The Bad Goods – Burden of Proof & Product Liability

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Manufacturers, distributors, and/or merchants are bound by law to produce goods that are safe for consumers to purchase and use. These products may range from car to bicycle tires; over the counter beauty creams to prescribed medications; baby toys and car seats. Miami consumers that suffer any sort of personal injury or property damage as a result of using a faulty product or consuming contaminated goods, are eligible to file for compensation claims through Product Liability. However, filing product liability claims can get rather complicated and many times lost if not handled by a personal injury law firm that has a proven track-record and lots of experience dealing with product liability claims in Miami. The attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm’s North Miami Beach office know how to gather all the correct burden of proof with which to win a product liability case for compensation.

The Perazzo Law Firm Product Liability Attorneys share Burden of Proof

Gathering burden of proof is fundamental in establishing liability for personal injury by the manufacturer, distributor, or vendor of defective or faulty products, goods, or services. In order to prove without a reasonable doubt that an individual was injured as a result of negligence in the production, provision of services, etc., there must be strict evidence that shows that the victim was not at fault. Buying a defective product such as a vacuum cleaner that causes electrocution; having counterfeit airbags installed on behalf of insurance providers; using lighting fixtures that overheat and explode, are just a few examples of products bought from negligent manufactures.  However, burden of proof can be challenged if the consumer makes modifications to any product which in turn causes personal injury.

Perazzo Law Firm’s Best Advice for Dealing with Product Liability in Miami

• Firstly, our Miami Product Liability staff urges you to contact our North Miami Beach office immediately to discuss your Product Liability case with one of our professional Personal Injury attorneys.

• Secondly, don’t throw the defective or harmful product away and make certain to store it safely until you have hired our legal council.

• Thirdly, get hold of any and all documentation concerning the product that led to the personal injury or property damage.

• Lastly, refrain from contacting the manufacturer of the product in question or give the product to anyone other than your attorney.

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