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Stand Your Ground Law Draws Debate

MIAMI-DADE: Florida’s Stand Your Ground law has a been a subject of controversy for quite some time now, with many claiming that it catapults modern civilization back to the pistol-duel days of the Wild West.  While opposers claim that this law fosters the use of firearms and gives way to court rulings that favor self-defense claims that are clearly unfair, the most recent updates to the law, backed by the NRA, oblige prosecutors to disprove self-defense pleas on behalf of the accused party’s attorney. The Stand Your Ground Law hit the media spotlight once again when a shootout inside a North Miami barbershop, led to a gunshot fatality. As bullets began to flare inside the shop, one of the patrons, who was packing a concealed weapon, hid inside a bathroom, as another customer, took cover in an office that faces the bathroom door. Shots rang out, echoing loudly throughout the barbershop. As silence took over and those inside the barbershop came out of hiding, the man who had hid in the bathroom, was found dead of the gunshot wounds he received from the man hiding in the office across from the bathroom. This past week, despite the shooter admitting that, back in 2014, he fired at whoever was in the bathroom, was acquitted by a Federal Circuit Judge on the grounds that the man had acted in self-defense and fear upon seeing the victim holding a gun in the middle of a barbershop shootout. According to a recent report, Florida ranks 27th in terms of firearm fatalities and 18th in violent crime rates involving guns. 

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