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How To Evaluate Motor Vehicle Collision Damages

How To Evaluate Motor Vehicle Collision Damages

By the Perazzo Law Firm

Every time we take to the road, we face the risk of a motor vehicle collision. Car accidents can occur through no fault of your own. You may take every precaution and still suffer a serious injury from a careless driver. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, it is important to know how much compensation you may be entitled too. The categories of damage are economic damages, non-economic damages and punitive damages.

Economic damages are typically easy to evaluate. Economic damages include compensation for the damage to your property, primarily your vehicle. Even a minor car accident may require medical attention, the costs of which would be part of economic damages. Any medical treat and therapy will take time forcing you to miss work, for which you may also be compensation. A serious or permanent injury may also reduce your earning capacity, meaning the money you would have been able to earn had the accident not occurred.

Non-economic damages are more difficult to calculate. These damages include emotional distress, loss of consortium and pain and suffering. Loss of consortium includes loss of intimacy but also loss of ability to enjoy family relationships.

Punitive damages are the most difficult to calculate. Punitive damages are awarded as a punishment to the party at fault. These types of damages are also used as a deterrent to anyone else that may engage in a careless conduct that leads to damages. For example, punitive damages are used in cases involving driving under the influence to discourage others from drinking and driving.

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