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Abogado en Miami explica sobre los productos en mala estado o condiciones


Si bien Purina recuerda seis tipos de alimentos para mascotas debido a los altos niveles de calcio, las preocupaciones aumentan en 32 estados donde se comercializan los productos. La FDA, el organismo rector responsable de garantizar que los productos sean seguros para el consumo de humanos y animales, ordenó el retiro de alimentos que puedan poner en peligro la vida de las mascotas y la vida silvestre doméstica. Los efectos de los bienes de consumo inseguros fabricados por las empresas generan preocupación, ya que los seres humanos dependen en gran medida de la FDA al confiar en que los alimentos que comen y los productos que utilizan no representan una amenaza de enfermedad, lesión o muerte. El bufete de abogados para accidentes en Miami del Perazzo Law lamentablemente informa a los consumidores que los fabricantes de alimentos a veces pueden producir sin darse cuenta productos que pueden contaminarse debido a razones que se derivan de la negligencia o la contaminación intencional.




The wind, unnoticed or heard unless it blows strong, can cause things fall, and when that happens, there is a chance someone may get hurt. When objects take to the air, they will fall somewhere. Strong winds are a major cause of accidents and injuries, and the staff at the Perazzo Law Firm, would like to shed light on some of the ways that strong winds can lead to accidents and injuries to Florida residents regardless of being inside or outdoors.

There are times when objects, especially those that hang or are bound to a fixture on a ceiling or wall, will become unfastened and find their way to the ground. In one such example, a large painting with a wooden frame was hanging on a wall fit with only a string hooked to a nail. When a storm approached and strong winds made their way through an open window, the painting became unfastened and fell to the ground, but not before falling on the head of a person having a cup of coffee. The wind accident victim in this case, suffered cuts and bruises and had to be treated at a hospital. The owner of the business was found liable for the injuries in a premises liability accident claim. According to the accident victim’s personal injury lawyer, the business operator should have taken the necessary safety precautions by making sure the painting was firmly bound to the wall and that a strong wind would not be enough for it to fall.

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm shares information concerning the most dangerous roadways in Florida and how to prevent motor vehicle accidents.

The Most Dangerous Highways in Florida.

Highway Trucking AccidentsAccording to the Highway Safety Administration, Interstate 95 is considered the most dangerous and deadliest motorway in the United States. In 2019, there were some 285 fatal accidents on the stretch of highway that connects such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Miami.

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm shares insight for understanding the different types of motorcycle helmets available and how they protect you in the event of a motorcycle accident.

A helmet is a motorcycle rider’s best friend and should always be worn when riding no matter what. It is the only thing protecting your head from severe and sometimes permanent injury. Thus, purchasing a quality helmet and understanding how they work in the event of a motorcycle accident is fundamental. Much in the same way a baseball player chooses which glove to buy, a motorcycle rider must choose the helmet that best fits his/her head and budget. There are many different types of helmets which come in different styles and with different price tags. Obviously, the more expensive the helmet, the better the quality and chances of reducing the injuries sustained after a motorcycle accident. Since the human head is the heaviest part of the body, it is only natural that this part of the body will strike the ground with the most impact and usually first. Thus, making sure the helmet fits properly and is strapped onto the head tightly is vital to guarantee it does what it’s meant to do, protect your brain. According to statistics, motorcycle helmets save an average of 2,000 lives per year and could have saved over 1,000,000 lives had they been worn by riders involved in accidents.

