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injured-in-miami-294x300The Perazzo Law Firm shares some of the latest personal injury accident claims in Florida


Delta Airlines is facing a $300,000 wrongful death lawsuit after an elderly passenger was dropped while being moved from her wheelchair to her seat.

According to the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for Middle Florida by the 76-year-old woman’s husband, his late wife’s death was due to negligence by the airline and the injuries she sustained after being dropped by employees as she was being placed in her seat. The initial incident, which took place at the Sarasota Bradenton Airport on June 22nd of last year, apparently led to the accident wrongful death accident victim experiencing pain, vomiting, and cold sweats during the second leg of her trip, with the destination being New York. The claim states that Delta employees acted negligently by dismissing her discomfort and refusing to provide her with a blanket to calm her shivering. Upon arrival to New York, she was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for emergency medical care to treat her condition. While there, she was diagnosed with a fractured hip and needed to undergo surgery. Sadly, and based on the wrongful death suit, her condition took a turn for the worse when she became unstable while under anesthesia and during intubation. Unable to be stabilized, she passed away during surgery.


Wrongful death is a legal claim filed against an individual, business operator, or company that is considered legally liable for the death of another individual. A wrongful claim is filed by a personal injury lawyer in representation of another individual representing the deceased. This wrongful death claim is then legally presented in a civil action case. The wrongful death claim may be filed by immediate family members.

Fatal incidents brought on by the alleged wrongful doings or negligence on behalf of another individual, business operator, or company, can mandate filing a wrongful death claim by an attorney in representation of the claimant or plaintiff.

Wrongful death lawsuits most often involve fatality stemming from negligence. These may include motor vehicle accidents, defective goods, poor services, malpractice, and more.

In the event of wrongful death, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to litigate in favor of those seeking compensation.

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm handles wrongful death claims and strives to provide the best legal representation possible when representing family members in wrongful death claims.

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A property management company in Tampa is being sued for $30,000 in damages after a fire took the life of an elderly tenant. The fatal fire took place at 4541 Castaway Drive in Tampa, Florida on May 15th, 2019, with the suit filed on April 20th, 2021 in the Hillsborough County Circuit Court by the victim’s son. The claim states that the fire broke out within his mother’s apartment and spread quite quickly, resulting in burns, smoke inhalation, and carbon dioxide poisoning, all of which contributed to the woman’s death. The claim is based on negligence and wrongdoing by the property management group.

Who is responsible for a fire in a building or apartment complex?

A Building Fire Accident Lawyer will be able to provide the best possible legal representation for those suffering injuries, damages, or losses as a result of a fire in which the property owner or operator may be held accountable.

Fires in Apartment Buildings

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) informs that over 100,000 fires breakout across the nation every year, with apartment building fires accounting for most of them and the main reasons being:

  • Negligence in the kitchen while cooking
  • Gas heaters and leaks
  • Electrical fires from faulty wiring
  • Smoking
  • Arson

In the event of a fire in an apartment building, it is recommendable to notify the police immediately. Secondly, stay clear of the kitchen, which is where most fires start. Try to stay as close to the ground as possible and carefully move towards the nearest exit. Do not open any doors if the knobs are hot. If unable to exit the apartment, remain still and wait for firefighters. Apartment buildings should possess fire alarms that are regularly inspected to make sure they work, as well as working fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, emergency evacuation map, and landlords are obliged to make sure the property they rent has no gas leaks or electrical short-circuits that could cause a fire.

What is Premises Liability?

Business owners and operators of public or private spaces have a legal responsibility to provide safe and adequate conditions for all those that visit their establishments. Premises Liability is based on protecting the rights of victims that suffer personal injury, loss, or wrongful death on the private or public premises of an individual or business. The Perazzo Law Firm’s Personal Injury Litigation attorneys represent those that have suffered personal injury or loss through a Slip, Trip and Fall Accident brought on by the negligence of property owners or operators. Our Miami and North Miami Beach office attorneys and staff have handled thousands of cases for clients that have suffered personal injury during everyday activities such as: grocery shopping in a supermarket, vacationing at a hotel, dining in a restaurant, riding a roller-coaster, or crossing through a parking lot. Perazzo Law has a proven track-record of providing our clients with just compensation for injuries such as: Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, fractures, or other work related losses from Premises Liability situations.

Swimming Pool Accidents

A Florida of Appeals found a Miami Beach hotel not liable for the pool drowning death of a guest that drowned with no lifeguard on duty. According to the court, the hotel operators and administration was found not negligent in the wrongful death claim brought on by the victim’s representative, which alleged that the hotel acted negligently by not having trained staff or provide warning of the absence of a lifeguard on duty. According to the court ruling, the hotel was not legally bound to having a lifeguard on duty, which raises question as to the responsibility of hotel operators to safeguard the lives of swimmers and guests.

Pool goers are expected to act responsibly and avoid negligent acts which can endanger their lives or pose risk of injury when poolside without the presence of a lifeguard. Also, hotel pool goers are reminded to respect pool hours and swim at the own risk after dark.

In Miami, the personal injury staff at the Perazzo Law Firm reminds Florida residents that swimming pool accidents do not only include drowning or injury, but any other negligence by pool operators which lead to losses to guests.

PRODUCTS LIABILITY – Sizzling finale to Sticky Frying pan Class-Action Lawsuit

TAMPA, Fla. A woman that had purchased a non-stick frying pan off an “As-Seen-On-TV” ad, settled independently rather than through a class action suit. In what began in New York as a lawsuit based on the grounds that the non-stick frying pan was in fact too sticky, ended in a Florida federal court. The case and its settlement were made public on August 28 with the specific terms unspecified publicly.

Apparently, the $20 Blue Diamond Enhanced Ceramic Non-Stick Pan, wasn’t up to par with what was advertised on TV, and every time the buyer, a Florida resident, used the pan to prepared a fried meal, the food got stuck to the non-stick pan’s surface. In return, the Cookware Manufacturer responded to customers that were dissatisfied with the non-stick pan by offering their money back or replacing the pan through a warranty. However, the Florida plaintiff chose to dispose of the non-stick pan and file suit. Unfortunately for the plaintiff, the judge handling the cases dismissed her claim due to:

-Breach of express warranty;

-Breach of implied warranty of merchantability.

-Injunctive relief.

-Violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

-Unjust enrichment.

Nevertheless, the plaintiff presented her case to the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act by stating that the description on the product’s packaging was misleading to consumers as food do indeed stick to the pan during food preparation. The case is pending a ruling.

Products Liability Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami


Product Manufacturers and distributors that commercialize goods to be used by consumers are mandated by law to be safe for use or consumption. That said, products or services that result in Personal Injury to consumers or lead to damages to personal property, are categorized under Product Liability Laws. If you or a loved-one has suffered personal injury or damage to personal property in Miami because of a defective product, lack of proper warning, or service negligence, there may be grounds for Product Liability Lawsuit or insurance claim in Miami or in any of the Cities We Serve in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

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The Perazzo Law Firms handles:

-Car Accidents
-Pedestrian Accidents
-Insurance Claims
-Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect
-Medical Malpractice
-Home Accident or Damage Insurance Claims
-First Party Insurance Claims
-Business Interruption Claims
-Wrongful Death
-And more…

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