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Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer – Dangerous Walking Surfaces

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm shares safety tips for avoiding accidents on unsafe walking surfaces.


Power cables and maintenance equipment can cause accidents in supermarkets

Whenever a customer walks into a Publix, CVS, restaurant, or bar, there is a chance a walking surface will be present a potential threat for a slip & fall accident. At Publix, slip and fall accidents are quite common, as walking surfaces may be left unattended and remain wet, soiled, and slippery enough to cause an accident. A lawyer in Miami with experience handling slip and fall accident claims, understands how important the moments after a slip and fall accident are when the accident victim suffers an injury.

Slip & fall accident injuries can include:

  • Cuts or bruises – Some cuts can lead to permanent scarring.
  • Head trauma – May result in a concussion, memory loss, or brain injury
  • Sprains in the wrists, shoulder, or ankles – Usually requires rehabilitation through physical therapy.
  • Fractures in the hip – Will require hospitalization and rehabilitation. Usually results in lost wages and costly medical expenses.
  • Cervical and lumbar back injuries – MRI studies will be needed to determine the extent of the injuries sustained in the slip & fall accident.

Cables-on-Floor-Slip-and-Fall-Walmart-225x300Cada vez que un cliente ingresa a un Publix, CVS, restaurante o bar, existe la posibilidad de que una superficie para caminar presente una amenaza potencial para un accidente de resbalón y caída. En Publix, los accidentes por resbalones y caídas son bastante comunes, ya que las superficies para caminar pueden quedar desatendidas y permanecer mojadas, sucias y lo suficientemente resbaladizas como para causar un accidente. Un abogado en Miami con experiencia en el manejo de reclamos de accidentes por resbalones y caídas, comprende cuán importantes son los momentos posteriores a un accidente por resbalones y caídas cuando la víctima del accidente sufre una lesión.

Las lesiones por accidentes de resbalones y caídas pueden incluir:

  • Cortes o moretones: algunos cortes pueden dejar cicatrices permanentes.
  • Traumatismo craneal: puede provocar una conmoción cerebral, pérdida de memoria o lesión cerebral
  • Esguinces en las muñecas, los hombros o los tobillos: por lo general, requiere rehabilitación mediante fisioterapia.
  • Fracturas en la cadera – Requerirá hospitalización y rehabilitación. Por lo general, resulta en salarios perdidos y gastos médicos costosos.
  • Lesiones cervicales y lumbares de la espalda: se necesitarán estudios de resonancia magnética para determinar el alcance de las lesiones sufridas en el accidente de resbalón y caída.

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm understands that outdoor walking surfaces are becoming more dangerous as the infrastructure of big American cities deteriorates. With this collapse, come accidents and injuries, many of which are avoidable and the result of direct negligence on behalf of those responsible. The most at risk of injury due to poorly kept sidewalks and streets are the elderly and children. However, when it comes to the fractured backbone of the American society, everyone is at risk. Potholes are not only for streets, but also sidewalks, with huge crater-like obstacles going unnoticed to pedestrians old and young alike. A store owner that has a pothole evidently in neglect, may be held accountable for any injuries sustained by a pedestrian that falls and suffers bodily harm. Such was the case with the pothole in the picture, which went several weeks without being attended to. The store owner was faced with a premises liability lawsuit and found guilty of negligence and had to pay for the accident victim’s injuries, damages, and losses that stemmed from the trip and fall accident. (See also Stadium Accident Lawyer in Miami)

Slippery walking surfaces are practically inevitable at bars and nightclubs. When people drink beverages that contain alcohol and mingle, dance, and even walk around, the chances of spilling some of their drink on the floor becomes very likely. Most times, the wet walking surface goes unnoticed, until someone slips and falls. This is quite common on staircases and dance floors. When people dance with drinks in the hands, liquid finds its way to the floor and this can lead to an accident. It’s very difficult for operators of bars and nightclubs to keep track of every slippery substance, simply because under the lighting common for nightclubs, liquids are difficult to detect.  Las superficies resbaladizas para caminar son prácticamente inevitables en bares y discotecas. Cuando las personas beben bebidas que contienen alcohol y se mezclan, bailan e incluso caminan, las posibilidades de derramar parte de su bebida en el suelo son muy probables. La mayoría de las veces, la superficie para caminar mojada pasa desapercibida, hasta que alguien resbala y se cae. Esto es bastante común en escaleras y pistas de baile. Cuando la gente baila con bebidas en las manos, el líquido llega al suelo y esto puede provocar un accidente. Es muy difícil para los operadores de bares y clubes nocturnos realizar un seguimiento de cada sustancia resbaladiza, simplemente porque bajo la iluminación común de los clubes nocturnos, los líquidos son difíciles de detectar.

Understanding Slip and Fall Cases in Florida – How much are claims worth?