It’s important to highlight that the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet is five years, that’s if it hasn’t suffered impact or been damaged as a result of a motorcycle accident. It may be difficult to understand why the helmet has a lifespan but it simply comes down to the materials used to manufacture the interior and exterior of the helmet. The materials used to manufacture helmets include polycarbonates or fiberglass, which begin to deteriorate after time. Also, the interior linings begin to wear and lose their effectiveness. Though it may seem like a waste to toss your favorite helmet, it is highly recommended to guarantee maximum protection in the event of a motorcycle accident in which your head hits the ground hard. If in doubt, check the DOT expiration date to check when your helmet expires. The helmet will begin to get old as soon as the rider places it on his/her head and exposes the helmet to the natural elements such as sunlight, wind, and rain. The Miami motorcycle accident lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury attorney and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, has vast experience striving to be the best motorcycle accident lawyer for his motorcycle accident clients and families. Among the bodily injuries incurred by motorcycle accident victims, the head area is the only part of the body that can be protected after a collision or fall. Though elbow and knee pads might prevent cuts and abrasions, the helmet protects the brain from long-term injuries that can greatly diminish the motorcycle accident victims quality of life, and lead to a devastating array of physical disorders and pain.


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Boating collisions and negligence are the number one cause of boating accidents in Florida.


The Miami car accident lawyer at the Perazzo Law Firm, Jonathan Perazzo, shares insight into car accidents that involve parking and the common accidents that occur while looking for or pulling out of a parking spot.

Every motorist must eventually detain their vehicle and get out. This action is called parking. Every driver knows this. But what many drivers don’t realize is how many accidents occur during the whole parking procedure, and how common parking accidents are in cities like Miami, Orlando, and Kissimmee. Parking your car or truck, be it at a Publix parking lot; between two other cars on a city street, or in the driveway of your home, requires attentiveness that go beyond basic driving skills. Just like turning left at an intersection requires the use of your turn signal, so should parking your car to avoid and accident require the use of proper signaling, as well as ample reaction time. Many drivers in Miami, for example, spend seemingly precious moments of their time looking for a parking space on congested city avenues or streets. When they spot a parking spot, they may maneuver their vehicle very abruptly by either making a sudden stop or lane change. Sudden stops and abrupt lane changes are a main cause of car accidents in Miami and other major cities in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Orange County.

When do most Parking accidents occur?

The Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, founder at the Perazzo Law Firm shares insight for dealing with accidents and injuries caused by hot liquids.

  • Did an employee spill hot coffee on you and cause injuries?
  • Were you burned by hot tea or coffee at a take-out store?


Yes, a client can sue their personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers have a reputation for being scrupulous when it comes to cashing in on their clients injuries. Though this is a common misconception, there are cases when personal injury lawyers do not place their client’s best interest at the forefront of personal injury insurance claims.

Such was the case of a Florida resident that filed a lawsuit against the personal injury law firm that represented him. In the claim, the former client of a prestigious Florida law firm alleged that the attorney handling his case, convinced him to undergo spinal cord surgery which ultimately left him paralyzed from the neck down. The Florida man, who had suffered lumbar disc injury in a car accident, claims that he was recommended spinal cord surgery by his personal injury lawyer and his doctors, the former stating that surgery would help to increase the compensation settlement offered by the insurance provider. It’s a common practice for personal injury lawyers to suggest surgical intervention if it helps to increase the amount of economic recovery, which ultimately enhances the personal injury lawyer’s fees. The plaintiff is also suing the surgeon, the rehabilitation center where he recovered, and the manufacturer of the surgical instrument that caused his spinal cord injury during surgery. With nearly $3 million in medical fees since his surgical ordeals began in 2015 following the car accident that resulted in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar injury, the Florida man is seeking compensation to cover his debts and provide funds with which to cover future expenses. According to the lawsuit against the personal injury law firm that handled his case, the Florida man was advised to proceed to trial rather than settle with the insurance providers, which had offered a settlement in the millions of dollars. The firm is also accused of hiring expert witnesses that only served to ruin his chances of winning the case.



In Miami, the personal injury lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm share insight on why it’s important to notify the police following a traffic accident.

After an accident involving motor vehicles, cyclists, scooter operators, or pedestrians, contacting the authorities to report the accident is fundamental for determining fault for the accident. Establishing fault for a traffic accident is highly important, not only for the vehicle owner or injured parties, but fundamental for the success of a potential insurance claim for compensation, especially when there are personal injuries involved.

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