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What Happens When Medicine Causes a Car Accident

By The Perazzo Law Firm

Typically, car accidents are caused by negligent drivers who fail to observe rules of the road, failing to pay attention to other vehicles, distance between other cars, maintain their vehicles, exceeding the speed limit, etc. However, a driver’s ability to pay attention to the conditions of the road and the flow of the traffic can be affected by the carelessness of a trusted doctor or pharmacist.

We trust licensed and trained professionals without question. Whether its a doctor or a pharmacist or a mechanic, we assume the professional we hire to perform a service or prescribe medicine is trustworthy and holds our interest as a priority. However, at times these professionals makes unintended mistakes or place their own interest and profit above the safety of their customers and patients. When it comes to prescribing medicine, it is easy to misdiagnose a disease. If a doctor fails to perform sufficient tests or fails to properly review findings, then an illness may be misdiagnosed and the wrong medicine and treatment may be prescribed.

Even if a doctor properly performs all exams and prescribes the correct treatment and medicine, a mistake is still possible. Typically, a pharmacist who is not familiar with the patient or the patient’s medical history is charged with filling a prescription for medicine based on a doctor’s decision. A pharmacist may misread a prescription or fail to inquire as to what allergies or other medicine a patient may be taking. An allergic reaction or a mixture of medicines may lead to an impairment of ability to operate a motor vehicle.

When a motor vehicle collision occurs and causes an injury, the typical causes are assumed to be distraction or failure to safely operate a motor vehicle. Very few investigators inquire whether the driver of a vehicle may have been a victim of over medication at the hands of a careless doctor or pharmacist. A surprising number of motor vehicles is caused by drowsiness.

When making a claim for damages following a motor vehicle collision, the insurance adjusters representing the insurance company are quick to make an assessment and assign liability for the damage caused. If you have been a victim of a motor vehicle collision, it is important to consult a professional familiar with car accidents who will be able to properly investigate the case of the accident and provide you with any and all defenses that may be available.

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