Slip and fall accident victims, regardless of the extent of injury, are quickly reminded that medical expenses can literally cripple them when treatment is needed. For even minor injuries, such as a sprained ankle or wrist, the cost of medical care can start at $10,000, which will go towards covering initial hospital fees and perhaps an MRI. More serious injuries like fractures or breaks, can reach up $100,000 when surgery and physical therapy is required to treat the injury. When serious injuries occur, the accident victim will need to contact a personal injury lawyer to help them file an insurance claim for compensation. A fair settlement will not only look to cover medical expenses, but also lost wages and any foreseeable medical treatment in the future. Broken bones are considered permanent injuries because this type of injury usually affects the accident victim’s life in one way or another. Either by limiting their ability to carryout certain tasks, or by feeling pain or discomfort when the weather is humid enough to sink into one’s bones.

Comprender casos de resbalones y caídas en Florida: ¿cuánto valen los reclamos?

A las víctimas de accidentes por resbalones y caídas, independientemente de la extensión de la lesión, se les recuerda rápidamente que los gastos médicos pueden literalmente paralizarlos cuando se necesita tratamiento. Incluso para lesiones menores, como un esguince de tobillo o muñeca, el costo de la atención médica puede comenzar en $ 10,000, que se destinarán a cubrir los costos iniciales del hospital y quizás una resonancia magnética. Las lesiones más graves, como fracturas o roturas, pueden alcanzar hasta $100,000 cuando se requiere cirugía y fisioterapia para tratar la lesión. Cuando ocurren lesiones graves, la víctima del accidente deberá comunicarse con un abogado de lesiones personales para que lo ayude a presentar un reclamo de compensación al seguro. Un acuerdo justo no solo buscará cubrir los gastos médicos, sino también la pérdida de salarios y cualquier tratamiento médico previsible en el futuro. Las fracturas de huesos se consideran lesiones permanentes porque este tipo de lesión suele afectar la vida de la víctima del accidente de una forma u otra. Ya sea limitando su capacidad para llevar a cabo ciertas tareas, o sintiendo dolor o incomodidad cuando el clima es lo suficientemente húmedo como para hundirse en los huesos.


IMG_3039-225x300There are urban planners and civil engineers that seem to have had personal injury and falling down accidents on their minds when it came time to designing certain sidewalks. In many cities around the world, sidewalks represent real threats of suffering injuries to pedestrians. Walking surfaces must be flat, even, and well lit, especially in urban areas. There shouldn’t be sudden ramps or steps that are not signaled or warned. Pedestrians should be warned of any sudden drops in the sidewalk or a sudden row of steps. As scene in the pictures, there are sidewalks which are possible deathtraps to pedestrians, bike riders, or anyone that transits them.

Railings help prevent a falling down accident but they don’t help prevent twisted ankles or falls caused by sudden drops. As you can see in the image, there is a juggernaut of edges, steps, and railings that serve no real purpose other than help feed the medical industry.


Hay planificadores urbanos e ingenieros civiles que parecen haber tenido lesiones personales y accidentes por caídas en mente cuando llegó el momento de diseñar ciertas aceras. En muchas ciudades del mundo, las aceras representan amenazas reales de sufrir lesiones para los peatones. Las superficies para caminar deben ser planas, uniformes y bien iluminadas, especialmente en áreas urbanas. No deben existir rampas o escalones bruscos que no estén señalizados o advertidos. Se debe advertir a los peatones de cualquier caída repentina en la acera o una fila repentina de escalones. Como escena en las imágenes, existen aceras que son posibles trampas mortales para peatones, ciclistas o cualquier persona que transite por ellas.

Las barandas ayudan a prevenir accidentes por caídas, pero no ayudan a prevenir tobillos torcidos o caídas causadas por caídas repentinas. Como puede ver en la imagen, hay una gran cantidad de bordes, escalones y barandas que no tienen otro propósito real que el de ayudar a alimentar la industria médica.

The ramp in the picture on the left, is clearly there for someone in a wheelchair or a mother pushing a baby stroller. Sadly, it is a potential hazard for anyone walking while looking down at their cellphone. There is no signaling or nothing to warn of a sudden drop or oncoming ramp. Not only is the ramp unsafe, the sidewalk is broken and full of cracks, which can lead to someone easily spraining an ankle.

IMG_3157-225x300La rampa en la imagen de la izquierda claramente está ahí para alguien en silla de ruedas o una madre que empuja un cochecito de bebé. Lamentablemente, es un peligro potencial para cualquiera que camine mientras mira su teléfono celular. No hay señalización ni nada que advierta de una caída repentina o una rampa que se aproxima. La rampa no solo es insegura, sino que la acera está rota y llena de grietas, lo que puede provocar que alguien se tuerza fácilmente un tobillo.




After a motor vehicle accident that results in personal injury, the accident victim may suffer a number of different injuries. Some of the most common areas of the body which experience injury in minor car accidents are the following:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Wrists
  • Arms
  • Back

The Perazzo Law Firm will focus on Cervicalgia, and what it means to motor vehicle accident victims.

Firstly, Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury lawyer and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, strongly recommends that motor vehicle accident victims always seek medical care to evaluate any potential injuries, regardless of not experiencing an pain or discomfort. This is due to the fact that some internal injuries to the neck, shoulder, and back, may not manifest themselves immediately. One such area is the neck, where a common injury is called “cervicalgia”. Click HERE for more on Cervicalgia after an accident.


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