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Chicken on I-95 causes mayhem – Animals on Road Accidents

chicken-on-the-highway-300x291Why did the Chicken cross the road? To get to Hialeah.

A chicken was caught on film trying to cross the I95 as motorist got out of their vehicles to help catch save its life, unaware of the potential danger that the motorists put themselves in. Almost amusingly, at least two people tried to catch the negligent fowl, which should have taken the Palmetto to get to Hialeah, where the situation apparently unfolded, this according to comments posted on Instagram courtesy of Only in Dade. The chicken incident caused traffic to back up for an extensive period of time, placing other motorists in danger of being involved in an accident as the I95 is one of the most dangerous roadways in Florida, a fact that eluded those trying to catch the chicken, as well as those slowing down to capture the footage, failed to realize.

Accidents involving Animals

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 1.3 million animal-related accidents in the United States in 2018. These accidents resulted in more than 10,000 human injuries and nearly 500 human fatalities.

Most animal-related accidents occur when drivers hit deer, which account for more than 60% of all such accidents. Other common animals involved in accidents include elk, moose, rabbits, squirrels, and armadillos.

While some of these accidents are unavoidable, there are steps that drivers can take to reduce the risk of hitting an animal on the road. For instance, drivers should be especially cautious in areas where there are known to be a lot of deer or other animals. They should also avoid driving at night, when animals are more likely to be active.

Each year, thousands of animals are killed on roadways across the country. These accidents are often caused by speeding drivers who are not paying attention to the road. In many cases, the animals are simply small prey that are not easily seen by drivers.

While there are many steps that drivers can take to avoid these accidents, such as being more aware of their surroundings and driving the speed limit, the best way to prevent these accidents is to build more fences and barriers along roadways. This will help to keep animals off of the road and out of harm’s way.

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