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Memorial Day Weekend in Miami – Mayhem on the Horizon

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami – Mayhem on the Horizon


Memorial Day Weekend in Miami

City officials and business owners in-and-around Miami Beach are preparing to welcome thousands of visitors eager for a dose of unforgettable fun under the Florida sun. With Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, Miami Beach is putting the finishing touches on its scheduled concerts, exhibits, and high-flying events. Also known as Urban Beach Week, which attracts the hip-hop and party-going crowds, this year’s organizers are aiming to compliment the hip-hop party scene with activities that appeal to visitors of from all walks of life. For example, movie-buffs will be able to enjoy screenings of films by Spike Lee, while art lovers can visit and mingle with local artists at the cultural festival called “Re:Frame”. Furthermore, Miami Beach city officials and organizers will be offering the Air and Sea Show, which will exhibit military aircraft, vehicles, and gear. Miami Beach has put together a week’s worth of entertainment options for visitors, and has also designed a logistics plan to keep Memorial Day Weekend traffic from turning into motorist mayhem in Miami.

Getting Around Miami Beach on Memorial Day Weekend

Coupled with the influx of visitors come hordes of motor vehicles. Hence, Miami city officials have published a series of tips to steer motorists clear of potential traffic situations that could put a damper on the sunny side of a Memorial Day weekend. With hopes of preventing drunk driving, criminal activity, and keeping party goers under check, not only will cafes and bars be barricaded off, but the authorities will have license plate readers operating along the side lanes of the MacArthur and Julia Tuttle Causeways. With fewer lanes available for motorists to drive along, traffic congestion will be an issue. In order to avoid getting stuck in traffic and sparking a road rage situation or any type of personal injury accident, motorists are advised to avoid these roads. Ocean Drive is also expected to be closed to traffic until Tuesday morning and following the fireworks show. Fortunately, not all hope is lost as a loop will be made available between Fifth and 16th streets from Saturday and Sunday night as of 7 p.m. Collins Avenue, usually a two way street running north to south, will only allow northbound traffic, whereas Washington Avenue, will only allow southbound traffic despite normally running both ways. Residential areas such as Flamingo Park will require residents to show identification in order to be granted access to their homes. For further information regarding transportation and how to make the most of moving about during the Miami Memorial Weekend click here. Visitors should visit here for a detailed schedule of events.


Festive occasions that lure crowds from several walks of life can sometimes lead to various sorts of incidents that can result in Personal Injury, either through negligence, wrong-doing, or acts of nature. It’s a known and proven fact that when festivities combine with alcohol consumption, the end result can be an accident, especially when behind the wheel of a motor-vehicle. Many times, Miami Beach visitors may suffer a Slip and Fall Accident, which can be just as common as car accidents because they are not limited to roadways. Slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere and if you have had an unexpected Slip and Fall incident, the owner or operator of the establishment or business where the accident occurred may have been negligent. It is the duty of the owner/operator to make the premises safe for their patrons. The causes of personal injury accidents are likely to be from cracked floors or tiles, excess water or oil leaks, etc. If you have experienced a slip and fell, we recommend that you be sure to document the condition of the floor or location where the accident took place. For example, was the carpet frayed or were there warning cones to mark a slippery floor. Premises Liability and Personal Injury must be addressed by both medical and legal professionals.

Miami Beach Visitors Can Suffer Bodily Injury in Any of these Places:

Perazzo Law Provides Best Advice Following Premises Liability Related Injuries in Miami

First and foremost, injured parties should consult our professional Miami personal injury law firm to conduct a quick and detailed investigation of the claims which should include:

  • A quick and detailed inspection of the accident scene by qualified engineers or safety specialists.
  • Promptly get eyewitness testimony to serve as proof when litigation begins.
  • Promptly gather photographs or video footage of the accident scene and any dangerous surroundings.

In order for Premises Liability claims to be valid and worthy of compensation for injury, property damage or loss, there must be proof that the property owner was aware of his/her negligence in making sure the premises were hazard-free to individuals that enter or spend time on the said premises.

If you, a family member, or loved one has suffered personal injury while frequenting a public or private establishment, the Premises Liability attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm urge you to set up a FREE initial consultation. Contact our North Miami Beach and Miami offices Online or call (786) LAWS-411.



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