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Miami-Insurance-Claim-Lawyer-300x201New Rental Laws Protect Tenant 

Florida lawmakers are contemplating the establishment of statewide regulations for landlords and tenants that would supersede most existing local rules. This proposal, which is likely to become law, would render many local rules “null and void,” including recent rules implemented in Miami-Dade County to protect renters from skyrocketing rents. Senate Bill 1586, which has already passed the Senate, would require 60-day notice for rent increases above 5%, as well as 60-day notice for lease terminations. Local governments, including Miami-Dade County, have expressed concern that this proposal would strip away critical protections for renters, such as notice of new owners, extreme rent increases, and eviction proceedings.

The Perazzo Law Firm shares basic information on tenant rights and landlord liability in rental agreements bound by a written contract. In Florida, tenants possess certain rights that are bound by law, which include the right to a habitable living space, the right to privacy, and the right to be free from discrimination. Landlords have a legal duty to ensure that their rental properties meet certain minimum standards for safety and habitability.

When storms turn into hurricanes

Hurricane-Accident-Claim-Lawyer-Miami-300x294Tropical storm Nicole seems to be approaching southeast Florida from the west, and may mutate into a category 1 hurricane by nightfall. According to national weather reports and information gathered by local meteorologists, heavy rains and wind are expected well into the weekend. There is a hurricane warning in effect for South Florida and the entire east coast.

Meanwhile, the Miami area is experiencing strong winds and pouring rain, with flooding reported in areas such as Brickle. At present, tropical storm Nicole is creeping its way across the north of Bahamas, with storm surges as high as 5o mph recorded. Residential areas in and around Palm Beach have reported flooded streets, with sea walls and the Flagler Bridge being hit hard was again.



The wind, unnoticed or heard unless it blows strong, can cause things fall, and when that happens, there is a chance someone may get hurt. When objects take to the air, they will fall somewhere. Strong winds are a major cause of accidents and injuries, and the staff at the Perazzo Law Firm, would like to shed light on some of the ways that strong winds can lead to accidents and injuries to Florida residents regardless of being inside or outdoors.

There are times when objects, especially those that hang or are bound to a fixture on a ceiling or wall, will become unfastened and find their way to the ground. In one such example, a large painting with a wooden frame was hanging on a wall fit with only a string hooked to a nail. When a storm approached and strong winds made their way through an open window, the painting became unfastened and fell to the ground, but not before falling on the head of a person having a cup of coffee. The wind accident victim in this case, suffered cuts and bruises and had to be treated at a hospital. The owner of the business was found liable for the injuries in a premises liability accident claim. According to the accident victim’s personal injury lawyer, the business operator should have taken the necessary safety precautions by making sure the painting was firmly bound to the wall and that a strong wind would not be enough for it to fall.



FORT LAUDERDALE – El seguro para propietarios de viviendas es más alto en Florida que en cualquier otro estado del país y, a pesar de los esfuerzos de los proveedores de seguros para reducir el costo del seguro de propiedad en Florida, el aumento esperado en las tarifas de seguros tiene a los propietarios de viviendas en ascuas. Mientras tanto, las compañías de seguros de Florida están ocupadas buscando formas de reducir los litigios, limitar las reclamaciones y reducir el fraude. Lamentablemente, los propietarios de viviendas de Miami que han tenido las mismas primas de seguro durante casi una década no han podido lograr que su proveedor de seguros renueve sus pólizas a tarifas iguales, y muchos propietarios ahora pagan el doble por la misma cobertura. Es un hecho triste que muchos propietarios de viviendas de Florida estén sufriendo porque no pueden pagar las primas que solicitan los proveedores de seguros.


FORT LAUDERDALE – Homeowner insurance is higher in Florida than in any other state in the country, and despite insurance providers’ efforts to curb the cost of property insurance, the expected surge in rates has Miami homeowners on tenterhooks. Meanwhile, Florida insurance carriers are busy looking for ways to reduce litigation, limit claims, and cut down on fraud. Sadly, Florida homeowners that have had the same insurance premiums for close to a decade, have been unable to get their insurance provider to renew their policies at equal rates, with many homeowners now paying twice as much for the same coverage. It’s a sad fact that many Florida homeowners are hurting because they cannot afford  to pay the premiums insurance providers are requesting. The average homeowner insurance policy estimated at $1,173 per year in every US state but Florida, where the yearly average is $1,993, a fact that makes Florida the most expensive state for property owners looking to protect their homes against damages and losses. Some of the major homeowner insurance providers in Florida include:

  • Amica

lawyer-perazzo-1-300x297In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm strives to be the best personal injury law firm for Miami-Dade and Broward County residents that have suffered bodily harm in an accident or experienced losses from the negligence of others. How, by guaranteeing that the Perazzo Law Firm’s personal injury staff applies all possible resources to achieve the best possible results for their client’s personal injury case and claims for compensation. In Miami and North Miami Beach, Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury attorney and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, makes sure that the Perazzo Law Firm staff aims to meet every client’s individual legal needs by dedicating the necessary time and effort to achieve their client’s full satisfaction when handling their insurance claim for compensation after an accident. The Perazzo Law Firm serves personal injury clients in cities and suburbs such as:

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If you are a resident of any of these South Florida cities and suffered personal injury or losses from an accident or other form of negligence and wrongdoing, do not hesitate to contact the Perazzo Law Firm ONLINE now for a FREE initial consultation and ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET FEES to personal injury clients seeking compensation through an insurance claim.

real-estate-lawyer-in-miami-perazzo-law-300x222FLORIDA HOMEOWNERS SET TO FACE SOARING INSURANCE RATES

In Miami, the Real Estate Lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm, share information on rising home owner insurance rates expected to hit home soon; expected to double by 2023.

