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What If an assembly defect causes a Car Accident?


By The Perazzo Law Firm

In a typical car accident, involving more than one vehicle, it is easy to assign blame on the drivers. Oftentimes, vehicle operators cause car accidents by failing to observe the speed limit or distance with other vehicles. However, more than carelessness of drivers can contribute to an accident.

Another possible and contributing cause of car accidents can be defective manufacturing and negligent construction. A modern vehicle consists of a wide variety of parts and systems manufactured by a multitude of companies from around the world. A minor malfunction in any of the parts can contribute to a car accident. In vehicles equipped with automatic breaking a malfunction in the sensors detecting distance with other vehicles could contribute to an accident. An impact sensor could suffer a glitch and fail to inflate an air bag during a crash resulting in exacerbation of injuries.

A contributing cause can be construction defects and negligence at the hands of companies responsible for building and maintenance of the roads and the negligence at the construction sites adjacent to the roadways. At times, careless construction workers fail to install safety barriers resulting in debris falling onto roads creating road hazards resulting in car accidents. Additionally, negligent construction, whether at the hands of construction workers and use of fault equipment, can lead to structural collapse of roadways or structures adjacent to the roadways creating hazardous conditions for passing motorists.

Unfortunately, instances where advanced age of the infrastructure and insufficient maintenance are becoming more commonplace. In cases where the cause of the car accident is faulty construction, it is difficult to determine who is at fault. A typical construction project involves multiple entities acting independently from one another. Additionally, the construction equipment used may be rented from a third company. The construction materials could be sourced from international suppliers. It challenging to assign fault when the entities involved reside in multiple jurisdictions.

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