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Florida Pedestrians BEWARE!!


FLORIDA: Today’s streets are no duck walk for Florida residents in cities such as Miami and Orlando; just two of the nine most dangerous places for pedestrians in the U.S., this according to the “Dangerous by Design’ report published by Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition. According to the report, Florida pedestrians run a high risk of suffering severe personal injuries and even wrongful death by being run-over in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach area, which ranks 14th among the most dangerous places in America for walking. According to figures, there was a 35.7% increase in the number of pedestrian-related deaths in the ten-year period from 2008 to 2017, with over 49,000 reported fatalities across the U.S.A. With regards to Florida, close to 5.500 pedestrians died during that same time period. Ironically, traffic accidents declined by  just over 6% over the same ten years and can lead people to believe that driving is becoming safer than walking in Florida. Orlando ranks at the top in terms of Florida cities where pedestrian fatalities were reported, with 656 reported deaths from 2008-2017. Daytona Beach ranked 2nd, with Melbourne-Titusville and Sarasota-Bradenton ranking 3rd and 4th respectively.  The report aims to shed light on a truly terrifying trend for Florida pedestrians as the reasons for the increase in death rates can be attributed to social factors that combine with flaws in city infrastructure designs, which favored vehicles and not pedestrians. In other words, streets were originally designed for cars and not people, with the elderly ranking at the top when it comes to those killed in pedestrian accidents in Florida. It’s worth pointing out that most pedestrian accidents occur at intersections, at night, or within the minority communities.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the rise in SUV and light truck use has led to more pedestrian deaths simply because being struck by these vehicles is more likely to cause fatal injuries. In order to revert this growing trend, experts believe that redesigning outdated urban streets is necessary to make cars and trucks less hazardous to Florida pedestrians. Experts believe pedestrian deaths can be averted by implementing intelligent solutions at urban crosswalks and intersections. Till then, pedestrians will have to keep their eyes peeled to the ever-growing traffic zipping through Florida’s urban areas like there’s no tomorrow.


sign-3-1314394-300x225Mayhem among motorists in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties can result in accidents regardless of how much caution pedestrians apply when crossing or walking down the street. Perazzo Law believes that many Miami pedestrians accidents are caused by bad motorists and negligent cell phone use while behind the wheel. Furthermore, drivers regularly take to the streets while under the influence, drive at high speeds, and disobey basic traffic laws in Miami. When these factors combine with outdated urban planning; an ever growing number of vehicles of all types, and drivers of all ages, the results can be devastating to pedestrians by making accidents inevitable. It’s no secret that many Miami motorists drive in haste through city streets and avenues, with little regard for the safety of pedestrians. Perazzo Law advises pedestrians in cities such as Miami, Coral Gables or Biscayne Bay to exercise caution when crossing at intersections, approaching driveways, and to avoid jaywalking. Furthermore,  Miami pedestrians should be extra careful when walking in poorly lit areas, especially if wearing dark clothes after dusk.

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