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Knowing Your Rights After A Boating Accident

By The Perazzo Law Firm

Boating accidents is a broad category of accidents involving a vessel regardless if any individual suffered injuries. However, typically boating accident involve personal injuries, death or missing persons. Even an incident where an individual suffered a fear of drowning with long-term mental anguish may be actionable.

Boating accidents tend to be very complex and challenging. Liability for a boating accident may involve the operator of the vessel, the employer, the owner of the vessel and the manufacturers of the vessel or its equipment and parts if it caused or contributed to the boating accident. A boating accident may be caused by operator error, which could make the operator, the employer and the owner liable.

Many factors can contribute to a boating accident. One of the most common factors involved in a boating accident is the intoxication of the operator of the vessel. All states impose severe penalties for those found guilty of boating under the influence. Some jurisdictions even go as far as to assign some of the liability to the operator who may not be factually responsible for the boating accident. If you suspect the operator of the vessel may be intoxicated or intends to consume intoxicants during the voyage, it is best to stay ashore and inform the authorities.

Other factors, such as weather conditions may also increase the chances of a boating accident. Severe weather conditions are responsible for a significant number of boating accidents. Typically, victims of boating accidents caused by weather fail to pursue compensation claims. Modern vessels are equipped with a wide array of required equipment meant to warn the operator of impending inclement weather. If the operator fails to avoid incoming dangerous conditions by changing course or staying in the port, then the victims of the boating accident may have an actionable claim for compensation.

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