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IMG_0852-e1578173094871-225x300Los carriles para bicicletas no siempre son bienvenidos con los brazos abiertos en las comunidades del condado de Miami-Dade; y Coral Gables es solo uno de ellos. Desde 2004, la comisión de la ciudad ha rechazado todas las propuestas para construir carriles para bicicletas; principalmente de quejas en nombre de los vecinos y propietarios de viviendas que desaprueban. En 2014, se presentó un plan para construir 27 millas de nuevos carriles para bicicletas, aceras y cruces peatonales, pero eso nunca se desarrolló. En 2018, los residentes expresaron su oposición en una reunión de la comisión para agregar carriles para bicicletas a lo largo de Riviera Drive. Según Robert Ruano, presidente de la organización sin fines de lucro Bike Walk Coral Gables; “En este momento, hay muy poca infraestructura para bicicletas realmente segura en la ciudad que realmente aumente a las personas que usan la carretera para andar en bicicleta de manera segura”. Para 2020, una nueva propuesta tiene como objetivo crear carriles para bicicletas y ampliar las aceras a lo largo de Alhambra Circle desde Coral Way hasta la Universidad de Miami. Este tramo de 2.3 millas podría provocar la pérdida de árboles, según los residentes preocupados; por lo tanto, el plan para más carriles bici puede ser desechado una vez más. Sin embargo, Silvia Pinera-Vázquez, una abogada que reside en Alhambra Circle, está presionando para obtener carriles para bicicletas a través de una carta abierta fechada el 6 de diciembre a los funcionarios de la ciudad, escribió Pinera-Vázquez; “Es evidente que existe una agenda concertada por parte de ciertos miembros del personal de la ciudad y grupos de bicicletas de interés especial para avanzar con carriles para bicicletas en toda la ciudad a pesar de la posición de nuestros residentes y nuestros funcionarios electos”.

bike-no-helmet-300x199El 10 de diciembre, el abogado local habló antes la Comisión de la Ciudad y unos cincuenta residentes y propietarios de viviendas opuestos. Si bien faltan meses para una decisión final, el vicealcalde Vince Lago declaró que la decisión de la comisión de abandonar el proyecto Riviera Drive “sentó un precedente” que hará que sea difícil no ponerse del lado de los propietarios de viviendas opuestos una vez más. En 2015, se otorgó una subvención de $ 597,000 a Coral Gables en nombre del Departamento de Transporte de Florida para llevar a cabo el proyecto Alhambra Circle, lo que condujo a una conexión importante que incluía vecindarios residenciales, el área del centro de la ciudad, UM y Underline, que incluía un tramo de 10 millas para peatones, corredores y ciclistas debajo de las vías elevadas de Metrorail. Sin embargo, cuando se trata de construir carriles para bicicletas Alhambra Circle, aumenta la preocupación por el daño a casi 200 árboles y los posibles cambios en su calidad de vida. El tráfico de vehículos motorizados y los posibles accidentes también son motivo de preocupación, ya que la construcción de carriles para bicicletas conduce a carriles de conducción más estrechos. Por lo tanto, aumenta el potencial de accidentes automovilísticos que involucran a peatones y ciclistas por igual. Mientras tanto, los residentes de Coral Gable tendrán que esperar hasta más tarde en 2020, cuando se espera que el proyecto se vote.

Trucking Company and Truck Driver Safety

Taking to the wheel of a semi, tractor trailer, or 18-wheeler requires much more than driver awareness; it also requires proper safety measures on behalf of the trucking company and all those in charge of vehicle maintenance and loading or unloading the freight to be transported. Trucks carrying heavy cargo or hazardous materials that can jeopardize the health or wellbeing of other motorists or society, must abide by strict measures and ensure proper loading and unloading procedures. Cargo must meet the required weight limits by not exceeding their load capacity. Furthermore, cargo must be securely fastened, and precautionary steps should be taken in the event of an accident or an unexpected or aggressive maneuver that ends in a rollover or cargo spillage. Hazardous materials such as chemical substances, fuels, or other liquids, must be properly loaded and transported in containers that are prepared to withstand the impact from an accident or controlled if spilled onto roadways. Though driver negligence is top of mind when it comes to a trucking accident, they are not always at fault. Third-party negligence plays a huge part in many trucking accidents on Florida roadways. Poor weather conditions may also place truck drivers at high risk of suffering an accident. Large rigs that are hauling heavy cargo are very difficult to maneuver under heavy rains or poor road conditions in which they must make aggressive maneuvers such as sudden stops or diversions. In this article we will look at some of the causes behind trucking accidents and how they can be adverted.

