law serves car accident claims that result from defective car parts, faulty airbags, or poor vehicle maintenance service by third party service providers. If you, a friend, or relative has suffered personal injury, property damage, loss of wages, or have been stuck with whopping medical bills as a result of another individual’s negligence, Perazzo Law urges you to contact our Miami or North Miami Beach Office ONLINE today for FREE legal advice.

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Kiteboarders Scaring Miami Beachgoers – Looking towards the City Council for Winds of Change

Miami and North Miami Beach Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Clients injured in Water Sports Accident Claims in Miami.

Miami Beach: As if rip currents, stingrays and jellyfish weren’t enough for swimmers and beachgoers in Miami to worry about, kiteboarders are adding addition concern to sunbathers and folks out for a coastline stroll. Today, swimmers, sunbathers, and pedestrians face an array of dangers that make being in or out of the water a target for personal injury. Speed boats, jet skis, surfers, and now kiteboarders, are placing bathers at risk of being hurt and even killed due to negligent water sports enthusiasts. Kiteboarding has become the most recent water sport to take hold of Miami Beach, with local residents and swimmers raising a ruckus because of the harmful threat that negligent kiteboarders are causing to beachgoers. Despite a failed attempt to put a ban on the sport in certain areas of Miami, the city council will debate this Wednesday a new set of rules to regulate kiteboarding and safeguard the well-being of beachgoers and swimmers in Miami. City commissioners will determine whether or not to prohibit kiteboarders from taking to the waves along certain parts of the Miami coastline. The new regulations will compel kiteboarders to apply for a permit that bears a Level 3 certification, which is granted by the IKQ (International Kiteboarding Organization). In order to qualify for level 3 status, kiteboarders would have to take eight hours of kiteboarding lessons under experienced kiteboarders and experts.

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