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Personal injury accident lawyers inform accidents involving cyclists often occur when a vehicle is making a left turn and fails to yield to an oncoming cyclist who has the right of way. These types of personal injury bicycle accidents are particularly dangerous for cyclists because they often result in serious injuries or fatalities. Cyclists may also be at risk of left turn accidents if they are passing a vehicle on the left and the vehicle suddenly makes a left turn without checking for oncoming cyclists or signaling the left turn. For cyclists to prevent left turn accidents , drivers should always check for oncoming cyclists before making a left turn and yield the right of way to them. Cyclists should also take steps to increase their visibility, such as using lights and reflective clothing, and always follow traffic laws and signals.


The Perazzo Law Firm remind drivers that cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists on the road, and are entitled to the same right of way as any other vehicle. However, cyclists may be more vulnerable and less visible on the road, so it is important for motorists to be aware of their presence and yield the right of way when necessary.

In general, cyclists should be given the right of way when:

  • They are traveling straight through an intersection with a green light or when there is no traffic signal present.
  • They are traveling in a bike lane or designated cycling area.
  • They are passing a vehicle on the right.
  • They are already in the intersection when a vehicle is turning.

However, Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury lawyer and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, points out that there may be variations in traffic laws and regulations regarding right of way for cyclists depending on the specific jurisdiction. As such, both cyclists and motorists should familiarize themselves with the laws in their area to ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities on the road.


When a cyclist is struck by a motor vehicle, the personal injuries sustained can be severe and even life-threatening. Some of the most common injuries suffered by cyclists in these types of accidents include:

  1. Head injuries: Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to head injuries in accidents, especially if they are not wearing a helmet. These can range from mild concussions to more serious traumatic brain injuries.
  2. Fractures and broken bones: The impact of a collision with a motor vehicle can easily result in fractures or broken bones for a cyclist, particularly in the legs, arms, and collarbone.
  3. Soft tissue injuries: These can include bruises, sprains, and strains, and can be particularly painful and take a long time to heal.
  4. Spinal cord injuries: These are particularly serious and can lead to paralysis or other long-term disabilities.
  5. Internal injuries: Cyclists may suffer internal injuries, such as damage to internal organs, from the impact of the collision.
  6. Psychological trauma: Being involved in a traumatic accident can also have a psychological impact on cyclists, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

bike-accidents-in-miami-perazzo-law-300x300It is important for cyclists to seek immediate medical attention after being involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, even if they do not initially feel any pain or symptoms. Many injuries may not present symptoms until days or even weeks after the accident. Seeking prompt medical attention can help ensure that injuries are properly diagnosed and treated, which can improve the chances of a full recovery. It is also essential to contact a personal injury lawyer at the Perazzo Law Firm to find out about a possible insurance claim for compensation to cover medical expenses or other losses.

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Cyclist Hit by SUV

Feb 2, 2023 : The police are still trying to find the black SUV that hit a cyclist on the causeway and left him in critical condition. The incident occurred when the victim was cycling on Tuesday evening and was hit by the SUV, which fled the scene. The SUV is expected to have damage to its right side, and the police are searching for it by examining footage from toll cameras and other cameras in Key Biscayne. The victim is being treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital for a head injury. The accident happened near the Crandon Park Tennis Center. There have been several accidents involving cyclists in the area, with at least seven fatalities since 2006. The Village Council has planned improvements for road safety, including new green bike lanes and white striping. The Miami-Dade County Mayor has promised to allocate funds for improving safety measures for cyclists and pedestrians as part of the Vision Zero plan.

Bike Rider Killed in Miami

September 1, 2022: According to police officials, a man on a bicycle was hit and killed by a driver in Miami on Wednesday night. The incident occurred at around 11 p.m. in the vicinity of Northeast 2nd Avenue and 84th Street, and a driver has been detained in connection with the incident. The victim, a 27-year-old man, was riding in the bicycle lane when he was hit by two vehicles. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition but died from his injuries later. The police have not released the identity of the victim.

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