Florida homeowners and property owners are expected to face an insurance crisis as rates are rising so high that many stand the chance of not being able to obtain an insurance policy with which to help cover losses from hurricanes, storms, fires, or any other event that results in damage to their property. Among the most common homeowner woes are leaky roofs, busted pipes, and electrical installations, all of which require the assistance of professionals to fix the problems. Sadly, these professionals are expensive and without homeowners insurance to help cover the bill, the problem may not get fixed as many homeowners will be unable to afford them. Claims for hefty repair bills usually end up in court years later, which involve lawyer fees as well as court fees. Insurance companies for their part, claim that they have lost billions in 2020 due to fraud on behalf of contractors and damage caused by adverse weather conditions. For example, the most recent destructive hurricanes to pass through South Florida resulted in tens of billions in payouts, which has prompted insurance providers to seek insurance rate increases ranging from 10%-35%, as well as restrictions on coverage in order to help offset their losses. These new measures will greatly impact the middle and upper-class property owners, but are expected to exclude those homeowners who have older properties and those in areas of high criminal activity. The insurance companies are also looking for State legislators to pass a vast number of bills to lower fraudulent contractors, detect adjustors that do not have a license, and lower property damage attorney fees.



With Miami-Dade County employee salaries averaging $50,000 a year, affordable housing seems to be weighing heavy on tenants struggling to make ends meet. According to recent studies, home values in Miami-Dade have rocketed by 66% compared to the 14% rise in worker wages over the ten-year period leading up to 2017. Though construction is evidently active in and around downtown Miami, modern price-tags target wealthy foreigners rather than members of the middle-class workforce. In fact, the 2019 State of the Nation’s Housing report by Harvard University states that low-rent housing availability (under $800 monthly) has fallen by 39% with a 2% drop in the number of low-income renters. The Harvard report goes on the say that 20% of new-single family houses constructed from 2007-2017 were valued at $200,000. According to this and other housing statistics publicly available, Miami renters allocate over 30% of their income to cover rent, which can average around $2,000 a month in modest neighborhoods such as North Miami. An executive director at Miami Homes For All stated in an interview that the crisis has spread and has affected the Miami-Dade middle and upper class and not just low-income families. With more than a third of monthly wages going towards rent, there is a shortage of available housing to those earning under $40,000 a year, which is just $10,000 less than the 80% of Miami-Dade county workers earn per year. In the meantime, though unemployment in the low-wage work sector has risen, the cost of real-estate and residential construction projects continue to rise. So where exactly should middle and lower income workers look to live within Miami-Dade county? And where should those looking to purchase a well-priced piece of real-estate shop? According to recent real estate reports for Miami-Dade county, cities such as Allapattah, Little Havana and Coconut Grove are expected to receive $7.5 million in funding to build affordable housing for the local Miami workforce earning between $30K-60K per year. According to statistics, the city facing the toughest affordable housing ordeals is Miami, which has the highest percentage of residents earning much less than the $50,000 yearly average salary. Housing reports state that there are some 85 housing units that fall under the Miami Beach scope, which include studio apartments priced at $740 per month in rental fees. According  to the a U.S. Census report, over 1 million residents, with an average income of some $60K, live in a separate sector of Miami-Dade. Unfortunately for middle and lower class households in Miami, rental fees for apartments and houses are expected to increase and not go down anytime soon.

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Aspiring homeowners and real-estate investors in Miami and throughout Florida, may soon have new options for purchasing real-estate through special mortgage loans called CHOICERenovation loans.  These loans aim to attract potential buyers that are interested in acquiring property that has suffered experienced significant damage from the nature’s wrath. Hurricane damaged homes for example, may have lost significant value and lay dormant in the real estate market for years. The loans may also appeal to individuals or real estate developers looking to renovate homes that are over 40 years old and in poor structural condition. Interestingly, and according to real estate statistics, one out of every five properties dates back to the mid-seventies. Though potential real estate buyers looking to relocate prefer homes that need little if not any remodeling or repair work, some are enticed by the lower costs of houses which may need plumbing, electric, or general repairs. The owners of houses that are old or run-down may also benefit from the new CHOICERenovation mortgage loans offered by Freddie Mac, which are expected to be available soon. But how do the new loans work and how do they benefit buyers? Firstly, the costs of any needed repairs will be included in the loan itself and any remodeling or repairs do not necessarily have to be done by a contractor. In other words, they can do the work themselves as long as they can prove they are qualified to carry-out home improvements jobs such as plumbing, electricity, roofing, etc.. This new proposal is expected to attract first-time buyers that have limited funds but willing to take advantage of property that is affordably priced. The loans may also appeal to those looking to remodel their current home in order to accommodate family members or renovate their old home so as to avoid moving and having to deal with the complexities of selling and buying real estate. In many cases, it can be less expensive and easier to remodel or renovate than to buy or sell, which will involve real-estate broker fees, property taxes, title insurance, and many other costs stemming from a real estate transaction. Nevertheless, when the opportunity of owning your home at affordable terms comes knocking, it might be wise to open the door.

real-estate-lawyer-in-miami-perazzo-law-firm-300x200THE PERAZZO LAW FIRM SERVES REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS

Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer? – If you are planning to buy, sell, or transfer property, it is in your best interest to hire a Real Estate Attorney to oversee that Real Estate laws are best upheld and your best interests are protected. Perazzo Law and  its staff places their clients’ best interests at the forefront of all Real Estate Cases. We Serve Cities and Suburbs in Miami-Dade and Broward

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