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Ranking at the top among the best car accident lawyers in Miami, Jonathan Perazzo and his staff at the Perazzo Law Firm are honored to report that they have achieved a 4.9 star rating given their constant efforts to provide the best possible results and highest levels of satisfaction when handling insurance claims for compensation for their personal injury accident victims in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Orange County.

Below, is what some of their clients had to say about the legal representation they received for their accident claims for compensation:



Each year, over 1m docs nationwide require a Notary, which can mean a hassle. Fortunately, now there’s Notarize, the new online tool for notarizing and signing legal documents ranging from Power of Attorneys to Lien Waivers. This new notary solution is set to radically change the way notaries provide service to customers and business in Florida. By way of highly sophisticated ID authentication and security features, Notarize is ten times faster and efficient that conventional visits to a notary. Since its recent launch this year, thousands of businesses are using Notarize for their 100% online transactions.

TALLAHASSEE — This past Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court crushed a prominent attempt to legalize marijuana.


A constitutional ballot initiative presented by Make It Legal Florida was ruled misleading. Attorney General Ashley Moody ruled against the ballot after asking the justices to inform if the initiative would be fitting for a future ballot. The proposal by Make It Legal would have allowed Florida voters to determine if to permit Floridians, aged 21 and older, to possess and consume as much as 2.5 ounces of marijuana. The sponsor behind the initiative had raised $8.2 million for the effort, which is supported by Florida medical marijuana industry.  Additionally, Make It Legal Florida had also gathered over 556,000 of the 891,589 signatures necessary so that the measure can make the 2022 ballot. The initiative would have needed 60 percent of the vote in order to be added to the state Constitution had it made the ballot. Make It Legal Florida needs to redraft an entirely new amendment if they expect to make a future ballot. The lawyer representing Make It Legal, George Levesque, submitted a request for comment to the organization’s chairman, Nick Hansen. However, the requests for comment were not responded to by Hansen. In an unsigned opinion, five of the seven justices pointed out the use of the word “permit” in Make It Legal Florida’s initiative ballot summary. The justices contended that the amendment failed to effectively inform Floridians, that marijuana possession and consumption would remain illegal at Federal level despite being allowed under state law. “A Constitutional amendment cannot unequivocally ‘permit’ or authorize conduct that is criminalized under federal law,” Canady wrote. “A ballot summary suggesting otherwise is affirmatively misleading.” Matters such as these have been presented before the Florida Supreme Court on several occasions. According to Canary, when an amendment legalizing medical marijuana onto the 2016 ballot was being considering, the initiative supporters were able to steer clear of this snag. Ben Pollara, who ran the 2016 medical marijuana campaign, stated that Thursday’s decision by the Court highlighted the body’s rightward lean under Gov. Ron DeSantis. Three Court justices, all appointed by DeSantis, voted to strike Make It Legal Florida’s initiative from the amendment. Both the Florida House and Florida Senate filed briefs opposing the initiative. In 2021, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and New Mexico have made marijuana consumption legal, with at least 17 states and Washington D.C. legalizing its recreational use.



car-accident-lawyer-miami-289x300Following a minor car accident, be it a rear-end collision or side impact that results in a dent, you are entitled to file an insurance claim to cover any damages to your vehicle. In Florida, all registered vehicle owners are obliged by law to carry the minimum insurance consisting of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and PD (Property Damage) coverage. Both insurance policies cover a maximum of $10,000 in personal injury / vehicle damage expenses. Thus, it is always useful to contact a car accident lawyer to ask about filing an insurance claim if you don’t want to pay out of pocket for even minor damage to your vehicle, especially since your insurance providers are not in the business of providing coverage free of charge. That said, you have the right to request something that you are legitimately entitled to. But what about a minor collision that results in bodily harm, such as whiplash resulting from being struck by another motorist? Some minor accidents do not lead to injuries, but others do, with some of these minor injuries manifesting themselves overtime. Victims of minor car accidents may not necessarily feel any pain or discomfort after the accident, but may develop headaches which are the direct result of injury to the neck area. That is why, contacting a car accident attorney is always highly recommended and an experienced car accident attorney will almost always recommend a medical evaluation to rule out neck or spinal cord injury through an MRI. However, medical studies such as x-rays or an MRI may cost the car accident victim anywhere from $500 – $3000 depending on the facility and doctor fees. Unless you want to pay out of pocket, then there is no need to contact a car accident lawyer. But most people don’t have money to burn, especially when they can easily have an experienced lawyer file an insurance claim to compensate their expenses. Through an insurance claim, a car accident lawyer will present all medical bills and losses to the insurance provider and if necessary, litigate on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve for any losses stemming from even a minor impact. It is important to remember that neck injuries require medical care in order to prevent any neck injuries from getting worse over time. But why contact a lawyer and not go directly to your insurance provider? Simply because most insurance providers will offer a settlement that may fall short of covering your losses. Thus, the help of a dedicated car accident attorney is always a viable option for getting righteous compensation and fair settlements on behalf of insurance providers. Furthermore, the motorist at fault may deny any wrongdoing and when/if this happens, it will be very difficult to obtain any compensation at all. Thus, having a car accident lawyer on your side fighting for you is always the best option after a minor car accident. Like the saying goes, “better to be safe than sorry”.

miami personal injury lawyerIn Miami, Jonathan Perazzo and his personal injury staff, strive for full client satisfaction and apply all possible resources to get their clients the compensation they deserve for any injuries that result from even the most minor impact.

hotel-lawyer-300x225Were you injured in a hotel? In Miami, the Personal Injury Attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm share insight into dealing with accidents in hotels. 

