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Electric Scooters Exodus

Perazzo Law Shares Insight into Electric Scooter Accidents in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
vespa-headlamp-1454647-225x300Miami Beach, Florida: They’re practical and fun yet silent and dangerous. Electric scooters boomed in Miami and other trendy cities around the United States. Local and tourists alike were until recently, hopping on electric scooters and taking to the streets in hoards to sightsee and get around. Their fast, cheap to rent, require no driver’s license or insurance, and users can dump them anywhere they want once their ride ends. The combination of all these facets led to a rise in electric scooter related accidents in around Miami. People would rent them, use them, and abandon them on the ground, which reflects a sense of negligence evident in the way they ride them. They would just pop-out of nowhere posing a silent threat to the well-being of pedestrians, motorists, and other electric scooter riders alike. Furthermore, residents and motorists both agree that their presence clutters sidewalks, block handicap ramps, and cause accidents. Fortunately, the rules and regulations regarding electric scooters and motorized skateboards in Florida are changing.
Legal Facts Regarding Scooters that have a Seat or Saddle: 
  • They are considered street legal.
  • Operators must have a license.
  • They need to be titled and bear a license plate.
  • They are not permitted on Florida highways.
  • Operators 16 years of age and over are not required to wear a helmet.
  • Operators must be at least 16 and have a driver’s license to ride on streets.
  • No insurance is required to operate a scooter.

Legal Facts Regarding Scooters that DO not have a Seat or Saddle:

  • They are not considered street legal.
  • They cannot be operated on highways and sidewalks.
  • Operators over the age of 16 are not required by law to wear a helmet.
  • Operators are required to have a license.
  • No insurance is required to operate a scooter.

Legal Facts Regarding Motorized Bicycles:

  • The cannot be ridden on public roads or sidewalks.
  • Riders must be at least 16 to operate a motorized bike.
  • No driver’s license is needed.
  • Having insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended.
  • There is no official helmet law for riders.
Perazzo Law recommends any individual that plans to take to the streets with either a moped or a scooter, be it fuel or electrically powered, to carry the minimum PIP insurance to protect them in the event of an accident. Insurance for a moped or scooter may range from $200-$1000 a year depending on the type of coverage purchased. Perazzo Law also recommends motorists to purchase uninsured motorist coverage in the event they are crashed into by an uninsured moped or scooter driver.
Lime and Bird are two of the companies that spearheaded the implementation of electric scooters in cities around the United States. These electric scooter companies provide no insurance, helmets, or safety measures with which to prevent or deal with personal injuries sustained from accidents. The innovative companies, that operate by way of an app which customers use to rent the electric scooters, are pulling out of Miami until legislations concerning the legal status is determined.
If you, a friend, or family member has been hurt by negligence on behalf of an electric scooter operator, Perazzo Law urges you contact their North Miami Beach Law office ONLINE for a FREE consultation.
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