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dog-1308054-300x200Court Employee Attacked by Dogs

A court employee in Miami-Dade was hospitalized following an attack by two dogs in Miami. The incident occurred on Tuesday at a residence near Southwest Ninth Avenue and Second Street. The victim reported being bitten on the ear and backside by the dogs. The owner’s son suggested that the attack was a result of his mother’s mistake, as she had opened the gate and failed to close it, causing the dogs to become excited as people walked by. The dogs were subsequently taken away by animal services.

MIAMI SHORES- A 10-year-old boy was bitten by a dog while protecting his younger sister from an imminent attack. The boy and his mother are seeking help from the public in identifying the dog’s owner. The incident occurred in Miami Shores earlier in the week when the boy and his siblings were walking to school. The dog, which was being walked by its owner, was eyeing the 6-year-old sister when it suddenly lunged at her. The boy jumped in front of his sister and was bitten on the shoulder. The owner of the dog eventually intervened, but did not provide his contact information to the family or the authorities. The boy was taken to the hospital and received stitches and rabies shots. News source 7 News Miami.

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