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Toxic hand sanitizer leads to blindness and death

COVID-19-Miami-Lawyer-300x300According to the CDC, a toxic hand sanitizer led to the wrongful death and personal injury to several consumers. Apparently, the toxic hand sanitizer was ingested and caused 15 people to be admitted for methanol contamination. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had alerted potential consumers that certain hand sanitizers contained the poisonous chemical, which can be fatal upon human consumption. Since May, over a dozen people have been treated, with four of those that somehow ingested the hand sanitizer suffering wrongful death. In Miami, this is not the first time that consumers become ill and die from consuming tainted products. Of the 11 infected victims, three where left with almost full loss of sight, with half a dozen product liability negligence victims suffering seizures while being treated in the hospital. Sixty-two more case have been reported thus far with some of those allegedly children that may have swallowed the methanol tainted hand sanitizer accidentally. Sadly, sometimes people struggling with alcohol or substance abuse may intentional consumer hand sanitizers for the alcohol content. Unfortunately, in this case, they got a dose of methanol too if that is the case. However, with the booming use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a result of COVID-19, more and more people are depending on hand sanitizer to keep them coronavirus-free. As a result, it may be common for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer user to accidentally ingest the product, either through direct contact with the hands or facial covering. For this reason, the hand sanitizer in question and its manufacturer may be held legally liable for any personal injury or wrongful death caused by the methanol tainted hand sanitizer.  The CDC warns of nausea, abdominal discomfort, disorientation or dizzy spells, or seizures. More severe symptoms may result in loss of sight and even death. The FDA warns consumers to never ingest hand sanitizers and avoid imported goods containing methanol.

Product Liability and Wrongful Death

Businesses and manufacturers that produce, distribute, or sell products to be used or consumed by people are legally obliged to make safe and hazard-free to consumers. Thus, any goods or service that result int Personal Injury to people or end in damage to personal property, falls under the legal area of Product Liability. If you or a loved-one has suffered personal injury or damage to personal property because of a defective product, lack of proper warning, or service negligence, then you may have a case for Product Liability in Miami or in any of the Cities We Serve in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

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COVID-19-Miami-Lawyer-300x300Were you negligently exposed to COVID-19 and become infected?
Did you lose your job because situations related to the coronavirus?
Has an employer acted wrongfully in light of the coronavirus pandemic?IF SO, THE PERAZZO LAW FIRM CAN HELP YOU, A FRIEND, OR RELATIVE RECOVER MONEY FOR INJURIES OR LOSSES.The coronavirus pandemic has affected people from all walks of life, with many suffering very severe financial consequences that make this pandemic appear almost apocalyptic. Negligent employers or business operators that act wrongfully may be held legally liable for any injuries or losses their employees or staff suffer as a result of negligence or wrongdoing when dealing with situation involving COVID-19.Unlawful termination of employment, negligence when providing necessary elements or failure to establish proper procedures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus may justify an insurance claim for compensation by an alleged victim.

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