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cruise-accident-lawyer-in-Miami-291x300The cruise industry has been one of the hardest hit by the seemingly never ending COVID pandemic, which has crippled the economies of almost every business except the pharmaceutical one. Despite vaccine passports and vaccination mandates by the Federal Government, concerns continue to escalate over the ability of cruise ship operators to deal with COVID outbreaks by passengers while onboard. However, and while it seems like we live in a world that revolves around the coronavirus, passengers still suffer other health related incidents which have nothing to do with COVID while on board a cruise ship.

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When a passenger visits a doctor on a cruise ship, it isn’t for a routine check-up, but most often for an emergency health situation that requires professional medical care. Such was the case for a 70-year-passenger that went to see Royal Caribbean ship doctor and was administered the wrong medication to treat his heart condition. Sadly, he died several days later after being airlifted to a hospital. According to the man’s daughter, who sued the cruise line for negligence, the doctor that treated her father, lacked the experience required to treat an emergency at sea. Apparently, and according to the lawsuit, the man presented himself to the ship’s doctor and was sent back to his cabin without a proper medical evaluation. His condition worsened to an extent that overwhelmed the ship’s young and recently graduated doctor. The family sued Royal Caribbean and in 2019, a federal jury in Miami awarded them $3.4 million. Cases such as these are common in the cruise ship industry, that make money off passengers visiting the infirmary, with doctors often getting a cut for the services provided and medications prescribed. In 2019, 13-year-old passenger grew very weak after receiving the wrong medication by a Norwegian Cruise Line. And in 2020, a 9-month-old girl passenger sailing Royal Caribbean, was erroneously diagnosed by the ship’s medical staff, and refused to be evacuated. The negligence by the Symphony of the Seas operators led to partial amputation of the child’s arm.

“Despite all the lip service and everything else, large corporations tend to be controlled by their bottom line. And from the beginning of time until 2014, cruise ships could not be held responsible for the negligence of their doctors. So, they had no financial incentive to hire competent doctors to put people’s safety first.” Stated a personal injury lawyer specializing in cruise line accidents.

Even though humanity seems to be at the height of  its technological evolution, passengers continue to face archaic seafaring events, and though many people today cringe at the thought of catching COVID on board a cruise ship, and plane, train, and even automobile, life goes on.

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