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POOR-LIGHTING-1-225x300Poor Lighting and Walking Surfaces

When walking surfaces are unsafe, it is a matter of time before someone trips, slips, or falls. When the lighting is poor, dim, or non-conventional as in the use of neon lights, the chances of suffering a trip, slip, or fall accident increase. Though retail outlets such as Publix, Walmart, etc., are well lit, with walking surfaces kept in proper condition and hazard-free, bars and nightclubs present certain hidden dangers to customers and guests. Poor lighting is one of the three main reasons why people trip, slip, or fall. When poor lighting and uneven walking surfaces combine, the chances of a trip and fall are overwhelming, especially to the intoxicated and elderly, who can suffer sever personal injury.


Bars, pubs, and nightclubs depending heavily on special lighting to enhance the visual effect within their premises. However, many business operators fail to take the needed safety measures to prevent a trip, slip, or fall situation. Entrances and exits must be clearly lit, especially stepping out onto a balcony, terrace, or deck. Many times, an entrance may be protruding and uneven, and go unnoticed due to poor lighting. In the image captured above, it is clear that the unlevel walking surface dividing the entrance and exit to a balcony was poorly lit and lacking the proper signaling. Hence, a trip and fall accident situation occurred. The visitor to this establishment suffered a bruised wrist and a future medical evaluation will determine if any internal injuries may have been suffered after the accident. Neon lighting can be considered an obstacle as it hides edges, steps, and any slippery substances that may have spilled. Obstacles such as table legs, rugs, cables connected to audio devices, etc., can go unnoticed and result in a customer, visitor, or guest tripping and suffering bodily harm that may require a medical evaluation.

Some Common Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident Injuries:

  • Bruises and Contusions
  • Fractures and Breaks
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Head, Neck, and Shoulder Injury
  • Cervicalgia
  • Thoracic or Chest Injury
  • Lumbalgia
  • Disc Herniations
  • Hip Injuries

All of the above mentioned injuries will require medical care. The Miami personal injury lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, recommends that victims of slip, trip, or fall accidents seek professional medical care for in order to evaluate and determine the extent of any potential injuries and long-term complications. The Miami personal injury lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo advises slip, trip, and fall accident victims that medical expenses to cover a professional evaluation and any potential medical care, such as medication and treatment, will entail economic losses. When this is the case, contacting the best slip, trip, or fall accident lawyer in Miami is beneficial when presenting an insurance claim for compensation through a premises liability claim.


              • What are the most common slip & fall accident situations?
              • Where do most slip & fall accidents occur?
              • What are the most common slip & fall accident injuries?
              • How are most slip & fall accidents treated?
              • Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer following a slip & fall accident?

In Miami, the Personal Injury Staff at the Perazzo Law Firm has ample experience serving slip & fall accident victims and clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Orange County. Thus, our experience has enabled us to share valuable insight with slip & fall accident victims and their loved-ones.

If you have fallen victim to negligence that resulted in a slip & fall accident in Miami, or any of the cities we serve in South Florida, do not hesitate to contact our North Miami Beach personal injury law office for a FREE initial consultation. Our personal injury staff of attorneys are waiting to help you determine if you have case that can get you, a friend, or relative the compensation deserved after a slip & fall accident that leads to personal injuries and losses.

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IMG_0992-300x225Where do most slip & fall accidents occur?

According to the Perazzo Law Firm’s staff of personal injury attorneys that handle slip & fall accidents, most slip and fall accidents take place at or within the following places:

  • Amusements parks
  • Apartment complexes / buildings
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Parking lots
  • Publix supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls

The common slip and fall accidents locations listed above usually occur when walking surfaces are soiled, in proper condition, poorly lit, or lack the attention of the business owner or operator. Whenever a slip, trip, or fall accidents occurs at one of the above mentioned locations, the accident victim should immediately contact the business operator or store manager to report the incident (see What to do after a slip and fall accident).

What are the most common slip & fall accident situations?

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm staff of personal injury attorneys that handle slip & fall accidents, understand that these are the most common causes of slip & fall accidents:

  • Slipping and falling on a slippery substance left unattended to by a business operator or employee
  • Tripping and falling on a protruding object either on the walking surface or from an object close to the walking surface. This may include a table leg, mirror leg, a floor board, or any other element that a person may trip over and fall
  • Losing your balance when walking up or down a staircase or ramp. Sometimes, uneven steps or loose bannisters may lead to a person losing their balance and falling.
  • Protruding edges at entrances or exits of a business or private residence. Sometimes, floor frames may overlap the floor surface and the edge may be slightly elevated. This can cause a person to trip, slip, and fall.
  • Poor lighting can cause a person to slip, trip, or fall upon not being able to notice substances on the walking surface or obstacles that block their way.

