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veterans-stadium-1231877-e1580602450426-209x300As the COVID pandemic fades into human history, life seems to be getting back to normal and people will begin attending sporting events and the many venues ready to offer spectators live entertainment.

When an accident at a stadium occurs, in Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm understands that it’s best to hire a personal injury lawyer to help determine if an insurance claim for compensation should be filed to cover medical expenses, damages, and losses to the accident victim.

Just like in a Publix outlet or at McDonald’s restaurant, business operators owe a duty to visitors that enter their premises. This duty is called Premises Liability, which holds proprietors liable in the event a person is injured as a result of their negligence. Slip & fall accidents are among the most common type of accident that occurs in a sports stadium or auditorium. This is usually due to unsafe walking surfaces that can be wet, soiled, poorly lit, or have obstacles which can cause a slip, trip, or fall accident. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm has vast experience dealing with business operators and their insurance providers.

formula-one-accident-lawyer-miamiMiami Injury Lawyer Shares Formula 1 Accident Safety

-Injured while attending the Formula 1 race in Miami Gardens?

-Suffer a slip and fall accident at a Formula 1 event?




Summer Tips for Staying Safe during Summer

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm shares safety tips for avoiding accidents on unsafe walking surfaces.

Whenever a customer walks into a Publix, CVS, restaurant, or bar, there is a chance a walking surface will be present a potential threat for a slip & fall accident. At Publix, slip and fall accidents are quite common, as walking surfaces may be left unattended and remain wet, soiled, and slippery enough to cause an accident. A lawyer in Miami with experience handling slip and fall accident claims, understands how important the moments after a slip and fall accident are when the accident victim suffers an injury.

Slip & fall accident injuries can include:

Consejos de verano para mantenerse seguro durante el verano

El bufete de abogados del Perazzo Law Firm en Miami

A medida que se acerca la temporada de verano y el clima se calienta, aquellos que buscan un chapuzón pasarán tiempo junto a la piscina, en hoteles, moteles y residencias privadas en todo el sur de Florida. Por eso, el bufete de abogados del Perazzo Law Firm en Miami ha preparado un artículo especial destinado a ayudar a los visitantes y residentes a mantenerse seguros al prevenir accidentes que ocurren dentro o fuera de una piscina.

pool-1534215-300x200Summer Tips for Staying Safe during Summer

The Perazzo Law Firm in Miami

As the summer season approaches and the weather warms, those looking for a splash, will be spending time poolside, at hotels, motels, and private residences across South Florida. That is why, the Perazzo Law Firm in Miami has prepared a special article aimed at helping visitors and residents stay safe by preventing accidents that occur inside or outside of a swimming pool.

The History of Easter in an Eggshell


The Easter celebration has come a long way and evolved from being a religious celebration of peace, love, and joy, to a feast of chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits. Regardless, history tells a different tale, with the term “easter” dating back to an English Goddess named Eostre, to whom worship was rendered in early spring. This, according to the writings of a late 17th century British Monk named Venerable Bede.

To Christianity and the New Testament, the first full moon of the spring equinox symbolizes the moment when Jesus Christ resurrected into heaven after being crucified and dying outside of Jerusalem in a town called Golgatha (Arabic for ‘the place of skulls’) in 33AD. According to writings and astrologers, the Last Supper took place on Wednesday, April 1st, with his crucifixion and death on Friday, April 3rd. It is said that upon his death, the moon turned red, which symbolizes the lunar eclipse which occurred on that day. The same is expected in the southern hemisphere for this 2022. Christians believe that he rose to heaven three days later to sit by God’s side.


Miami-Insurance-Claim-Lawyer-300x201Despite a push to repeal PIP (Personal Injury Protection), which is mandatory for all registered motor vehicle owners in Florida, nothing has happened, and PIP remains the same for now. With law makers, lawyers, and insurance companies scrambling to make changes to this complex type of coverage, Florida governors decided to keep PIP by vetoing every proposed amendment.

Why is PIP such a disarraying form of automobile insurance and who does it benefit in the event of an accident that leads to personal injury to drivers, passengers, or innocent bystanders?

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