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Miami Law Firm Representing Personal Injury Claims from Accidents Involving Faulty and Counterfeit Airbags.

MIAMI: A well-know airbag company, has had to recall its airbags as a result of a manufacturing defect that leads to the airbag exploding and causing serious personal injury or even death. Furthermore, the NHTSA has expressed concern regarding counterfeit airbags installed by car mechanics or replaced by dealerships following an accident in which  the airbag activates. On several occasions, insurance providers may be held liable for personal injury claims from faulty airbags as they sometimes recommend a car repair shop for their replacement after an accident causes the airbag to activate. Motorists are encouraged to avoid purchasing airbags online from popular commercial sites.Airbags are designed to save the lives of motorists in the event of an accident.


Product recalls sweeping through Florida raise Product Liability concerns. 
Miami: Over the past couple of weeks, an array of goods ranging from pet products to prescription pills have been pulled from store shelves in an attempt to prevent potential health risks and possible Product Liability claims by consumers. The most recent products to be recalled concern pets and pet owners. These include an indoor lighting fixture for reptiles such as lizards or snakes and an assorted variety of cat foods, both of which may lead to personal injury, property damage or loss. A local pet shop has recalled 23,000 All Living Things light strips commonly used within reptilian confinement areas based on concerns that the item in question may be prone to overheating and may result in a fire, which may not only fry your lizard, but burn down your home. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that exotic pet owners housing lizards, snakes, or tarantulas, should be cautious and return the said lighting strips ASAP to prevent potential fire hazards which can lead to personal injury and property damage. The other pet product being recalled concerns felines and six varieties of Rad Cat Raw Diet food, which according to the manufacturer may contain listeria, bacteria that can do fatal damage to your pussycat if not treated immediately. Animals are not alone when it comes to the recalls of consumer goods sweeping through Miami. Human health products are also vanishing from store shelves, mainly in drugstore outlets such as: CVC, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and others. Products ranging from Nasal Sprays to baby oral gels are being taken off store shelves by the Product Quest manufacturing company amid potential health risks to consumers who have purchased the products under the local house brands. The FDA reports that frequent use of the baby oral gel containing a pathogen, may represent a life-threatening infection among toddlers. Another drugstore item being recalled comes from King Bio, which has recalled seven of its water-based medications due to possible contamination during the water purification process. The company reports that microbial contaminants such as Burkholderia Multivorans, bacteria that can cause serious damage to consumers with weak immune systems, were detected.  Despite FDA warnings about the serious irreversible effects non-approved drugs may have on human health, companies to manufacture and distribute such products. With regards to pills that can kill, a local drugstore customer recently filed a complaint for  being given the wrong pills in the wrong bottles. According to reports from the pharma lab, a 100-count bottle contained 100 spironolactone pills instead of hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg tablets. The mistake could have been fatal for someone mistakenly taking one medication for the other. Like mixing red wine with white; it’s just something you do not do! Consumers need to cautious about what they buy, what they use, and most importantly, what they consume. 
If you, a family member, or loved-one has suffered a health matter, personal injury, property damage or loss from the consumption or use of goods that were not safe or proven to be so, the Perazzo Law Firm encourages you to contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS-411 for a FREE initial consultation to discuss a possible Product Liability claim. 

Miami Residents Pondering Plastic Surgery Beware. Wrongful death was the charge for a famous Brazilian plastic surgeon whose patient died of heart failure during a butt implant this past July. The practicing surgeon, AKA Dr. Bum Bum, has testified that the fatality was purely accidental, despite having performed the surgical procedure at home with the help of his mother, girlfriend, and maid; all of whom are also facing charges. Despite the doctor’s claims of having performed over 9000 successful butt implants, official reports state that Dr. Bum Bum, who isn’t even have a real doctor, used an outlawed synthetic resin that may have led to the death of his 46-year-old patient. According to investigative reports, this is not the first incident involving butt implants gone wrong on Miami residents. Though, plastic surgery accounts for a small number of deaths compared to other surgical procedures or everyday accidents, official reports show that there were 31 deaths and some 150 complicated cases over the past seven years. Nevertheless, the Florida Board of Medicine is keeping a close watch on surgeons and facilities to guarantee no fatalities occur during or after plastic surgery procedures in Miami.

If you, a family member or loved one has suffered personal injury or been the victim of Medical Malpractice in Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS-411 for a Free initial consultation.


Warning: Watch What your Sniffing

Following a post by the FDA, a popular CVS nasal spray was recalled after its Florida based manufacturer warned of microbiological contamination. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which was detected in the nasal sinus spray in question, can lead to serious health problems to individuals, especially to those suffering from other illnesses. According to the Center for Disease Control, warning labels on sinus relief packaging and inserts clearly address the extended use of any nasal spray as being non-advisable, given the fact that they contain chemicals which enter the blood stream and can eventually damage weak immune systems. Consumers that have purchased nasal sprays from CVS drugstores should contact the manufacture to verify if it belongs to the recalled lot.  According to Federal Law, companies must guarantee that the products they manufacture and commercialize pose no potential health threats to consumers.

