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Little Havana Construction Site Accident

Miami-construction-site-accident-lawyer-300x223Little Havana Strip Mall Renovation Leads to Injury

LITTLE HAVANA: A wooden overhang collapsed and struck a pedestrian on the head this past Tuesday in Little Havana. In what can be considered a construction site accident with hints of premises liability, the incident led to an innocent bystander being rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment. The construction-site accident took place at 1150 SW First St. and led to Southwest 12th Avenue being closed-off from First to Second streets. The renovation project of the Little Havana strip mall and the cause of structure collapse will be investigated by city building officials.

Perazzo Law Shares Construction Site Accident Basicshard-hat-area-1455626-300x215

According to studies by the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHO), some 5200 construction workers were killed while on the job in 2016, which is equivalent to 14 fatal construction accidents per day. Constructions sites represent the need for caution when in, on, or around a construction site. A construction site accident can involve both construction workers and innocent bystanders, as is the case mentioned in the news report above. Construction sites are surrounded by heavy and over-sized objects. When one or several of these heavy or over-sized objects strikes a construction worker or a pedestrian, the injuries sustained can be devastating and most often lead to broken bones, fractures, head trauma, or even wrongful death.

Perazzo Law Shares Basics on Premises Liability Claimswoman-inside-turnstile-1462183-225x300

Business owners and operators of public or private spaces have a legal responsibility to provide safe and adequate conditions for all those that visit their establishments. Premises Liability is based on protecting the rights of victims that suffer personal injury, loss, or wrongful death on the private or public premises of an individual or business.

First and foremost, injured parties should consult our professional Miami personal injury law firm to conduct a quick and detailed investigation of the claims which should include:

  • A quick and detailed inspection of the accident scene by qualified engineers or safety specialists.
  • Promptly get eyewitness testimony to serve as proof when litigation begins.
  • Promptly gather photographs or video footage of the accident scene and any dangerous surroundings.

In order for Premises Liability claims to be valid and worthy of compensation for injury, property damage or loss, there must be proof that the property owner was aware of his/her negligence in making sure the premises were hazard-free to individuals that enter or spend time on the said premises.

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