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train-crash-300x167Hollywood, Florida: In Hollywood, a collision between a vehicle and a train resulted in at least one fatality on Wednesday morning. Emergency services were alerted after the incident occurred near Pembroke Road and Interstate 95 at around 3 a.m. Upon arrival, fire rescue crews attempted to access a white SUV but were forced to cover the vehicle with a white tarp, indicating the presence of a deceased person inside.

The Hollywood police department has taken charge of the scene, and although the westbound lanes of Pembroke Road were closed for several hours, they have now reopened. The investigation has affected the schedules of Tri-Rail trains, and passengers traveling between the Golden Glades and Hollywood stations have been required to use a bus bridge.

Commuters are advised to check for any delays in their train schedule, as further delays are expected.

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer shares information on the Ohio train derailment

Two weeks ago, a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, caused a chemical spill into the Ohio River. The spill has been contained, and there is no threat to the public, this according to officials.

At first, official believed that the derailment occurred at around 11:30 PM, and the train was carrying a hazardous material. The material was spilled into the river, and the Coast Guard has been working to contain the spill.

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