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car-accident-lawyer-miami-289x300Following a minor car accident, be it a rear-end collision or side impact that results in a dent, you are entitled to file an insurance claim to cover any damages to your vehicle. In Florida, all registered vehicle owners are obliged by law to carry the minimum insurance consisting of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and PD (Property Damage) coverage. Both insurance policies cover a maximum of $10,000 in personal injury / vehicle damage expenses. Thus, it is always useful to contact a car accident lawyer to ask about filing an insurance claim if you don’t want to pay out of pocket for even minor damage to your vehicle, especially since your insurance providers are not in the business of providing coverage free of charge. That said, you have the right to request something that you are legitimately entitled to. But what about a minor collision that results in bodily harm, such as whiplash resulting from being struck by another motorist? Some minor accidents do not lead to injuries, but others do, with some of these minor injuries manifesting themselves overtime. Victims of minor car accidents may not necessarily feel any pain or discomfort after the accident, but may develop headaches which are the direct result of injury to the neck area. That is why, contacting a car accident attorney is always highly recommended and an experienced car accident attorney will almost always recommend a medical evaluation to rule out neck or spinal cord injury through an MRI. However, medical studies such as x-rays or an MRI may cost the car accident victim anywhere from $500 – $3000 depending on the facility and doctor fees. Unless you want to pay out of pocket, then there is no need to contact a car accident lawyer. But most people don’t have money to burn, especially when they can easily have an experienced lawyer file an insurance claim to compensate their expenses. Through an insurance claim, a car accident lawyer will present all medical bills and losses to the insurance provider and if necessary, litigate on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve for any losses stemming from even a minor impact. It is important to remember that neck injuries require medical care in order to prevent any neck injuries from getting worse over time. But why contact a lawyer and not go directly to your insurance provider? Simply because most insurance providers will offer a settlement that may fall short of covering your losses. Thus, the help of a dedicated car accident attorney is always a viable option for getting righteous compensation and fair settlements on behalf of insurance providers. Furthermore, the motorist at fault may deny any wrongdoing and when/if this happens, it will be very difficult to obtain any compensation at all. Thus, having a car accident lawyer on your side fighting for you is always the best option after a minor car accident. Like the saying goes, “better to be safe than sorry”.

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