Before looking at some of the reasons behind trucking accidents, it’s important to note that some 500,000 trucking accidents take place every year in the U.S.A. Sadly, close to 10% of those in tragically and with some 800 truck drivers killed yearly from truck related accidents. This is because when a truck slams into a passenger vehicle or motorcycle, the chances of suffering a fatality are very high, especially when accidents occur at high speeds and on highways or in rural areas; which account for close to 65% of all fatal trucking accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, passenger vehicles represent 98% of all truck accident victims. Nevertheless, truck drivers and trucking companies are not always at fault. Let’s look:

Perazzo Law Shares Insight into Electric Scooter Accidents in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
vespa-headlamp-1454647-225x300Miami Beach, Florida: They’re practical and fun yet silent and dangerous. Electric scooters boomed in Miami and other trendy cities around the United States. Local and tourists alike were until recently, hopping on electric scooters and taking to the streets in hoards to sightsee and get around. Their fast, cheap to rent, require no driver’s license or insurance, and users can dump them anywhere they want once their ride ends. The combination of all these facets led to a rise in electric scooter related accidents in around Miami. People would rent them, use them, and abandon them on the ground, which reflects a sense of negligence evident in the way they ride them. They would just pop-out of nowhere posing a silent threat to the well-being of pedestrians, motorists, and other electric scooter riders alike. Furthermore, residents and motorists both agree that their presence clutters sidewalks, block handicap ramps, and cause accidents. Fortunately, the rules and regulations regarding electric scooters and motorized skateboards in Florida are changing.
Legal Facts Regarding Scooters that have a Seat or Saddle: 

The Perazzo Law Firm Shares insight into Premises Liability Accident Claims in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties

I was injured in a shootout at a shopping mall.

CHRISTMAS EVE: Last-minute shoppers were cast into a whirlpool of panic when a shootout between the Palm Beach police and a notorious gang member broke out at The Mall at Wellington Green this Christmas Eve.

The Perazzo Law Firm Serves Car Accident Victims on Miami-Dade Roadways

State Road 826, also known as the Palmetto Expressway, stretches thirty miles through the greater Miami area starting in Kendall and passing through cities such as Hialeah, Doral, and others until reaching the shores of North Miami Beach. The Palmetto Expressway has a heavy flow of traffic with the most congested areas being those near Miami International Airport and intersections leading into and from US1 and interstate 95.

This past Monday morning, a state trooper traveling Northbound on the Palmetto Expressway mysteriously flipped over at the NW 58th Avenue and shut down traffic for hours. The Florida Highway Patrol officials that arrived to the scene reported that the trooper suffered minor injuries and that he was wearing his seatbelt when his police vehicle flipped out of control. The authorities are trying to determine if another vehicle was involved in the roll-over accident on the Palmetto Expressway.

Miami Residents Pondering Plastic Surgery Beware. Wrongful death was the charge for a famous Brazilian plastic surgeon whose patient died of heart failure during a butt implant this past July. The practicing surgeon, AKA Dr. Bum Bum, has testified that the fatality was purely accidental, despite having performed the surgical procedure at home with the help of his mother, girlfriend, and maid; all of whom are also facing charges. Despite the doctor’s claims of having performed over 9000 successful butt implants, official reports state that Dr. Bum Bum, who isn’t even have a real doctor, used an outlawed synthetic resin that may have led to the death of his 46-year-old patient. According to investigative reports, this is not the first incident involving butt implants gone wrong on Miami residents. Though, plastic surgery accounts for a small number of deaths compared to other surgical procedures or everyday accidents, official reports show that there were 31 deaths and some 150 complicated cases over the past seven years. Nevertheless, the Florida Board of Medicine is keeping a close watch on surgeons and facilities to guarantee no fatalities occur during or after plastic surgery procedures in Miami.

If you, a family member or loved one has suffered personal injury or been the victim of Medical Malpractice in Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS-411 for a Free initial consultation.


Miami Beach Demolition Gone Bad

A seemingly routine demolition project in Miami Beach turned into tragedy when a construction worker was struck by a large chunk of debris while fleeing for cover as the building unexpectedly crumbled to the ground. The Marlborough House Condominium, which until this morning stood at the 5700 Block of Collins Avenue, was scheduled to be demolished; but exactly how remains a mystery. The thirteen-floor building did indeed go down, but not the way the demolition firm had planned. Apparently, it crumbled the wrong way, with the dust and debris violently spewing out into all directions; across the adjacent streets and even onto the beach, where dozens of pedestrians and vacationers were struck with panic by the thundering sounds of crashing rock and clouds of white debris. It is uncertain if other workers, bystanders, or commuters suffered personal injury or if there was property damage to local businesses or homes.

If you, a family member, or loved one has suffered personal injury or property damage as a result of the Marlborough House Condominium demolition accident, Perazzo Law urges you to Contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS-411 Immediately for your Free initial consultation. Perazzo Law – Dedicated to Putting your Interests First!

By The Perazzo Law Firm

Florida attracts people from all over the world with its endless beaches and year round tropical weather. Unfortunately, an overabundance of water in our state can have a destructive effect. Floridians know far too well the destructive power of water, whether it is through floods, tropical rains or hurricanes. Our homes are under a constant threat of damage from water. To mitigate the risk of damage, property owners purchase insurance policies that are meant to mitigate the risk of a loss caused by water.

Unfortunately, the insurance policies we purchase tend to be very lengthy and complicated documents intended to be confusing to the policy holder. Seeking funds to repair your home after a loss from the insurance company is far more complicated than simply making a claim. The insurance policy requires certain steps to be taken to make a valid claim. The instructions a policy holder has to follow in order to make a claim are known as post loss obligations.

Understanding Slip and Fall Accidents and Litigation

By The Perazzo Law Firm

Slip and fall is a special area of law governing situations where an individual falls and suffers an injury on the property of another party. Slip and fall law falls under the category of personal injury law governed by the standards of negligence.