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dirty-windshield-accidents-lawyer-225x300Dirty Windshield Accidents

Vehicle maintenance is sometimes overlooked by many motor vehicle owners in Florida. When this happens, the chances of being involved in a traffic accident increase. Poor visibility is among the leading causes of many car, motorcycle, and truck accidents. In Miami, the car accident attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm, recommend keeping your windshield as clean as possible to prevent accidents caused by poor visibility. Dust, dirt, sand, and other elements, can cause a windshield to become a cause for an accident, regardless if driving during the day or at night. Keeping your windshield clean is not a very difficult task and one that will help you prevent causing an accident. Making sure that there is windshield washer fluid in your vehicle’s reservoir is fundamental, as well as making sure your wipers are in good condition and the mechanism functions properly. Washer fluid is much more effective than plain water, as water does not contain the added ingredients to remove grime or other substances that may hinder visibility. Bird droppings, for example, will not come off the windshield with just plain water, in fact, bird droppings can become smeared by plain water and wiper use. It’s important to check your vehicle’s windshield washer fluid level regularly, regardless of the fact that it doesn’t need to be changed like motor oil, but may evaporate over time. A dirty windshield might prevent you from seeing cyclist, pedestrians, or other vehicles. When combined with negligent cellphone use, driving with a dirty windshield places others at high risk of being involved in an accident, and got hurt your chances if a lawsuit is filed against you. In other words, regardless of fault, you may be held liable if  the windshield of your vehicle is soiled. Following an accident, the police will surely be notified and the reporting officer may notice this and include it in his/her official police report. The insurance provider and attorney regularly use the official police report to determine fault. Thus, making sure your car presents no evident lack of maintenance is key in the event of an accident.

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