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Freebee Rideshare Services – Miami Accident Lawyer


Perazzo-Law-Texting-and-Driving-Accidents-in-Miami-300x199Uber, Lyft, Cabify, and the other players in the rideshare services world, have recently had to welcome Freebee , hybrid billboards on wheels that are free to users. Combining the concept of eco-friendly vehicles, free transportation, and advertising space, this new rideshare services company looks to attract riders with a concern for the environment on their minds.

Much like Uber, Lyft, and Cabify, they operate through the use of an app, which is used to request and pay for rides. However, they differentiate themselves from other rideshares service companies by using electric vehicles only, mainly Tesla from what has been seen in places such as Aventura and North Miami Beach.

Freebee , as well as offering eco-friendly and safe transportation services to Miami-Dade residents, the Freebee app provides recommendations to local spots like restaurants, night clubs, entertainment, and more. Furthermore, the Freebee vehicles function as billboards on wheels, as the company offers local businesses, the chance to advertise on their vehicles. Their fully electric vehicle, some of which can seat as many as 8 riders, are part of the growing trend for environmentally friendly solutions. As part of their marketing strategy, Freebee lures new customers and riders by way of FREE rides on one of  electric cars and shuttle services vehicles. Freebee joined the rideshare race in mid-June 2022, and since then, over 10,000 riders have opted for their free transportation services, which operate out of the Virginia Beach area.


The eco-friendly concept of transportation offered by Freebee is attractive in the sense that electric vehicles reduce the negative impact that the use of fossil fuels has on the environment. Many U.S. States, like California, are considering a ban on gasoline-powered cars and trucks given the ever-growing concern over climate change resulting from the use of fossil fuels, which have been proven to destroy the ozone layer. Sadly, some transportation experts believe that banning gasoline powered vehicles will never happen, despite there being some 20 million electric vehicles operating in cities around the world. Adding, that even if the number of electric vehicles reached 500 million, it would only reduce oil consumption by 10%. For electric vehicles to have a positive and noticeable impact on oil consumption, all means of transportation would have to be powered by electric energy, including buses, trucks, mining and construction vehicles, and airplanes, which consume ridiculous amounts of fuel with every trip. Another setback for electric vehicles is that go-green supporters fail to realize that producing energy is not clean, as most of it comes from natural gas and coal, with only a small part being produced by the sun and the wind. Sadly, it’s a common misconception for electric vehicle owners to consider that they are not harming the environment by not using gasoline powered cars, since experts point out that it takes some 500,000 lbs. of minerals and coal to produce one battery. Furthermore, most of the mining needed to gather the components to produce batteries for electric vehicles takes place in third-world countries, where child and slave labor  is a prosperous business. Regardless of whether or not electric vehicles make a difference in reducing our impact on the environment, people need to adapt other measures with which to be eco-friendly. Carpooling or using transportation are more efficient ways of helping to preserve what’s left of our aching planet.

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