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By The Perazzo Law Firm

Florida attracts people from all over the world with its endless beaches and year round tropical weather. Unfortunately, an overabundance of water in our state can have a destructive effect. Floridians know far too well the destructive power of water, whether it is through floods, tropical rains or hurricanes. Our homes are under a constant threat of damage from water. To mitigate the risk of damage, property owners purchase insurance policies that are meant to mitigate the risk of a loss caused by water.

Unfortunately, the insurance policies we purchase tend to be very lengthy and complicated documents intended to be confusing to the policy holder. Seeking funds to repair your home after a loss from the insurance company is far more complicated than simply making a claim. The insurance policy requires certain steps to be taken to make a valid claim. The instructions a policy holder has to follow in order to make a claim are known as post loss obligations.

Understanding Slip and Fall Accidents and Litigation

By The Perazzo Law Firm

Slip and fall is a special area of law governing situations where an individual falls and suffers an injury on the property of another party. Slip and fall law falls under the category of personal injury law governed by the standards of negligence.


As Florida is preparing to feel the brunt of Hurricane Irma, the Perazzo Law Firm is thinking of you and your family.

In preparation for the storm, gather necessary supplies such as batteries, food, water, first aid kits, sand bags, flashlights, etc. Gather all of your insurance policies and review the instruction you need to follow in order to make a claim. Make sure to take pictures and video of your property before any damage has occurred. After the storm passes, property your property from any further damage, document any losses and contact your insurance carrier to report your loss.