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What To Know About Products Liability

What To Know About Products Liability

By The Perazzo Law Firm 

The holiday season is also known as the season of giving. We all look forward to unwrapping our favorite presents and also look forward to sharing gifts with our friends and families. But what happens when the gifts we give cause injury to our loved ones?

Products liability is the area of law governing cases involving injuries from goods. An injury that falls under products liability can range from faulty brakes, defective medication, unsafe furniture, etc.

Unfortunately, oftentimes large corporate manufacturers of consumer goods place the interests of investors over the safety of the consumer. The specific area of law governing injuries caused by consumer goods is known as products liability. Defective products can cause injuries from improper design, faulty manufacturing process and defective packaging. Most of the victims of defective products can seek to recover compensation under the theory of strict liability.

Strict liability is the favored approach to products liability because it does not require the injured party to show who was at fault, the injury caused by a product may be enough to recover compensation. However, there are other approaches to seek compensation, such as fraudulent misrepresentation, negligence and breach of warranty.

Manufacturers employ armies of lawyers ready to undermine your injury and your case. Very recently, a large manufacturer of assemble-at-home furniture was forced to recall furniture because of a series of injuries caused to consumers. In situations like these, the manufacturers immediately begin to build their defense against any claims for injuries. Oftentimes, their defense involves blaming the loyal consumer who purchased their goods. Pharmaceutical companies will blame by suggesting he/she did not follow instruction and proper dosage. Consumer goods manufacturer will argue the consumer did not use the goods purchased for the prescribed purpose.

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