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Tampa Bay: A Tallahassee apartment complex was the site of a murder last November, and now the owners and operators are being sued by the victim’s mother. Though murder and negligence encompass two different areas of law, this particular case involves premises liability, which is handled by a personal injury attorney. On February 2, the victim’s mother filed suit against the property owners/operators for the alleged lack of safety measures which may have prevented the murder of her son on said premises. Apparently, the apartment complex is located amid areas known for crime and the property owners and operators failed to provide proper surveillance and security to protect against criminal activity such as burglary, theft, and murder. The premises liability claim, if successful, will award the victim’s mother and his surviving two-year son $60,000 and will serve to help tenants who have fallen victim to crime due to the negligence of building owners and operators.

Premises Liability and Crime in Apartment Buildings

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