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foggy-weatherIn Miami, Jonathan Perazzo, Personal Injury Lawyer and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, understands car accidents and why/how they happen. Driving in adverse weather conditions is one of the most challenging moments that many motorists face, with many inexperienced drivers involved in accidents that result in personal injury, damages, and losses.

In this article, the Perazzo Law Firm writing staff explains driving in the fog and how to prevent accidents from happening when a motorists is faced with a foggy roadway.

When encountering an unexpected patch of fog, the first thing that a motorist must do is slow down. Slowing down is essential when driving in foggy or rainy weather conditions as it allows you to react more appropriately to any unexpected hazards up ahead. Turning on your low beams is also vital so that other vehicles, both in front of you and behind, can spot your vehicle. If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, turn them on immediately. It’s important to refrain from using your high beams, as this will only serve to reflect light back to your vehicle. Since they do not enhance your visibility as the light shines directly into the fog. Thus, using high beams is useless and even dangerous.

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