If you have experienced a slip, trip, or fall that any of the above mentioned slip & fall situations, the Perazzo Law Firm’s staff of personal injury lawyers that handle slip and fall accidents, recommend contacting us for a FREE consultation. Why? Because you may have a case with which to receive compensation for your injuries and losses.

Perazzo Law Recommends the Following Steps After a Slip, Trip, or Fall Incident in Miami.

  • Contact the authorities to report the slip, trip, or fall incident to establish an official account of the accident incurred.
  • Get immediate medical attention for you or any injured parties by a professional healthcare provider or a professional and established healthcare facility such as a hospital or clinic.
  • Make sure to gather any pertinent information by documenting all the events that took place before and after the slip, trip, and fall accident.
  • Never give a statement to the authorities or healthcare professionals on where or how the accident happened. Only give statements of the injuries incurred, not on how the accident happened.
  • Contact our North Miami Beach office as soon as possible to set an appointment to discuss your slip, trip, or fall accident claim for compensation.

Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

SLIP & FALL SITUATIONS: It’s common for individuals that have consumed a considerable amount of alcohol or drugs to lose their balance and fall. Sometimes, these falls can result in a bump or bruise, but other times, falls can result in serious personal injury. According to common sense, it’s nobody’s fault that a person drank too much and fell. However, a business operator or property manager owes a duty to customers or guests to make sure any foreseeable dangers are attended to. This may include slippery or soiled walking surfaces, broken or loose handrails on staircases, and even proper warning signs of potential dangers in certain areas such as swimming pools. In hotels, for example, where many spring breakers will stay, the hotel manager must take special care to prevent such accidents by attending to areas in which an individual may be prone to suffering an accident. The swimming pool area is one of the most dangerous for spring breakers, especially at night and when under the influence. Not only are slip and fall accidents common in swimming pool areas, but also drowning is a quite common accident. Hotel managers must provide proper safety measures and take any necessary precautions to prevent accidents in the swimming pool area. This can include closing off the swimming pool area, assigning extra security personnel, posting warning signs, and/or implementing a surveillance system of cameras to oversee any situations that result in an accident.


Shopping-Accidents-Lawyer-300x300Premises Liability protects shoppers and business patrons against situations which may cause personal injury to them or anyone else. Commercial establishments and private residences must be safe for those that enter these premises, thus any injuries incurred by individuals may hold grounds for a premises liability accident claim. The customer’s injuries and the time it takes for him/her to obtain medical care is costly, regardless if the  accident victim had to cover costs on treatment or experienced lost wages from failing to go to work. The  Perazzo Law Firm reminds accident victims that any permanent injuries sustained as a result of another’s negligence can legitimately file a compensation claim.

Kinds of Premises Liability Accident Claims and Situations:

  1. A person suffers a slip, trip, or fall inside a bar because there was something slippery on the floor.
  2. A person tumbles or trips down the steps because of a loose handrail.
  3. A malfunctioning escalator causes someone to fall.
  4. A bartender serves a customer too much alcohol and then allows the customer to drive and an accident occurs.
  5. A poorly maintained electrical device causes an individual to be electrocuted.
  6. An overhanging object falls on someone’s head and causes injury.
  7. Someone drowns in a hotel swimming pool.
  8. There was no security personnel present to deter a crime.
  9. No warnings signs were clearly posted to prevent an accident.

The Perazzo Law Firm has vast experience fighting for client’s rights after suffering personal injury on public or private premises. We provide our clients with full-service representation and handle every aspect of the Premises Liability claim. Our professional personal injury staff is ready and committed to helping our personal injury clients focus on recovering from their personal injuries while we focus all possible resources on handling the full scope of the legal matters that a Premises Liability case entails.



The Perazzo Law Firm knows that most times, the property owner or insurance provider may deny negligence and claim that the injured party was partially or totally to blame for the injuries incurred. Many times, a property owner or insurance provider may claim that the injured party was a fault due to lack of common sense or awareness to any warning signs clearly posted or visible. In other words, if you see oil spilled on the floor of a gas station, don’t walk over it. If the plaintiff is declared negligent then he/she may not be eligible for compensation or receive a much lower percentage of compensation for his/her injuries. The Perazzo Law Firm considers it best to contact one of our personal injury lawyers to determine whether or not you, a family member, or loved one has a legitimate case for a slip, trip, or fall compensation claim.

Any doubts concerning a Slip, Trip, or Fall accident that leads to personal injury in a private or public establishment in Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm highly recommends contacting our North Miami Beach office Online or call (786) LAWS-411 immediately to discuss the matter with one of our Personal Injury Lawyers.



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