If you, a family member, or loved one has fallen-ill from consuming the above mentioned product, or have suffered  personal injury or loss from consuming intoxicated foods, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS-411 for a Free initial consultation. 

Man’s arm is severed by Makita Brand saw.

A district court judge allows for a miter saw to be thoroughly examined in an attempt to prove whether or not it led to the severing of a man’s arm. Home Depot and tool manufacturer Makita Inc. defense attorneys were given permission to have a miter saw taken apart to determine if it indeed was defective and caused personal injury to a Florida man, who is suing both companies under product liability litigation. Meanwhile, Home Depot and Makita Inc. lawyers claim that the man suffered his personal injuries because he either used the saw carelessly or tried to modify it in some way after buying it. A thorough examination of the saw was carried out by the case investigators, which includes nondestructive testing to see if any of the internal parts where indeed faulty or altered. The investigation led to findings that the saw was indeed tampered with after purchase. A verdict to determine the outcome of the case has yet to be reached.

If you, a family member, or loved one has suffered personal injury, damage, or loss from using a defective product or were the victim of third party negligence, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS-411 for a Free initial consultation.

Kraft-Heinz Dip into Possible Product Liability

Taco Bell Salsa Con Queso Dip was removed from atop store shelves and from within storage rooms following reports of the threat of botulism, which is a rare but deadly toxin. Some seven-thousand cases of the popular Kraft Heinz product, in its 15-ounce jar, were recalled as a precautionary measure to prevent potential health hazards to consumers. Botulism is brought on by a toxin that wreaks-havoc on the body’s nervous system and can usually take up to 18 hours to make its presence felt. Symptoms make include blurred vision or speech, weakness, diarrhea, and more.  Despite no reports of anyone falling ill, the company wants to make-sure no consumers dip into their tainted Taco Bell Salsa Queso. 

If you, a family member, or loved one has fallen-ill from consuming the above mentioned product, or have suffered  personal injury or loss from consuming intoxicated foods, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS-411 for a Free initial consultation.

Miami Lawyer Serving Product Liability Cases Involving Salmonella & Food Poisoning

Under Product Liability Law, product manufactures and Food Companies are compelled by law to guarantee that the goods or foods they produce, distribute, and commercialize pose no health threat to those that either use or consume them. That’s why, recent reports of whey powder contaminated with salmonella, a deadly bacteria that spreads through food, has the FDA and consumers on the alert. Though there are yet no reported cases of consumers getting sick from eating common household foods that contain whey powder, a massive recall of certain popular brands is set to take place immediately given the potential risk of illness or even death from salmonella intake.

If you, a family member, or loved one, show signs of bacterial infection through food intake, such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever, or any other food poising symptoms, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to Contact Us online or Call (786) LAWS – 411 for your FREE initial consultation concerning your rights as a consumer.

By The Perazzo Law Firm
Typically injuries stemming from car accidents involve multiple vehicles and drivers. However,
a very narrow subset of injuries caused by car vehicles do not involve a collision at all. Modern vehicles are equipped with a variety of technological features that may not be properly tested before being integrated as common features across vehicle model lines. Some flaws with those features may not become apparent for years after becoming common in many different models. Moreover, vehicle manufacturers are reluctant to act on known defects for some time until adverse publicity and the sheer number of victims forces them to act to improve the safety of their vehicles. Unfortunately, by the time a vehicle manufacturer issues a recall, many people will have suffered gruesome injuries or worse.

By The Perazzo Law Firm

Oftentimes the media covers car accidents involving multiple vehicles resulting in catastrophic injuries. However, a largely overlooked segment of car accidents may not involve multiple drivers and vehicles. Sometimes, a serious injury may result through no fault of the driver.

Not all car accidents resulting in personal injury involve multiple vehicles. Moreover, not all car accidents involve a careless driver. A motor vehicle can be involved in a collision resulting in serious injury through no fault of the operator of the vehicle. As many of us have seen, a failed brake may result in a vehicle unintentionally moving downhill and running over an innocent pedestrian or even the vehicle’s owner. A passenger chair may malfunction crushing an occupant of the vehicle who is unable to escape.

By The Perazzo Law Firm

In a typical car accident, involving more than one vehicle, it is easy to assign blame on the drivers. Oftentimes, vehicle operators cause car accidents by failing to observe the speed limit or distance with other vehicles. However, more than carelessness of drivers can contribute to an accident.

Another possible and contributing cause of car accidents can be defective manufacturing and negligent construction. A modern vehicle consists of a wide variety of parts and systems manufactured by a multitude of companies from around the world. A minor malfunction in any of the parts can contribute to a car accident. In vehicles equipped with automatic breaking a malfunction in the sensors detecting distance with other vehicles could contribute to an accident. An impact sensor could suffer a glitch and fail to inflate an air bag during a crash resulting in exacerbation of injuries.

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