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A Bucket Truck Topples as a Crane Spins out of Control in Miami

boom-forklift-1520901-300x225Miami and North Miami Beach Law Firm serving Personal Injury Claims for Compensation following a Construction Truck Accident in Miami.

Two seperate Construction Truck Accidents lead to mayhem in Miami-Dade County: A local Fire Rescue spokesperson reported that a severely injured construction worker had to be airlifted to a nearby medical facility to receive emergency care for the injuries he suffered as a result by a boom lift that tipped over while operating at a Homestead shopping center. The worker, whose identity and condition is unknown, was badly hurt when the boom lift, or bucket truck, came crashing down on its side for reasons that are still unknown. This incident is just one of two that took place this past Thursday involving elevation construction vehicles, with both construction vehicles accidents leading to mayhem in Miami. The second incident occurred on Thursday evening in west Miami, when another crane started to rotate out of control and began taking down power lines. According to eyewitness reports, there was panic among the pedestrians and motorists that noticed the live power cables sparking and dangling overhead. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries but it has yet to be determined if any property owners, residents, or local businesses suffered losses due to the power outage, which took several hours to be restored. Apparently, the crane suffered a systems failure, a fact that insurance investigators and the attorneys representing property damage claims (if any) must verify to determine if there was negligence on behalf of the crane operator, the vehicle owner, lesser, construction firm, or any other third party involvement. 

The Perazzo Law Firm has ample experience handling all sorts of Truck Accidents that involving a vast of range of trucking accidents including; Private, Public, Commercial, or Emergency Vehicles. See Trucking Accidents Compensation Claims accidents for further insight into accidents involving trucks in Miami. 

Perazzo Law Shares the Main Causes of Trucking Accidents:

  1. Truck Driver Negligence – The operator of a construction truck may be operating the vehicle under the influence, fatigued, or simply recklessly.
  2. Poor Vehicle Maintenance – Truck owners, lessors, of companies, must make sure trucks are safe to operate on highways, avenues, and streets.
  3. Poor Weather Conditions – Bad weather can make operating construction vehicles very difficult as visibility and hearing can become an issue.
  4. Third Party Negligence – Many times, negligent motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians can play a underlining role in an accident involving a construction truck.
  5. Poorly Trained Operators – Construction vehicle owners, lessors, or companies, must make sure they provide construction vehicle operators with proper training and if possible, make sure to assign experienced operators for jobs that require the greatest skills.

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