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miami-city-1218429-300x225MIAMI LYFT ACCIDENT LAWYER: LYFT LOOKING TO LURE MIAMI DRIVERS AND RIDERS – Miami: In an attempt to enhance the quality of its ride share services; add to the number of riders, and pump-up its stock value, the ride share company Lyft, is targeting current & potential drivers through special discounts and attractive offers. While it’s no secret that using a vehicle leads to wear & tear, Lyft is offering its drivers discounts on tune-ups, repairs, & more. The Lyft proposal, which not only helps Lyft drivers to keep their cars in good shape, eases the financial burden that comes from having to use your car to earn a buck. Through a money-saving maintenance program, Lyft drivers throughout most of South Florida, will be eligible for 50% discounts on vehicle maintenance & repairs. Subsequently, the discounts would reflect positively on the driver’s take-home pay & the condition of the vehicle used to transport Lyft riders. Basically, a driver can make sure to have good tires & brakes, keep the vehicle clean, & tend to repairs when needed at lower costs.

balance-1172786-300x204Perazzo Law’s professional staff of personal injury and insurance litigation attorneys handling Lyft injuries or damages, can assist accident victims gain righteous compensation for injuries sustained from an Uber or Lyft related accident in Miami and every city in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties (See Cities We Serve)

The Perazzo Law Firm knows that Rideshare Companies like Uber and Lyft are a convenient and cost effective way to get around in Miami, as well as in major cities like Hialeah, Homestead, Kendall, and more. Sadly, Uber or Lyft get into accidents which may result in bodily injury to passengers, other motorists, as well as pedestrians and bike riders. The Miami-based Perazzo Law Firm insurance attorneys represent victims of Uber/Lyft accidents that seek financial compensation through a personal injury insurance claim throughout all Miami-Dade and Broward.

A negligent Uber or Lyft driver on duty for the Uber or Lyft rideshare service in Miami, may be held legally liable if passengers are hurt or suffer loss as a result of an Uber or Lyft accident in Miami-Dade County. An Uber or Lyft driver found to be free of fault for an accident in Miami, has insurance to cover compensation for any injuries or loss of the passenger or passengers in a Miami car accident with another motor vehicle operator at fault for an incident involving the Uber or Lyft ride share service. Just like all registered motor-vehicles in Florida, the Perazzo Law Firm knows that Uber and Lyft carry insurance policies that serve to compensate Uber or Lyft Miami accident victims for their legitimate claims. Furthermore, Uber and Lyft insurance policies can cover up to $1 million in compensation for injury, damage, loss, or wrongful death. Thus, the Perazzo Law Firm Personal Injury and Lyft accident attorneys that handle these types of accidents in Miami, advise Lyft or Uber passengers, or other victims to remember that injured parties are legally protected by Uber or Lyft insurance policies (See TEN BEST INSURANCE POLICIES) and are covered in the event of an accident in Miami that involves one of these ride-share companies. Uber and Lyft drivers in Miami-Dade are usually cautious and take their rides seriously. However, many Uber or Lyft drivers in MIami spend long hours behind the wheel and many times an Uber or Lyft driver may have to take an Uber or Lyft passenger into uncharted Miami-Dade neighborhoods. When these two factors combine for an Uber or Lyft driver in Miami, it’s just a matter of time before an accident involving Uber or Lyft occurs in Miami-Dade County. When an Uber accident occurs in Miami, those that are hurt as passengers and all those on the receiving end of the Uber or Lyft accident, should seek the skilled legal representation that the Perazzo Law Firm guarantees its Miami-Dade and Broward County clients in terms of fair compensation for their losses and ordeals following an Uber or Lyft accident in Miami.


When the Lyft or Uber app is on and drivers are looking for riders or on route to pick up rider, the Perazzo Law Firm Lyft accident attorneys remind driver that they may be eligible for as much as $50,000 dollars in Bodily Injury coverage to take care of medical expenses stemming from injuries as a result of an accident. This is irrelevant to who was at fault. In other words, if the Lyft driver was parked and waiting for a Lyft rider or passenger, and his/her vehicle is crashed into and injury occurs, the insurance provider of the Lyft ride share company may compensate the driver fir his/her losses.

It is vital for Lyft drivers to contact the Perazzo Law Firm following a Lyft accident.


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