Stolen Car with Carjackers Crashes


The Miami-Dade Police have been able to locate a stolen motor vehicle that was involved in a carjacking incident that occurred on Sunday. The driver and passengers of the stolen red BMW attempted to evade law enforcement but was ultimately involved in a crash that took place at the intersection of Northwest 54th Street and 12th Avenue in Northwest Miami-Dade.

After the crash, three passengers quickly fled the scene, but authorities managed to apprehend a juvenile and an adult on Tuesday night. The stolen vehicle had been the target of a citywide search following the carjacking earlier in the week. The MDPD Priority Response Team spotted the vehicle at Northwest 17th Avenue and Northwest 73rd Street, initiating a brief pursuit that ended with the crash at the mentioned intersection.

A perimeter was established after the crash to search for the remaining passenger, but one female passenger managed to escape and is still at large. The police have confirmed that no injuries were reported in the incident. (News source 7Miami News)

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the victims following this stolen car accident in Miami-Dade, Florida.

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What happens if your car is stolen and involved in an accident?

In the event that your vehicle is stolen and involved in an accident, as the owner of the stolen car, you will not be held legally responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from the vehicle theft. However, it is advisable to file an insurance claim following the accident in order to seek compensation for any damages to your vehicle.

Since stealing a vehicle is a criminal act, the perpetrator will face criminal charges and may be held accountable for any damages, injuries, or losses caused to others as a result of the accident.

The circumstances surrounding how the vehicle was stolen are also important to consider. Factors such as whether the car was broken into, if an identical key was used, if there was a carjacking, or if the vehicle was hotwired can impact liability, and your insurance provider will take these factors into account when determining coverage.

The Perazzo Law Firm suggests that vehicle owners in Florida check with their insurance providers to confirm whether their coverage includes theft protection.


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