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Involved in a car accident in Miami during Christmas and need a lawyer?

– Crashed into while driving on a Miami highway?

– Suffered a collision on a highway off-ramp?

In Miami, the car accident lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm understand roadway accidents on off and on ramps along Miami-Dade and Broward County highways and roadways.

Understanding accidents on off-ramps and on-ramps

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that roughly 9 % of all accidents involve vehicles making lane changes or merging into traffic. In Miami-Dade and Broward County, highway accidents occur regularly and most often include lane changes aimed at taking an off-ramp or hitting an on-ramp without regard for oncoming traffic or verifying if it is safe to maneuver to another lane without causing an accident. When a driver is found negligent for being distracted, intoxicated, or suffered a mechanical problem during the lanechange accident, that motorist may be held legalaly accountable for personal injuries and damages. It is the duty of the driver to make sure lane changes are safe and do not cause a collision (see Types of Car Accidents).

Some reasons for lane changes accidents

1- Sudden lane change – During Christmas, motorists may take to streets of highways to visit family and friends. Many of these motorists may be unfamiliar with the streets and roadways they have to navigate to reach their destination. When a driver is new to a route, sudden and unexpected lane changes may take place as an off-ramp exit may take them by surprise. Using a GPS service and driving at a proper speed helps to prevent sudden and unexpected lane changes that may cause an accident.

2 – Weaving to save time – Weaving in and out of moving traffic may result from need to reach a destination faster and save time or beat the clock. Lane hopping can be extremely dangerous as other drivers may attempt a sudden lane change and not see them coming through the rear-view mirrors.

3 – Failure to effectively use rearview mirrors – Many times, motorists will attempt a lane change without checking their mirrors to verify that it is safe to change lanes. Motorists are advised to make sure they are aware of the traffic always moving around them. Having a clear picture of the traffic flowing around them and approaching from behind, will lower their chances of causing a collision when making a lane change on a Miami highway. Set your mirrors so that you can see everything around you at all times, even get the blindspots into your range of vision.

4- Poor signaling – Failure to warn other motorists of a lane change can cause a distracted or speeding driver to crash into you or cause a collision with other vehicles. All lane changes must be signaled in advance and failure to properly warn of a lane change can result in a reckless or careless driving citation, which could relatively place you at fault for the accident.

Lane change accident injuries

Injuries from lane change accidents usually involve side impacts which may result in neck, shoulder, back, and hip injuries or broken wrists, arms, or legs. Rear side impacts can cause a car to spin out of control and result in frontal or rear impacts or even roll-over accidents. These types of injuries merit a  professional medical evaluation and treatment and should never go unattended to as they can develop into cronic and painful conditions. After a lane change accident,  victims should seek immediate medical care and keep all records and bills (see What happens after a car accident).

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