After suffering an injury in a hotel, the accident victim or guest should immediately contact the hotel manager and report the accident and any injuries. In the event of injuries; which can range from fractures in a slip and fall accident, to burns or smoke inhalation from a hotel fire. Whatever the accident, businesses that offer accommodation and services to visitors, must abide by premises liability laws to safeguard against accidents that can result in injury, damages, or losses. An experienced personal injury law firm that places its client’s best interests at the forefront of their client’s hotel accident case, will apply all possible resources to guarantee highly dedicated legal representation that strives for full client satisfaction when filing an insurance claim. Contact the Perazzo Law Firm ONLINE now for a FREE initial consultation.

What to do after an accident in a hotel

What do I do after an accident that involves a U-Haul truck?

car-accident-lawyer-miami-289x300In Miami, Jonathan Perazzo and his personal injury staff of motor vehicle accident attorneys recommend U-Haul drivers, passengers, and all third party accident victims to treat the U-Haul truck accident just like any other traffic accident. However, not all U-Haul truck accidents occur while driving a U-Haul truck.

Most people associate U-Haul truck accidents with traffic collisions. However, many accidents involving U-Haul trucks occur while a U-Haul truck is being loaded or when a trailer is being hitched. Moving with a U-Haul truck is very convenient and there’s no doubting that. However, knowing how to load and secure cargo can require proper instruction in order to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

Zoey Dollaz Shot on Highway After Leaving a Birthday Party

the-light-1463797-300x225After leaving a party in Miami Beach, Haitian rapper Elvis Milford, popularly known as Zoey Dollaz, was shot and injured when he was attacked on the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami-Dade County.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol responding to the call, the 30 year old rapper received gunfire According to official reports, the shooting took place after midnight while driving a black Benz west on I-195 from Alton Road after leaving a party in Miami Beach. it was at about this time, that a silver SUV approached the moving vehicle and began shooting at Zoey Dollaz and his female companion, who was not injured in the shooting. However, Dollaz got shot five times in the leg as the bullets pierced the Mercedes.


                • Victim of a pedestrian accident in Miami?
                • Hit by a car while crossing the street?


INJURED WHILE RIDING YOUR BICYCLE? In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm knows that bike riding accidents happen all the time, and they are usually the result of negligent motorists that either do not see bike riders or don’t give them the riding respect they deserve. Sadly, Florida ranks atop most U.S. states when it comes to the risk of being injured or killed while riding a bicycle. But why is Florida, and Miami in particular, so dangerous for bike riders, and what can cyclist do to stay safe? Also, what should bike riders that fall victim to a negligent motorist do, especially if they suffer injuries, damages or losses as a result of a bike accident? The Perazzo Law Firm strives to provide the best possible answers to bicycle accident victims and their loved ones following an incident that involves a motor vehicle in Miami or in any of the cities where our professional staff of attorneys provides clients with profession representation and just compensation for injuries and losses from bicycle accidents. Injured in a bike accident? Contact the Perazzo Law Firm for a FREE initial consultation and ZERO COSTS to our personal injury clients.


In Miami, a bicycle accident can occur anywhere and perhaps the only safe place to ride a bicycle is inside an empty football field. Many bike riders take to city avenues and streets and peddle among traffic; this is perhaps one of the most dangerous activities a person can do. Apart from motorcycles, a bicycle is the riskiest way to get around in Miami. The Perazzo Law Firm also knows that bicycle riders are consider pedestrians according to Florida Statute 316.027; thus, even sidewalks and lawns present the risk of injury to bike riders. This is why, it’s safe to say, that bicycle riders, regardless of age, must take measures to guarantee safety and lower the chances of suffering personal injury from a bicycle accident. Though Miami has designated biking lanes for riders to move about more freely and risk-free, this does not guarantee that motorists will stay out of their path or cut them off when making a turn. Though motorists must yield to bike riders, this does not always happen. Furthermore, a negligent motorists may pull out of a parking spot without checking their side mirrors and cause a bike rider to crash and fall. Parked cars represent dangers to bike riders as doors tend to swing open as a bike rider approaches. This can lead to serious personal injury to an unsuspecting rider that cannot react in time to prevent smashing into a driver or passenger that opens their door without checking for an oncoming bike rider. Roadways are among the most dangerous places for bike riders as high speed impact with a cyclists will most certainly lead to serious personal injury or even wrongful death. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm urges cyclists to avoid riding on highways or roadways where motorists operated their vehicles at high speeds, especially in poor weather or road conditions. Bike riders are also advised to ride with caution on suburban streets and back roads. Sadly, there has been a steady rise in bicycle related accidents on quite suburban streets given the increased use of GPS services by motorists looking for shortcuts. In order to save time and avoid habitually congested trajectories, motorists are taking to suburban streets and instilling danger and fear on unsuspecting residents. Thus, riding a bicycle in the suburbs requires equal caution by riders and the parents of children riding their bikes on quite suburban streets. Keep reading for tips on safe bike riding in Miami and suburban streets.


In Miami, the car accidents lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm, share useful information for preventing motor vehicle accidents and injuries this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.

In Miami, the upcoming 2021 St. Patrick’s Day weekend is something most people are eagerly looking forward to as a chance to spend quality time with family and friends. When motorists celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, they must remember that the potential of being involved in an accident rises. According to the National Safety Council, 384 people will suffer a a fatal motor vehicle accident this St. Patrick’s Day. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact the well-being and safety Miami residents as more motor vehicles are expected across Florida roadways given that individuals will choose car travel as the preferred means of transportation. Sadly, passenger vehicles have the highest fatality rate on St. Patrick’s Day, according to statistics presented by the NSC.

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