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In an effort to deter President Biden and his administration from causing further damage to the Florida’s economic and social structure, Governor DeSantis is suing Biden over the government’s vaccine mandates based on the grounds that Biden has gone beyond his legal authority.

Governor DeSantis stated the following in a news conference held in Tallahassee yesterday;
“The federal government is exceeding [its] power and it is important for us to take a stand because in Florida we believe these are choices based on individual circumstances.”

The lawsuit was filed in a Tampa Federal Courthouse and claims that the Biden administration has exceeded its authority to pass mandate laws that greatly jeopardize the wellbeing of Florida residents and workers. Furthermore, the COVID-19 vaccine mandates are in direct violation of procurement laws.

From the very start of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate fiasco, Governor DeSantis has sternly opposed the Federal Government’s hidden COVID and Big Pharma agendas, which require all federal, state, and local businesses to make proof of vaccination obligatory for workforces in areas such as:

-Law Enforcement
-Business operators with more than 100 employees
-And other sectors that are fundamental for Florida residents.

The mandates serve no real purpose other than to jeopardize the already fragile structure of the business sectors and healthcare system, not to mention law enforcement.

Though the Federal Government is working to control the spread of the coronavirus and all its new cousins, the truth is that vaccine mandates do not help local economies and only serve to further divide the US population.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is battling one of Florida’s most important industries upon giving the green light to allow that would make it illegal for  business operators to ask their customers if they have received the coronavirus shot. This is a measure that has ruffled the feathers of one industry, the cruise ship industry, which accounts for a big chunk of the State’s revenue. The law, according to cruise ship operators sailing out of Florida ports, claim it only serves to further threaten the already fragile financial situation gripping cruise lines. Meanwhile, the CDC, has made evident their desire for cruise ships to get back at sea for the first time since the coronavirus breakout in March 2020.

Concerns over the spread of COVID aboard cruise ships stems mainly from the large number of people interacting with one another over extended periods of time within close quarters. Thus, the CDC is working along side cruise lines to make it mandatory for passengers, staff, and operators to have been fully vaccinated with one of the COVID vaccines.

However, Governor DeSantis is shooting to make obliging people to get vaccinated to travel aboard a cruise ship illegal, given that it justifies as a sort of discrimination. This is what Governor DeSantis had to say in a recent quote, “In Florida, your personal choice regarding vaccinations will be protected, and no business or government entity will be able to deny you services based on your decision.”

However, Governor DeSantis is shooting to make it illegal for cruise operators to oblige people to get vaccinated to travel aboard a cruise ship, given that it justifies as a sort of discrimination. This is what Governor DeSantis had to say in a recent quote, “In Florida, your personal choice regarding vaccinations will be protected, and no business or government entity will be able to deny you services based on your decision.”

Meanwhile, ocean goers and cruise enthusiasts are eager to get back to the sea and indulge in everything that these floating hotels have to offer. According to Patrick Scholes, a director at Truist Securities, this law is basically the straw that broke the industry’s back. “It has been a year of migraines and kicks in the teeth for the cruise industry. Now, they’re finally getting ready to restart, and you have the governor of Florida basically playing a game of chicken with them,” stated Scholes.

This battle for the seas and ports is likely to sail its way into courtrooms on the grounds that it goes against federal rules. “It might even be cheaper for them to just eat the fines,” Scholes said. “They are burning millions of dollars a day having their ships idle.”

Meanwhile, consumers are caught in the Covid crossfire, with no certainty of the fate that awaits.

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Apparently so according to the new guidelines announced last Friday by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This falls in line with the growing number of Americans voluntarily lining up for the readily available Covid vaccines and the Federal Government’s push to have everyone vaccinated. But how does this inflict on people’s liberties, especially on the rights of those that don’t trust the vaccines for the many logical reason to not do so?

At present, there are exceptions to employers forcing their workers to get the Covid shot. They are as follows:

There are no federal laws mandating an employee to get vaccinated, however, there are no laws that don’t and legal experts share similar views on the subject of allowing employers to require Covid-19 vaccination.

Can employers bride workers to get the Covid shot? Yes, through incentives. How is this legal? Ask Jonathan Perazzo at the Perazzo Law Firm NOW!!

What is Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act?

According to the EEOC (the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), this act gives employers the legal right to require Covid vaccinations and/or provide suitable conditions to workers that are not vaccinated against COVID-19 due to disability or if vaccination goes against their religion. These conditions may include workers having to wear facial coverings, maintain social distancing, receive regular Covid testing, work remotely or part-time. In the event that an employee suffers from a physical or mental condition that prevents him/her to refrain from receiving a Covid vaccine for whatever reason, then the employer may not request mandatory vaccination. However, if this employee is a direct threat to the wellbeing of fellow workers, employers, or affects the financial stability of said business, then the employer must takes measures to address the threat. This would mandate the above mentioned use of facial masks, distancing, and even redirecting the employee to another sector or position.

The EEOC states the following: “Employers  that require workers to get the shot, may need to respond to allegations that the requirement has a disparate impact on — or disproportionately excludes — employees based on their race, color, religion, sex or national origin under Title VII.” The guidelines also state that, “employers should keep in mind that because some individuals or demographic groups may face greater barriers to receiving a COVID-19 vaccination than others, some employees may be more likely to be negatively impacted by a vaccination requirement.”

For further insight into understanding the COVID laws for employers and employees, visit the EEOC’s website or Covid Rights for employees.

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