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Accidents while parking in Miami, just like in any other city, occur on a regular basis. This is because backing up or driving a vehicle in reverse is not something that all motorists can do easily or feel comfortable doing. This is because many motorists can become disoriented when backing up and this can sometimes lead to miscalculating the space between the vehicle behind them. Other times, a pedestrian may inadvertently walk behind a vehicle moving in reverse, and this can lead to a pedestrian accident which in many cases, will hold the driver at fault. In order to prevent and help avoid accidents while parking, the personal injury staff of car accident attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm have put together a simple check list for drivers to keep in mind the next time they are pulling into, backing into, or pulling out of a parking space.


Using the vehicle’s hazard lights: Apply your hazard lights to alert other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians that you are planning a parking maneuver

Avoid distractions when parking: Negligent cellphone use while parking is a common distraction.

Avoid parking in haste: Many motorists spend considerable time looking for a parking space, and when they spot one, they race to get before another driver does. When this happens, the driver in a hurry to park can cause an accident and may eventually be held liable for any personal injuries or damages to the accident victim.

Never back-up at quickly:  It’s vital that drivers avoid moving the vehicle in reverse too quickly, in fact, the slower a driver moves his/her vehicle backwards, the better. From the Perazzo Law Firm’s experience handling parking and parking lot accidents in Miami, many accidents while parking are caused by backing up too quickly. Many times, pedestrians or cyclists will not notice a vehicle moving backwards as they make their way to the sidewalk, especially when moving in between other vehicles.

Use the vehicle’s turn signals: When pulling out of a parking space and into the flow of traffic, it is very useful to put on your turn signals to alert oncoming traffic. This is very important, especially with so many drivers using their cellphones while behind the wheel and in motion. Furthermore, by putting your turn signals on, you are alert cyclists and pedestrians that your vehicle is in motion and getting ready to enter the flow of traffic.

Never pull-out quickly: Whenever you pull out of a parking space to enter the flow of traffic, it is essential to pull out slowly so as to give a distracted motorists time to react to the presence of your vehicle. If you pull out too quickly, the impact may be greater and you may be found at fault for the accident and cited with careless driving. When there are vehicles parked on both sides of a street, two drivers may try to pull out of their parking spots at the same time. Sadly enough, collisions of this kind do occur, and they usually involve frontal and side impacts which can result in personal injury. That is one of the main reasons that the Perazzo Law Firm urges drivers to pull out of parking spaces slowly and cautiously.

Use your mirrors: The vehicle’s side mirrors and rear view mirror are purposely there to help keep motorists readily aware of the vehicles around them at all times. By knowing where other vehicles, cyclists, and other motor vehicles are, drivers are better prepared to make proper lane changes, pull into spaces, back-up more safely, and pull out of parking spots without causing a collision. When back-up, drivers may choose to turn their heads to achieve a broader view of what’s behind them when backing up into a space.

Take extra precaution when parking near corners: When vehicles are parked near an intersection, pulling out of a parking space can easily result in an accident. This holds especially true when a driver is in the last vehicle parked on a street. What usually happens is that when a driver is pulling out of the parking spot, another vehicle may be making a turn at the corner and not notice the parked vehicle pulling out. This is a very common accident situation involving a vehicle that is pulling out of a parking space. Again, the Perazzo Law Firm strongly urges drivers to proceed when caution and stay alert to oncoming traffic, especially at street corners.


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