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Highway Trucking AccidentsThe best truck accident lawyers in Miami-Dade understand that an accident involving a truck can result in damages and injuries that will require legal representation by a professional truck accident attorney. Why? Because over half a million trucking accidents occur yearly across the U.S., with roughly 10% of those truck accidents ending in fatality. Furthermore, filing an insurance claim for compensation against an insurance company is no walk in the park, as insurance providers are in the business of making money not spending it. Thus, insurance companies will most often offer accident victims a settlement which is lower than their real claim value. Only a dedicated and experienced truck accident lawyer will be able to maximize an insurance claim and make sure just compensation is granted to the accident victim.

In Miami, a truck accident on a congested street can affect, not only other motorists, but also bikers, joggers, pedestrians, and anyone making their way amid traffic. This is because city streets are now designed for trucks, and neither is today’s modern society; which spends more time looking down at their phones rather than where their going. In other words, cell phones are distracting people when they are walking, driving, eating, and partaking in any activity in which their hands has access to their phones. Texting and driving among passenger cars, for example, is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in Miami. A truck driver negligently using a cellphone to text & drive, or that is distracted by a GPS service, can easily be involved in an accident. At present, private and commercial vehicles are relying heavily on GPS service such as Google Maps and Waze to help them reach their destination more quickly. This has led to a rise in traffic along suburban streets and a cause for concern among rural communities as well.


TRUCKING-ACCIDENTS-ON-HIGHWAYS-225x300 A highway trucking accident can happen anytime a truck takes to a highway, avenue, or Miami street. In Florida, the Miami trucking accident lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm, understand that trucks are regularly involved in highway accidents given their characteristics, and many times, the adverse weather conditions which truck drivers must face. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, negligence and human error are the number one causes of trucking accidents. Other common trucking accidents can be caused by poor vehicle maintenance on behalf of truck owners. Poor vehicle maintenance that leads to a truck accident can include the condition of a trucks tires, which can range from 6 to 18, faulty brakes, and poorly secured loads that may make their way onto roadways, for example in a rollover accidents. When an 18-wheeler takes to a highway for an extended period of time, and after having covered thousands of miles, one its tires can blow-out and cause an accident. Thus, if you’ve ever had to pass a truck on the highway and feared that one of its tires might blow-out, your fear is justifiable. In the picture accompanying this text, the driver was overtaking a truck loaded with wooden planks on a two-lane highway in good weather. Overtaking an 18-wheel truck carrying such a load can frighten even the most experienced drivers, as the fear that the load may shift, become unfastened, or a tire might blow-out and lead to the truck losing control or parts of the tire coming into contact with your windshield.  Normally, truck drivers hauling heavy loads do not speed but may cause an accident due to other factors such as: drowsiness, careless driving, or sudden maneuvers needed to avoid a collision. When a truck needs to brake suddenly, change lanes or swerve, other motorists may not react accordingly and experience a collision. An accident involving a truck, most often end in tragedy or devastating damages.

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